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The spell on the needle — a simple rite at home

Conducting love spells using needles

A needle is a unique magical material. This attribute is widely used in many rituals of different directions.

Often the needle is used in love magic and spend a very effective love spell on the needle.

At home, you can spend a very simple spell on the needle. This is a very effective ritual, it should be carried out in the period of the growing moon or full moon.

The spell on the needle - a simple rite at home

In the ritual need to use:

  • New sewing needle;
  • A photograph of a loved one;
  • Own photo.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to concentrate on thoughts of your beloved. After visualizing the image of a loved one, you should fold the photos with the front sides and fasten them with a needle.

After that, you need to say three times these words:

Speak the words you need to maximize focusing on the future of living together with your loved one. Conspired pictures need to be stored among their underwear for at least six months.

Usually the results of the ceremony become noticeable after a couple of weeks.

The spell on the needle - a simple rite at home

For another simple love spell you will need:

  • Black candle;
  • Photo of the elect;
  • 30 needles.

It is necessary to retire in a separate room to put a candle on the table, and behind it place a picture of a loved one. After this, you need to stick the candle with needles and set it on fire. The ritual should be conducted in complete silence.

You just need to sit and watch as the candle burns, but at this time you need to be with your loved ones with thoughts. Every time a needle falls from a candle, you need to blow towards the photo.

After the candle burns out, you should read the following plot:

This love spell on a needle should manifest itself in a few days, and until then the attributes used in the ritual must be stored. After you make sure that all needles with a photo can be thrown away.

There is a ceremony for cases when you are seriously meeting with your chosen one and want to push him to make you an offer. For the ritual, it is necessary to purchase a needle on the first Monday of the month without a surrender, or not to pick up the change from the purchase.

Acquired needle should be taken with the right hand, clamped in a fist and bring it home. Having come home, the igloo should be put on the photo of the chosen one.

Then three times pronounce the spell on the needle over the attributes:

Conspiracy needles need to hem in the usual way, any clothes beloved, which he often wears. Then the needle should be left unnoticed in his home so that he does not find it.

The spell on the needle - a simple rite at home

With the help of needles you can conduct a rite of black magic, which calls for demons. It is these dark world creatures that help build love relationships.

It is very important to prepare for the rite.

To do this, a week before the ceremony you need:

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet;
  • Refuse meat;
  • Exclude the adoption of any alcoholic beverages;
  • Abstain from sexuality.

On the day of the ceremony, visit the temple and get the thickest candle in diameter. Then go to the store and buy 30 ordinary sewing needles there. In the evening, on the same day, you need to retire, set a candle on the table and stitch all 30 needles along its perimeter.

Before the candle you need to put a photo of the chosen one.

Then you need to light the candle and while it does not burn, you should pronounce these words:

All the needles that fell from the candle need to be collected and alternately stuck into the photo of your chosen one. And they have to stick out of the picture from two sides.

In the process of piercing photos with needles, you need to pronounce the following conspiracy:

After the rite of the photo you need to hide from prying eyes forever.

Any love spell with a needle requires a lot of concentration. If you have the slightest doubt in your own abilities, then the ritual should be abandoned.

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