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To charm a man — read the plot yourself

Reading love spells is a special magic ritual that requires certain conditions to be met.

There are several significant points:

  • plot reading is carried out on a growing moon, in the full moon;
  • can be read after the sun goes down or early in the morning, at dawn;
  • on Sunday do not read;
  • in the room (room) at this time should not be anyone, you need to provide complete silence;
  • It is impossible to communicate with someone after a ritual using a conspiracy, if the action took place outside the home (outdoors, in the park, in the forest), it is forbidden to talk and greet even the neighbors on the way back;
  • you can not tell anyone and show the attributes of the ritual;
  • Before reading, you should always tune in, calm down, be in an even mood, focus on the main goal.

To charm a man - read the plot yourself

You can bewitch a beloved man with the help of a plot to wind, fire, water, air and earth. Depending on the situation, use one of the elements.

For example, in order for the chosen one to remember you, grieve at a distance, read the plot to the wind.

Choose a deserted place, it is desirable that it was a crossroads, where the roads diverge on four sides. After sunset, in windy weather at this place, you need to turn your back to the wind.

And read in the direction where he blows:

It is necessary to read three times, after each reading to bow in the belt. Then go back home, wash your face, hands and feet with holy water and go to bed.

You can not talk, have fun this evening. It is necessary to keep peace of mind and silence.

In order to return a strolling husband or fiancé abducted by a rival, they read a plot on the water.

Prepare water, jug, two glasses, two candles, a bowl. Spread the tablecloth on the growing moon, close to midnight, place lighted candles — one on the table, two glasses on either side, the second on the window sill, open the window or window.

Pour water from a jug, first into the right glass, with the words:

Then poured into the left glass, with the words:

The right glass, with the conspiracy of good water, is placed on the candle on the windowsill, and the water from the second glass is poured into a bowl and placed under the table. Now we have to wait for the candles to burn out.

In the morning, the water from both glasses is poured into different containers. Attention!

It is important not to confuse!

Now we need to manage to pour the conspiratorial water in the drink to his beloved. Good water is poured when it comes. Bad — when is going to leave.

The plot is strong enough to confuse the bottle is dangerous. It turns out the opposite.

The fire and its flames are very powerful elements. It can both arouse passion and destroy all feelings.

The use of the right ritual will help to return love, kindle desire, will call on hot emotions.

To read the plot, to bewitch a man, should be on an open flame. Well, if there is an opportunity to make a fire after sunset in your own yard.

For fire use only firewood, bark and matches. No debris, flammable liquids.

When the firewood burns well, you need to go around the fire around three times reading the plot:

Read three times. Then bow to the fire, with the words:

Now you can just sit around the fire, dream, think about something good. When the coals burn out, go to sleep.

If you collect some ash from the fire early in the morning and sprinkle with it the traces of a man who was bewitching, the effect will be even stronger.

To charm a man - read the plot yourself

The earth is designed to help both black and white magicians. In order to avoid negative it is better not to use the cemetery land, but replace it with a normal one.

Choose an attractive place in nature, mark it. Prepare new dishes from natural material, it is good to use a wooden spatula and a cup.

All attributes must be ready for the growing moon. These are two wax candles, white threads, some coins.

You can collect land in the bowl during the day. Be sure to apply the spatula.

At midnight, light the candles, place a bowl of earth between them, throwing coins into it (one by one) read the plot:

Mix the coins with the earth in smooth, unhurried movements. Imagine the candles on the sides are you and him.

Rewind tightly white candles. The next day, be sure to bury the bowl with coins and candles in the place where they took the earth.

Bring the shovel home, rinse it with holy water and keep away from prying eyes.

Do not forget that all the magical rituals done by you must remain secret. The word, once appeared in the air, will surely fly around the whole world and reach the ears of the person who is bewitched.

Never make love spells if you are not sure of the strength of your feelings, or you are driven by excitement, elementary envy, sexual cravings.

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