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The spell on the knife: a simple and effective rite

For a long time the knife was considered as one of popular attributes of a love magic. He is able not only to strengthen the directed love effect, but also, figuratively speaking, to pierce the heart of the chosen one or the chosen one with love.

Knives as additional attributes in bewitching rituals are used both in black and in white magic. Like any other love spells, knife-making rituals should be performed during the rising moon.

The spell on the knife: a simple and effective rite

Magic offers a huge number of love-ceremonies in which this kitchen utensil is used to enhance their effect. They differ in the method of conducting and the goal to be achieved by magical action.

The spell on the knife is a very effective means to the husband did not change. The rite is very simple, but requires full concentration on the desired goal.

It is necessary to buy a new knife and speak it with these words:

Immediately after the ceremony, the plotted knife must be taken away from the house and deeply buried in a deserted place. After such a ritual, you can trust your husband completely and are not afraid of his adultery.

You can hold a bewitching rite with a kitchen knife, which you often use. Such a love spell for a knife is suitable for enhancing the feelings of a husband, but it can also be applied to a beloved man who enters your home and you like it very much.

Prior to carrying out the bewitching ritual should be with the help of a knife, which is planned to be used in the rite to cook a delicious lunch and dinner. And for cutting you need to use only this item of kitchen utensils.

After that, the knife should be washed and blunt well. This is best done with glass.

Then on this subject should whisper such magic words:

After that, the knife should be put aside and feed the beloved, and then ask him to sharpen the knife. Since the knife will be blunt, then your chosen one will sharpen the knife for a very long time, and the longer it will do, the stronger will be his feelings for you.

The spell on the knife: a simple and effective rite

Using the knife in the bewitching ritual, you can return a loved one who went to another woman. For the ceremony you need to buy a new knife and bring holy water from the temple.

One of the nights during the growing moon should retire in a separate room and perform the following actions:

  • Pour into a glass of holy water;
  • Immerse the knife in the water and simulate cutting movements;
  • Speak such a conspiracy:

After reading the love plot, the knife should be put on a glass and left until morning. In the morning you need to drain the water so that it spreads along the blade of the knife.

A plotted knife should not be used for a week. As a rule, if the ceremony was successful, this time is enough for your loved one to return to you.

Any privet ceremony on the knife will be effective if you truly believe in magic. You should not experiment with magic, you definitely need to have sincere feelings for a bewitched person.

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