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The spell on the egg — a simple and accessible to all the rite

Egg is a unique natural material that is often used in magic. Love spell on the egg is a very affordable effect, with which you can bewitch a man. Perhaps, the success of such a ceremony requires only sincere faith in one’s own strength and in magic.

All rituals that use egg spells should be performed exclusively during the growing moon period.

The spell on the egg - a simple and accessible to all the rite

The easiest love spell on an egg does not require any special skills. It is important to use a fresh egg, and better right from under the chicken.

Before the ritual must perform the following steps:

  • The egg must be pierced very carefully with a thick needle on both sides;
  • Let the squirrel and yolk drain out;
  • With the help of a needle and a red thread stuck into it, you can thread the shell like beads.

It is this attribute that will be used in the rite. It should be remembered that if the egg is broken during the preparatory actions, then the ritual should be abandoned. And it should be repeated no earlier than a week.

In addition to such an attribute, you will need to stock up with a bucket of water that must be collected from a standing natural source, for example, from a lake. Immediately before the rite, one should pull the thread out of the needle’s eye and tie a knot at one end of it.

After that, you need to take one end of the thread and put the eggshell in a bucket with standing water.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

Next you need to start slowly wind the thread on the finger, bringing it closer to the water. Until the thread is completely twisted on the finger, the shell can not be removed from the water. At the same time it is necessary to repeat the conspiracy words five times.

After that, you need to pull the shell and go out. There, the thread from the egg must be pulled out and, along with the shell, without crushing it, bury it not far from your own home. After this ceremony is considered completed.

Upon arrival home should immediately go to bed with thoughts of a loved one.

There is another simple rite in which to use:

  • Three church candles;
  • Fresh chicken egg;
  • The thing that the bewitched man held in his hands at least once;
  • White feather of a bird;
  • A flap of new white fabric;
  • Kitchen knife;
  • A glass filled with holy water.

The rite is held in the evening in complete solitude. During the ritual, the following actions are performed:

  • Candles are set on the table;
  • A glass of water is placed next to the candles, and a cooked item is put;
  • A bird’s feather is held 30 times around the thing;
  • The blade of the knife is heated by the flame of one of the candles;
  • Using a knife, the egg is broken and its contents are poured into a glass of water.

Conducting all the above mentioned actions, you need to pronounce these magic words:

After this thing you need to put on a glass with an egg and cover with a white piece of cloth. In this form, the magical attributes must be left until morning. The next day, early in the morning, you need to go to the house of your loved one and throw out the conspiratorial water at the threshold.

The thing used in the rite must be hidden in a secluded place at home.

Quite simple are the love spells on the egg, which are held at Easter. Easter eggs are usually used for this. On this day, the positive energy in the world around us increases significantly.

Therefore, the love spell is always powerful. To bewitch your beloved on Holy Sunday you need to take 7 Easter eggs.

On each of them should read the following plot:

The next day, you need to go to the cemetery and bury the spelled eggs under seven graves of namesakes. At the same time, it is necessary to rewrite the names and surnames at the graves and order forty-stiff for these people, and also put the candles for the rest.

The spell on the egg - a simple and accessible to all the rite

There is a love spell on the egg, which can be used to attract only a single man. To do this, take a fresh egg in your hands to utter a conspiracy.

After that, the spelled egg must be put in a warm place for 19 days. It is very important to make sure that your elect is on the 20th day near you.

That this is the complexity of the rite. If you organize it, your loved one will be with you.

The conspiracy words that need to be pronounced on an egg can sound like this:

A rotten egg should be put in the freezer and stored there. Remember, when the egg is defrosted, the feelings of the chosen one for you will disappear.

It is clear that the egg cannot be stored endlessly in the freezer, so you need to try to wake up your natural feelings and affection in your sweetheart as quickly as possible.

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