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To charm a guy at a distance is the most affordable method.

You can charm a guy at any distance from yourself

The question of how to bewitch a guy from a distance, as a rule, arises if a girl cannot attract the attention of a chosen one to herself. Magic offers a huge number of various love ceremonies to solve this problem.

But at the same time, the choice of a ceremony for specific conditions is not always easy.

To charm a guy at a distance is the most affordable method.

It is believed that to charm a guy from a distance is easiest using his photo. The visual image allows you to more accurately fulfill the energy message.

But, unfortunately, this attribute is not always at hand. And in this case, you can use other rites.

In order to minimize possible negative consequences of a love spell, one should prefer simple rites of white magic.

This rite does not involve the use of photos, so when it is carried out, the maximum concentration is required. In order to provide a powerful energy message, it is necessary to fast during the day before the rite. If there are no contraindications, then you should eat only black bread and drink water.

In addition, you need to avoid stressful situations and not waste energy on conflicts. All day you need to think only about the person whom you plan to bewitch, and as little as possible to communicate with other people.

For the ceremony, you will need three church candles and a red thread about a meter long. This bewitching rite should be started immediately after midnight on one of the days of the rising moon. In the room in which the rite is planned to be held, it is necessary to remove all communication devices and shut all windows tightly.

The only source of light in the room should be candles. They need to be put on the floor in the form of a triangle, in the center of which the performer of the ceremony should sit.

A field of this should light candles.

In your hands you need to take the prepared thread and, tying knots on it, you should pronounce these magic words:

Such a love-conspiracy plot is repeated three times, and each time it will be necessary to turn on each set candle. After this, the candles should be blown out and put together with the thread in the bundles under the pillow.

After the love ritual should not talk to anyone, it is advisable to immediately go to bed.

This bewitching rite, if performed correctly, gives the first results in a few days. But in the future you need to carefully store the conspiracy thread with knots.

It is important to watch them periodically pull so that they do not bloom.

It is very good if you somehow had a photo or a thing of a person who you like, but does not give you enough attention. Such items can be used in a strong bewitching ritual, which will allow you to bewitch the chosen one at a distance. In addition to them in the ritual will need church candles and an altar, as which can be used, for example, a nightstand.

To create a special atmosphere in the room, it is recommended to use an aroma lamp, to which special aromatic aphrodisiac oils are added: geranium, rose, jasmine.

This ritual is necessarily performed during the growth of the moon. Friday is considered the best day for bewitching.

It is very important to do a general cleaning before the rite in the room in which the magic action will take place. After this, you must definitely walk around the perimeter of the room with a lit candle.

In those places where it will crackle, you should stand for a while. Before the rite you need to hang all the mirrors and cover the shiny surfaces with a cloth.

The improvised altar is set in the east side of the room. A photo is placed on it or a prepared thing of the chosen one is placed, and several church candles are lit nearby. To bewitch a guy at a distance without consequences you need to tune in correctly.

To do this, just before the magical love actions take a bath with soothing herbs. It is important to abandon all extraneous thoughts and focus only on your goal.

To charm a guy at a distance is the most affordable method.

After all the preliminary actions, you need to sit in front of the altar, light candles and chant these magic words:

Saying such a spell you need to think only about a loved one. It is important to play mentally a variety of scenes of a happy future life together, including minutes of physical intimacy. Magic words need to speak at least three times in a row.

There may be more, but the spell must be pronounced an odd number of times.

After you decide to finish the bewitching ritual used candles need to be put out with your fingers. All attributes must be hidden so that no one has ever found them.

If possible, they are best buried in a deserted place.

After the ritual, it is very important not to live in anticipation that your beloved will appear on your doorstep. It can tire you and a negative flow of energy will go away from you, which will push away the bewitched person.

It is necessary to continue to live a normal rhythmic and rich life. In addition, we should not forget to improve.

And with this approach, you will not even notice when your wish is fulfilled. Everything will happen very timely in a natural way.

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