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The spell on the cigarette is easy to do at home

The spell on a cigarette may seem too simple and even childish. Cigarettes seem too modern and do not have such an aura of antiquity as candles, wine and other attributes of magical rites. However, not all so simple.

Actually cigarettes using cigarettes are very effective effects.

The spell on the cigarette is easy to do at home

The effectiveness of the rite is connected with the fact that when using a cigarette, two powerful magic elements are used as a ritual attribute, namely:

  • Tobacco, the energy properties of which have been known for thousands of years and have been widely used, above all, by Indian shamans in their rites and rituals.
  • Fire, which is a strong element of nature, symbolizing love energy and, as is well known, patronizing love passions.

Of course, the strength of tobacco in a cigarette is significantly less than the natural product. This is due to the presence of synthetic additives and flavors used in the production of modern cigarettes.

But, nevertheless, it still has enough energy that can be used for the desired purposes.

The simplest love spell on a cigarette is as follows. On a cigarette you need to write the name of a loved one. It is important that this is the name given to him at baptism, otherwise the power of the love spell is significantly reduced.

Then this cigarette must be completely smoked so that the name written on it is completely burned. It is important to hold a cigarette with your right hand, and in your left hand to shake off the ashes.

During smoking, you should present yourself with your loved one. It is desirable to visualize kisses and caresses.

Strengthen the action of the rite can be a photo of a loved one.

After smoking a cigarette, the ashes should be carefully poured into a handkerchief and wrapped, while saying these magic words:

The nodule must be hidden in a secluded place and will ensure that no one ever finds it. Conspired ash must be carefully stored.

Remember that if you lose a bundle or scatter the ashes — you can not avoid separation from your loved one.

There is another simple spell on a cigarette. To do this, you need to install a full moon on a silver or copper tray. It should spread a silk scarf and put a photo of a loved one, and next to it and a cigarette.

Above this photo, in full concentration on thoughts of a loved one, it is necessary to smoke another cigarette, on which the inscription “(the name of a loved one) loves (own name)” will be preliminarily made. After that, you need to find a way to treat a person to whom the action is directed to a love spell by a cigarette that was lying next to his photo during the ritual. After the ritual, it is very important for your beloved to see and, if possible, to be with him as often as possible.

If everything was done correctly, then in a week the young man will begin to give you signs of attention.

A man who is nearby can be bewitched by the following rite, which should be held during the growing moon. To do this, you need to retire in a separate room, where you need to remove all tobacco from a full pack of cigarettes and distribute it evenly on a flat, absolutely white saucer.

Then, moving away from reality and focusing on thoughts of the beloved, it is necessary to draw the name of the beloved on the placer of tobacco with a finger.

After that, the tobacco should be collected in a pile and set on fire. Subsequently, the ashes need to be gradually added to food and drink at the same time for themselves and their beloved man. The effectiveness of this love spell is entirely dependent on the energy of the person who conducts this ceremony.

Therefore, the maximum concentration on the desire to be close to your beloved is the main condition for success.

You can also use a love spell on a cigarette to attract the attention of a young man you like, even if he is not a close friend. But at the same time his name is necessary to know.

For the rite should first prepare:

  • One cigarette;
  • White sheet of paper;
  • A few candles.

Love spell is held at midnight in a secluded room. It is necessary to light candles, sit down, relax, and having turned away from reality, think only about the person you like, playing in the scene of a meeting with him and variations of future relationships. In this state, you need to be at least a quarter of an hour.

After that, from one of the candles you need to set fire to a cigarette and smoke. Ash should be shaken off on a white sheet of paper.

Then you need to shake it out of the open window or in the window.

Then you need to read these words:

The spell on the cigarette is easy to do at home

After such a ceremony, one should not talk to anyone, but immediately need to go to bed, representing the beloved and future life with him. But it is worth knowing that the rituals with a cigarette, the action of which is aimed at the spell, are only suitable for smokers. They are very strong and, as a rule, the first results appear in just a few days.

In any case, when conducting any ritual with a cigarette, it is necessary to ensure that no one knows about it, even the closest relatives and friends.

Despite the fact that the love spell with a cigarette is very effective, they have virtually no negative consequences. With the help of rituals of this type, you can awaken the interest of a particular person to yourself, but if this was not possible, then failure can be reflected in you by slight indisposition.

Therefore, the spell is better to perform only if you are confident that you can interest a person.

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