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The spell on the volt of wax alone at home

Love spell at home

Love spell for volts — the most ancient way of influencing a person at a distance. The figure molded of wax or clay is identified with a person, becomes its copy. In order to achieve greater identification with the person being bewitched, its biological traces — blood, saliva, hair, or pieces of clothing — are added to wax or clay.

Next, with the doll carry out the necessary manipulations, the effect of which is reflected in the real person.

The spell on the volt of wax alone at home

How to make a volt from wax

In order to carry out the love spell on the volt, you need to make a wax like a man and identify the beloved man with him. To do this, stock up with the necessary amount of beeswax and organic bewitched.

If there is no organic matter, the ashes from the burned photo or the ashes from the cigarette butt will completely disappear.

If there is no photo and a cigarette butt, you can simply write the data about the person on paper — their full name, age, eye and hair color — and burn it on fire. This ash is added to the wax.

You can also use as a binding a note that the person wrote — it will also fit.

Stay alone and melt the wax in a water bath — you can not boil, just warm up. Add the specified bindings there and wait until it hardens a little.

When the wax becomes warm, blind the doll. During the work process, think about the person, call his name.

Do not forget to mark the sexual signs — this is an important point!

If you have a photo, you can cut the face and stick it to the head of the doll. Now you need to consecrate your product with the help of four elements. Carry a volt over the flame of a candle and say:

«I sanctify you, the waxwork, with fire.»

Similarly, consistently carry the doll over the smoke of the incense stick (element of air), shower it with salt (element of earth) and sprinkle it with water.

When the volt is ready, lift it up and say:

“I call you Sergey (here you call the name of the beloved)”.

Further present the doll to the four cardinal points: east, south, north, west. Turn around your axis and say the name of the doll loudly: «This is Vasily.»

For fidelity, you can write the name of a person with a needle on the wolfe

Now the doll is introduced into the report with the image of a person, and you can work with it. Love spells with volts can be soft and hard. Hard spell done in the black magic tradition with the suppression of the will and complete submission.

White love spells are used to incite love in the heart, to maintain loyalty or attract a loved one.

Important notes on making a Volt:

  • you can not hurry in the process of modeling;
  • you need to constantly think about the person;
  • No need to achieve perfect quality figures;
  • you need to sincerely believe that the figure represents the person you need and is a copy of it.

Remember that imagination plays a major role in magical art, and doubts can completely invalidate the result of the ceremony.

The spell on the volt of wax alone at home

Return favorite

How to return a loved one with a wax figure? For this you need to wait for the growing moon.

Buy 150-200 grams of beeswax, melt in a water bath to a soft state, so that you can sculpt the figure. In the wax, add all that you have:

  • ash from a photo,
  • ash from a man’s clothes
  • hair,
  • ash from a matured cigarette.

Now you need to give the name of the figure to bring it in line with the bewitched person. Show the figure to the east side and say: “This is Kolya or Sergey,” turn to the south side and say the same words. Then you need to turn north and west.

Now you have submitted the figure to all sides of the world and have indicated the name.

While you are making a wax doll, think about a man, pronounce his name — so that the process is not mechanical. Imagine that you completely recreate the image of a person, even if he does not correspond to reality.

The main thing in the process of manufacturing a volt is not the similarity with the physical parameters of a person, but your idea of ​​it.

When the volt is ready, press into the soft wax any object magnetized by your loved one. It can be a button, cigarette butt, hair from the head, handkerchief, etc. Now you can work with the doll.

If the beloved left you, imagine that he is back and sitting next to you. Arrange a small puppet theater, as children do.

You must be completely sure that in front of you is not a doll, but a real person!

If you want to bewitch a person, caress the figure and tell her the words of love. At night, place the figure next to the bed, wish good night.

In the morning after waking up, say hello to the Volt, go to the kitchen to drink tea together. You must become inseparable with the figure while you are at home.

After a while the spell will work, and your loved one will be there.

What to do with a figurine when a loved one returns? It must be identified with the image of a person and destroyed. Say:

«You were Sergei, and became a wax doll».

After that, melt the figurine, bury the wax under the roots of the fruit tree.

The spell on the volt of wax alone at home

To kindle the heart

To kindle love in a man’s heart, make a wax doll on a growing moon. Buy new sewing needles and a wax candle for the rite. It is advisable to buy a candle not in the church, but from beekeepers.

The best option would be to make a candle by yourself using wax plates.

Prepare a workplace for the ceremony and the necessary items:

  • wax softener;
  • capacity for water bath;
  • wooden or plastic boards for making dolls;
  • binding to the person and his photo;
  • three new sewing needles.

After making a volt according to the rules and naming, do the following. Prokalite needles over the flame of a candle, in turn, thrust them into the doll, starting with the head.

After the head you need to pierce the region of the heart, and then the belly of the doll. At the same time, read the plot:

The spell on the volt of wax alone at home

Put out the candle with your fingers, wrap the volt with needles and a candle stub in a new white towel and hide it. Towel need to tie on three knots.

If you want to destroy the volt, first identify it with the image of a person, and then bury it in the ground. But it is better to first melt the doll, and then bury the wax.

Hard spell with the submission of the will

This love spell completely suppresses the will of the bewitched man, forces him to obey. On Thursday, on a waning moon, you need to make a volt of wax by all the rules; be sure to add the bindings of a bewitched man. The bindings can be hair from the head, saliva (burn a bull from a cigarette he smoked), blood or ash from a photo.

These bindings need to be added to the melted wax.

Volts need to make a kneeling. All sexual characteristics must be present — this is a prerequisite. On Friday night, put a figure in a box from under your shoes, put a loop in the form of a loop around your neck and read the text:

The spell on the volt of wax alone at home

If you want to enhance the effect of the love spell, you can stick a needle into the figure — 6 pieces in the heart, 6 pieces in the solar plexus and one on top of the crown. Needles must be purchased specifically for the rite, you can not use old used needles.

All items for the ceremony are bought without delivery or under the calculation. When you buy, tell me: I take it not for myself, but for a love spell.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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