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The spell on the blood of a finger — a few options for

It is believed that the greatest spell is a love spell on the blood. It is carried out using human blood. This is the only ink that sees otherworldly entities.

Be it the powers of darkness or light. Blood is the fluid of life and power.

Here, for example, is one of the simplest love spots on the blood.

It will require an apple and a piece of paper on which you need to write with your blood:

The apple core is cut out, the note is folded and put inside the apple, then the fruit is thrown away. If such a love spell is done correctly, then it will work in about a week, when the apple will rot.

Vladimir Starover, one of the most famous magicians of our time, collaborates with pagan gods and almost never makes love spells, however, he agreed to show how to make a pagan love spell on blood. First, with a scalpel, he makes an incision on his hand, when blood appears, he lowers a toothpick into it and in the photo of the victim writes in runes an appeal to one of the gods asking to dry one person to another, that is, to the customer.

After that, the magician gives a drop of his blood to each of the patron gods and communicates with them, in a state of trance, he reads a prayer. Everything, now the photo is no longer needed, the love spell on blood began to act.

The spell on the blood of a finger - a few options for

How the love spell was performed on the blood by professional magician Starover Vladimir, unfortunately, is not entirely clear and, unfortunately, it can hardly be used with independent performance. In this regard, below are a few other, more simple rites available to all who wish it and at the same time very effective.

For one of the most sought-after rites, you will need a needle and red wine. Having previously sterilized a needle on the ring finger, one should carefully make a puncture and, presenting the image of a loved one, drip a few drops into the wine poured into the glass.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

Conspiracy wine should be treated to a loved one for any reason. This ritual is better to coincide with any holiday, it will greatly simplify its implementation.

There is another, equally effective rite, which is easy to conduct independently at home.

For this you will need:

  • Needle;
  • Red candle;
  • A piece of sugar.

First you need to retire in a separate room, and light a candle there. You should try to abandon third-party thoughts and focus only on thoughts of his beloved.

We must imagine the future pleasant moments of living together. After that, gently pierce the ring finger with a needle and squeeze out a drop of blood.

Above her need to say these magic words:

After that, you need to put blood on a piece of sugar, visualizing the image of a loved one. The actions are repeated three times, that is, you need to drop three drops of blood on a piece of sugar. After that, you should sit in silence, while the candle is burning out, you cannot forcibly extinguish it.

Conspired piece of sugar with blood should be added to the drink of his beloved man, for example, in tea or coffee.

The right attitude when conducting these choices is very important. You must believe in success. The next ceremony is most strongly affected in the full moon, but in principle it is allowed to perform it in the period of the rising moon.

Having retired in a separate room next to you need to put any indoor plant that grows in your home for at least 3 years.

If something in the rite goes wrong, then the flower will pick up all the negative. The plant is certainly a pity, but it is better to let it die, than any of your relatives will suffer, or you yourself from inept actions.

At the beginning of the ritual, you should light a candle, break off a small sprig from the plant used and burn it in a candle flame.

At the same time it is necessary to pronounce several times, until the branch burns down, the following words:

The spell on the blood of a finger - a few options for

The resulting ash must be collected in a saucer. Then you should take a photo of a loved one, in which he is depicted in full growth, and intently peer into the eyes. It is important at this point to focus on your own feelings, and prick yourself an index finger on your left hand.

Finger with a drop of blood should be attached to the front side of the photo. Then slowly you need to hold your finger up from the bottom of his image.

To enhance the love spell, say the following words:

After pronouncing the magic words, you should once again look intently into the eyes depicted in the photo of the beloved. Then the picture should be set on fire in a candle flame. So that it burns to the ground, you need to put it on a saucer.

The resulting ash should be mixed to a powder. Half should be buried in the ground under the flower, and the second part should be thrown to the door of your loved one.

Love spells, which use blood from a finger, are pure rites. Rituals that use monthly blood are considered more effective and fast.

All of them belong to the means of black magic, so you need to use them very carefully. The main thing is to make sure of your own sincere feelings, because the love spell using monthly blood is very difficult to remove.

And if you fall out of love with a person, then the heavy negative consequences cannot be avoided.

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