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The strongest guy perch

What is the strongest guy on the guy? 3 best ways!

Love magic, aimed at receiving feelings and attention from the person of interest, is not limited to just spells. Along with them, such a magical ritual as prisuha, or prisushka, became widespread.

The specificity of prisushka

What is prushka? The term «prisuha» takes its roots from the verb «to dry». In magic, prisuha is interpreted as a special ceremony, the purpose of which is to bind one person to another, to make him feel a strong longing, “dry”.

A prick girl used in ancient times. She helped them get the attention of the desired guy.

The strongest guy perch

Prisushka — the ritual is very simple. It is believed that prisuha is one of the varieties of rural magic.

Carrying out it requires the minimum number of attributes and magical knowledge, and even inexperienced will cope with this task. At the same time, the ritual is very effective, quickly giving its results.

However, among the magicians there was a rather ambiguous idea of ​​the dryness. I will voice the two most common points of view:

  1. Some believe that prisushka is an absolutely harmless ritual, acts very gently and has no negative consequences. It only imposes on its victim new feelings that are beneficial to the customer, makes the dried man yearn and bored. This group of magicians classifies priuska to rituals of weak power and holds the opinion that in order to obtain the highest result, it is necessary to reinforce the dryness with other rites.
  2. The second group of magicians puts the hem in one row with the damage and believes that it causes the same consequences.

With whom to agree, what opinion to adhere to you — depends only on you. For my part, I want to warn you that any magic rite, even the simplest and easiest, can be very harmful if you approach it frivolously and make mistakes.

Appeal to magic in order to get the love of your chosen one is needed last of all, when all other means are useless.

At the same time, dear girls, think a hundred times, but do you really need this guy? Maybe sometimes you should listen to popular wisdom and agree with her that “no luck”?

And only then wait, finally, your true happiness.

For those young ladies who seemed unconvincing to the above, I propose several strong recipes for prisushka for a guy. They are pretty simple, but they will delight you with their quick results.

Strong prisushka guy

Method number 1 — on the rope

Take a white rope and tie knots along its entire length. Count their number.

If it is even, you can safely make a drying over it; if it is odd, put it off until better times. Speak the rope with the help of a conspiracy:

“No matter how long the rope is, the last knot will be. No matter how you go from me, slave (name of the chosen one), and my slander will ruin you. Love the soul of a slave (name of the chosen one) soul slaves (own name).


Throw a rope on the threshold of the house of a loved one — he must step over it. Will yearn and love.

Method number 2 — onion

The purpose of prisushka is marriage. Prepare a beautiful medium-sized bulb (without any flaws) and the hair of your chosen one (either from the head or inguinal, or you can mix them), 3 candles from the church (preferably red) and a knife.

The strongest guy perch

The rite is held on the men’s day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), on the growing Moon, an hour after the sun sets below the horizon.

Set the candles in a row, light. Cut the bulb in half, place the hair of the beloved between the two halves, fold the bulb and say:

“Drain, hand. Drain, foot. Drain, heart.

Drain, soul. As the onion dries, so my darling dries. Dries and head and body, he will forever be mine.

Amen — 3 times. ”

Put a bulb with hair in front of the candles and wait silently for them to burn out (about 20 minutes). Then remove the onion where no one can reach it and see it.

As the onion dries, your chosen one will dry on you. The action of prisushka no magician can not interfere. The effect can be removed only by one who finds and destroys it.

Therefore, carefully take care of this bulb, if you wish to preserve your happiness.

Method number 3 — the setting sun

One of the most harmless tuskas. It takes place on a growing moon.

The strongest guy perch

Prepare a photo of your chosen one. Retire to a place where you can carry out the setting sun with your eyes (it is possible both in nature and at home), the only thing is that no one should disturb you. Take a photo of your chosen one or three minutes before the moment when the sun begins to set beyond the horizon, lift it face to yourself so that it is between your eyes and the sun, and then say the plot:

“The sun shone bright, the sun shone warm, the sun giving life, the warming world warming. Give me the love of your slave (the name of the chosen one), forever and ever connect me with him — with iron chains, strong chains.

Attach it to me with your rays, save it from other thoughts. Let me only breathe your slave (the name of the chosen one).

For this I, the sun, will honor you forever. ”

After this, you can remove the picture and watch the sunset. The next day, as soon as the rays of the sun fall on your loved one, he should come to you. If this did not happen — it means that the pristuha did not suit you

You can use another ritual.

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