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The spell on the apple — a selection of several options

People knew about the magical properties of the apple tree and its fruits in ancient times. In different parts of the world, apples have been used in magical and religious rituals, such as healing or love spell.

The rituals with apples occupied an important place in the rituals of Celtic druids, whose supernatural abilities were so strong that they terrified even self-confident Romans, who pursued the druids and tried to erase the memory of their rites.

Some elements of their ceremonies still exist. So, traditional games with apples for Halloween are echoes of magical rituals of the forbidden ancient holiday Samhain. From the wood of the apple-tree, as well as from the apples themselves, carved figures used to induce spoilage, healing, love spells.

Apple was widely used in the magic of the ancient Slavs.

The spell on the apple - a selection of several options

Although an apple can be used for a variety of magical purposes, it is most often used in love magic. Apple tree is closely related to female sexuality and love energy.

Women who go to bed under an apple feel a surge of powerful erotic energy. A young girl sleeping under an apple tree can see her contented in a dream.

The love for an apple is very effective, but you should be aware that if someone touched the fruit before you, then the ritual may not work. That is, the fruit for the bewitching rite should be plucked from the tree with his own hands.

It is also important for the success of the impact that no one knows about the conduct of the ceremony.

In addition, there are other rules for conducting a love spell using an apple as an attribute, namely:

  • In no case should an apple be used in the middle. If the ritual requires cutting an apple into two halves and then combining them, then this symbolizes the creation of a single whole, which is impossible to imagine without a middle.
  • If the apple is wormy or rotten, the ritual should not be performed, because it is a sign from above that the time for the love spell is not suitable. Of course, you can take another apple, but the effectiveness of the ceremony will be reduced.
  • Absolute silence must be observed during the ceremony. If something distracts you during the ritual, then it cannot be continued. At the expiration of time, the rite should be repeated again.

From the time of our distant ancestors, the love spell on the apple came to us. With the proper execution of all the details, this simple spell is able to bewitch your loved one.

It can be used for both men and women. To perform the ritual you need to use a beautiful juicy red apple.

Red color symbolizes love and magic.

The ritual involves the following actions:

  • The apple must be cut with a sharp knife into two identical halves, and the cut must be perfectly flat;
  • Between the parts of the apple you should put a note with the written names: yours and the beloved;
  • Halves must be fastened either with red or pink ribbon, which must be tied with a beautiful “gift” knot;
  • An apple, consisting of two bonded halves, is placed on a saucer, which is placed in a secluded place under the sun’s rays for seven days.

During all actions, you should represent your loved one and visualize your intimacy with him.

The spell on the apple - a selection of several options

This rite should be used when there is confidence that a person likes you, but he cannot bring himself to take the plunge. To do this, you need to install an icon of the Mother of God in the room, and then put a red apple.

After that, you need to go beyond the threshold and say the following spell:

This ceremony should be held in the period of the growing moon, and it will be successful only if you really like a person. It is desirable that no one sees the fruit behind the icon.

As soon as the apple dries, the chosen one will take decisive steps to establish a closer relationship. Remember that when conducting a love ritual with an apple, you need to sincerely believe in success.

Any doubt at times reduces the effectiveness of the rite.

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