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The spell on the blood of a finger

The spell on the blood of a finger

A love spell on blood helps to attract the attention of a beloved man and make him feel feelings for you. This is a very powerful magic rite, so it should be used very carefully.

Let’s talk about the rules and consequences of such a love spell.

How does the love spell on blood

In order to make a spell, you need blood from your finger. She is talked in a certain way and is added to the food or drink of a man who needs to be bewitched.

Sometimes they use menstrual blood or sacrifice an animal to perform a rite. We do not recommend such love spells, because they belong to black magic and are necessarily accompanied by negative consequences:

  • can cause premature aging or impotence in a bewitched man
  • cause health problems: bewitched begins to «shrink» literally before our eyes
  • the character deteriorates and the man’s behavior changes dramatically: he can turn into a tyrant and a jealous man, he will torment you and torment you for the rest of your life

But the love spell on the «clean» blood taken from the finger, has a positive energy. He creates not only a sexual binding, but also causes a man to feel love, which you are striving to bewitch.

Love spell and red wine

To make such a spell on the blood of a finger, wait for the time when the moon will be in a growing phase. During this period, lunar energy is maximally directed towards creation, love and harmony.

What do we have to do:

  1. Prepare a glass of red wine. The glass should be made of transparent glass.
  2. You will also need a new needle. It is necessary to disinfect it before the ceremony — wipe it with an antiseptic or boil it in water
  3. Prick the ring finger with a needle and wait until blood drops appear.
  4. Mentally imagine your chosen one, draw in your imagination pictures of your happy future together
  5. Put a finger over a glass of wine so that blood drips into the liquid, and say the words of the love spell conspiracy

The spell on the blood of a finger

The number of drops should be odd — watch this carefully. Conspiracy wine should be treated as soon as possible to the elect.

From the moment he tastes the cooked love potion, the rite will take effect.

Love spell and candle

Anyone who has done a spell on the blood of a finger in this way, talking about its high efficiency. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Prepare a new needle and disinfect it as in the previous method.
  2. Buy a new candle. It should be red — it symbolizes passion and enhances the effect of the love ceremony
  3. A piece of sugar. Better to use refined sugar
  4. At night, while the moon is growing, sit down at the table and close your eyes.
  5. Imagine your lover. Thank him mentally for the good moments that you had during your conversation. Imagine how you happily spend time together. Wish him well
  6. Prick the ring finger with a needle so that a drop of blood appears
  7. Squeeze the blood out of your finger, say the words of the love spell conspiracy

The spell on the blood of a finger

After that, you need to drop a drop of blood on a piece of sugar and read the plot two more times. Then wait until the candle completely burns out and goes out.

Conspired sugar must be quietly added to food or drink, and then treated to the elect.

From the moment he tastes your treat, the ceremony will take effect.

Love spell at the drink

This version of the love spell is the easiest. But it is also quite effective.

You need to find out what your chosen one prefers from drinks.

A drop of your own blood from your finger needs to be added to the drink, having previously spoken it with magic words:

The spell on the blood of a finger

You can add blood to wine or any other cold drink. It is undesirable to use hot drinks, cognac and whiskey for the rite — the blood quickly coagulates, and the desired effect will not be.

Important feature such a love spell: it must be repeated from time to time, so that the bewitched feelings will not lose their power. And, of course, a man must drink a drink to act.

Watch the video on how to make a love spell:

Love spell: consequences and reviews

Most practicing magicians are of the opinion that no spell can last forever. Sooner or later, the feelings of the chosen one will run out, and the rite will have to be repeated.

Either try to really fall in love with a man so that in the future magic will not be resorted to.

Reviews of those who made a spell on the blood of a finger confirm this opinion:

  • The “bloody” love spell ceases to function after the first birth of a woman. At this moment, the love affair seems to be washed away, the man changes his behavior, can completely leave the family
  • Very often, bewitched men become addicted to alcohol or computer games, even if they were inveterate withers before the spell
  • After a love spell for the worse, the character of a man changes. He becomes extremely hot-tempered and aggressive, irritable, jealous.
  • Negative love spell affects the health and career of bewitched. A man may have problems with work, he is often sick, his potency worsens and his life expectancy decreases

Such negative effects do not always manifest themselves — perhaps you are lucky and you can avoid them. But if you notice at least one consequence, you should immediately contact a professional magician for help and make a lapel.

Independently remove the spell, made on the blood, it is almost impossible. So think carefully: are you ready to spend most of your life with your chosen one, will you change your mind sooner or later.

Perhaps we should refuse the rite.

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