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The spell on the runes — magic rune formulas

The oldest magic tool are the runes. They contain the power of creators of non-human origin.

There are a huge number of runes that can be used to achieve any goal with the help of ancient magic.

The spell on the runes is considered a very powerful effect. It allows not only to attract the attention of a person, but also to arouse strong sincere feelings in him.

A love spell with the use of runes can dramatically change people’s lives, so they need to be used very carefully. That is why it is very important to examine the meaning of each rune before conducting the bewitching rite.

The spell on the runes - magic rune formulas

The spell on the runes can be used even by beginners, as it is not very complex. The main thing during the ceremony to comply with all recommendations.

In no case can not begin the rite in a bad mood or in a tired state. It is advisable to withstand a strict fasting for a few days before the ritual.

This will help free up all the internal energy natural possibilities.

A spell runami involves the following actions:

  • On the wax substrate is depicted a special runic formula;
  • Magic words are spoken;
  • The magical effect is fixed with blood;
  • Wax underlay buried in the ground.

Visualization of the image of a beloved person is an important condition for the success of the ceremony. It is believed that the love spell runes most effective on Mondays and Fridays.

It is also desirable to conduct a ritual during the growing moon.

In the bewitching ritual, most often, the following runes are used:

  • Halagas Attracting the forces of nature to the knowledge of the «I» and the attainment of mental balance.
  • Mannaz. Awakening the interest of other people to their own personality.
  • Nautis. Protection from external negative.
  • Iis. Stabilization of a difficult situation.

The spell on the runes - magic rune formulas

At the beginning of the ceremony, the runes are displayed on a wax base, and then a conspiracy is read over them, which reads as follows:

After reading the plot on each rune, you must leave a drop of your own blood. After that, the wax substrate buried in the ground, better at the roots of a living tree.

Also, a love spell runes can be performed using photos of the beloved. This will greatly facilitate the visualization of the image.

The formula is written directly on the photo when using the following runes:

  • Evas Call for well-being in life.
  • Gebo The possibility of choosing a partner for the subsequent marriage.
  • Vuno. Attracting joy and good mood in life.

The conspiracy in such a rite is as follows:

After this, the runes written in the picture are sprinkled with droplets of blood. After the ceremony, the photo does not need to bury, you should hide it in a secret place.

The spell on the runes - magic rune formulas

Runic love spell in which the favorite thing starts to speak is very strong. Such an impact can be used to embody the most diverse desires associated with attracting your chosen one to you.

For example, you can use the following formulas:

  • Berkana — Inguz — leads to a marriage with his beloved;
  • Nautiz — Gebo — causes a strong melancholy in his beloved and awakens the desire to go with you;
  • Teyvaz — Uruz — Gebo — increases your attractiveness in the eyes of your beloved;
  • Gebo — Kenaz — Vuno — increases sexual attractiveness.

On the prepared thing you need to put the runes, for example, for this you can use chalk. The ceremony should be held in a secluded place in which no one can disturb you.

It is recommended to perform the ritual without artificial lighting with a lit candle. Runes on the thing should be applied without interruption, focusing on the purpose of the ceremony.

After the runes are inscribed, you should pierce the needle with a needle and drop a drop of blood on each rune.

Then you need to say the following magic words:

After that, you can shake off the chalk, and give the thing under any pretext to your chosen one.

As with other love ceremonies, for the success of the magical effect requires sincere love, faith in success and their own strength. It is important in the completion of any ritual to sacrifice to the ancient gods — beer or wine.

Any rune love spell should be taken seriously and responsibly, having previously realized how necessary it is to conduct the ceremony in relation to the situation.

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