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The spell on the blood on the forehead works remotely

Love spells are very powerful energetic effects. But such rites belong to the means of black magic, so they are not safe.

This must be taken into account when using such a rite in order to bewitch the person you like.

The spell on the blood on the forehead works remotely

There are so many rituals using blood. They can be used not only blood from a finger, but also monthly blood.

In the latter case, the rituals are considered particularly dangerous.

Most professional magicians believe that if a love spell was performed on the blood, then it would be very difficult to remove it later. But you should not discount the unpredictability of the result.

In addition, the use of blood, especially monthly, in ceremonies that involve the addition of this biological substance to the food or drink of a bewitched person is not entirely correct from the hygiene point of view. In this regard, it is better to give preference to rituals that do not involve this action.

Effective is the love spell for blood on the forehead, which can be carried out in various variations.

In life often there are situations when a man without explaining — leaves. Such understatement is scary, and therefore there is a desire to return the beloved and restore relationship with him.

This can be done using a spell for blood on the forehead, which works remotely.

But before embarking on the rite, you need to try to analyze the situation. The main thing is to understand how much you need such a man who can disappear, or consider it necessary to explain something.

But, if you understand that you are sincerely passionate about your chosen one and will not be able to live in peace, then you can resort to the help of magic.

The ritual is performed right before bed during menstruation. You need to go to bed, drop a drop of blood on your forehead and force yourself to think about your beloved man for a quarter of an hour.

It is important not to fall asleep at this time.

After you feel that your whole life has concentrated on your beloved, you should say this magic phrase:

This love spell must be repeated for three days without a break. This is a very strong ceremony and the result will manifest itself very quickly.

Most likely, your man will return to you within a week.

Some sources suggest another magic plot for such a rite.

It sounds like this:

The spell on the blood on the forehead works remotely

You can spend a love spell using monthly blood in the photo of a loved one. Such a contactless love spell is very effective, but it does not act very quickly.

In the rite you must use:

  • Fresh photo of a loved one;
  • Church candle;
  • The nightgown you already wore.

The rite is held on the first day of menstruation. Having retired in a separate room, you should install and light a church candle. Next to it you need to put a photo.

It is necessary to moisten the little finger of the left hand in the menstrual blood and then cross should be drawn on the image of the forehead, the same symbol is drawn on the chest.

After this, the following love spell conspires:

After pronouncing the words, hover the photo over the candle flame. Then the picture should be wrapped in a nightgown that you wore, and hide in a secluded place. If after a month nothing happened, then the ceremony can be repeated.

If, however, the results did not show up during the next month, then the person should be given up to be bewitched.

The nightgown in which the plotted photo was wrapped should be worn if the ceremony was successful and the relationship with the bewitched man led to a bed together. A photo must continue to be stored, and it will protect your happy relationship with a partner.

Love spells in which blood is used should be carried out in the period of the rising moon. This will greatly enhance their action. Of course, during this period it is not always possible to use monthly blood.

But in this regard, a person always has a chance to think about it. How important it is to charm a person in this way.

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