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The spell on the cigarette — ways and recommendations

The spell on the cigarette — ways and recommendations

A love spell on a cigarette is one of the easiest ways to get the attention of a lover. But, despite the simplicity of the ritual, it can be quite effective. The main thing is to do everything right.

Share «recipes» of such love spells.

Why is a love spell on a cigarette effective?

The power of the prior that is performed on a cigarette is due to such factors:

  • Tobacco, which is filled with a cigarette, has energy properties. No wonder the ancient shamans and priests during the magical rites lit a pipe
  • The fire, which is created during cigarette lighting, also has a powerful energy. Flame is associated with the energy of passion and love.

Anyone can read the spell on a cigarette. But it does not always act.

If a man has a very strong energy, she will create an invisible barrier through which no love spell can penetrate.

The spell on the cigarette - ways and recommendations

But if the ceremony gives the desired effect, the bewitched man will only think about you, he will begin to be drawn to you with terrible force. Only he will perceive you as a sexual object, and all other women will turn into sexless creatures for him.

The easiest cigarette spell

Only a smoker can do such a rite. Therefore, if you are not addicted to nicotine, use other methods.

It is also desirable that your chosen one has a craving for smoking.

This ceremony is not only aimed at creating love, but also at the emergence of strong friendship between you and the elect. To make a love spell, you need to «gut» a cigarette, soak the tobacco with your blood, then dry it in the sun, and then put the powder back.

This cigarette should treat your chosen one, so choose those brands of tobacco products that he prefers. From the moment a man smokes a cigarette, the spell will come into effect.

Love spell on a cigarette and a gift

This version of the love spell will suit you if you are good friends with your chosen one. But you have romantic feelings for him and you want to transfer the relationship to another level.

The spell on the cigarette - ways and recommendations

Wait for Friday at that time when the moon goes to height. Buy a nice gift for your friend. Choose a gift carefully — it should please the chosen one

Next, do the following:

  1. Add tobacco from cigarettes
  2. Mix tobacco with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar
  3. Pour the mixture back into the cigarette.

After that, sit down by the window, start talking cigarette, which is used for the love spell. Make three puffs and say the words of the bewitching plot:

“Our love will flare up like a cigarette from this fire. Sugar will make our love sweet and salt strong. Let it be so»

Then you need to smoke a cigarette to the end. Tighten until the light has gone out completely.

Important: before performing the rite you need to tune in a positive way. Forget about negative emotions — resentment, anger, disappointment and others. Mentally thank a friend for all the good things that happened between you.

Imagine how happily and harmoniously your future relationship develops.

It is advisable not to make a spell on a cigarette when you are at loggerheads — everyone who performed the rite in such situations leaves extremely negative reviews. The mood of goodness and faith in the power of a love spell — the key to your success.

Powerful love spell on a cigarette

Unlike most love spells that are recommended for the growing moon, this option can be used at any time. The only wish is to perform the rite on Friday.

On this day of the week he will have maximum power.

The spell can be done either in the morning — from five to six in the morning, or at lunch — from twelve to one, or after sunset — from nineteen to twenty hours.

The spell on the cigarette - ways and recommendations

Go to the room where you will perform the ceremony. It is very important that it was quiet, clean and calm.

Make sure that no one bothers you — households or pets will not enter, no sudden telephone call will disturb.

Write your lover’s name on a cigarette with a black pen or pencil. Then prick the finger with a needle and write your name next to it with blood.

Sit by the window, concentrate all thoughts on your chosen one and smoke a cigarette in complete silence.

Important: you must do the maximum number of puffs. Smoke until the cigarette itself goes out.

In the process of smoking, ash should be shaken off in the left hand, and dispel in the wind at the end of the ritual with these words:

“Until you collect all the ashes, you will think about me.”

There is a small feature: if the cigarette suddenly fades out in the middle, it means that the love spell will not work. Most likely, you and the man do not match each other.

Better pay attention to someone else.

Watch the video about how to make a spell on a cigarette:

In what cases the love spell does not work

Love magic has enough power, but does not always give the desired result. Love spell may not work in the following cases:

  1. You do not strongly believe in the spell. Only sincere and unconditional faith can «activate» magic and direct it to the course you need. Therefore, forget about doubts and do not try to find a logical explanation of the manipulations.
  2. You have been telling someone about your intention to perform a ceremony. No one, especially the man himself, should know about the spell
  3. The bewitched man is already in love with another girl. In this case, love magic does not work — first you need to do the rite of the lapel
  4. The chosen one has already bewitched someone. In this case, the ceremony is rather dangerous — the imposition of two love spells on each other threatens serious problems with the health of a man.

And remember — the love spell is not able to create true love. The elect will experience only sexual attraction for you.

If you want sincere feelings — forget about magic and pay attention to those men who of their own accord are not indifferent to you.

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