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The separation of a husband from his wife — the signs and consequences

Lapel of husband from wife: signs, symptoms and effects

Love triangles in modern life — not uncommon. They arise not only in pairs, where the relations of partners have not yet been formalized, but also in established families, where the spouses have lived together for years.

It is also not uncommon for the husband’s cuffs to be his wife who are used by the interested party of the love triangle to destroy other people’s strong and happy relationships.

The victim of the turn-away ritual is often the husband who is wanted to be taken away from the family. The main sufferings, as a result, fall to the lot of the unfortunate wife.

However, even the most otvorozhenny spouse is not easier — the ritual has a detrimental effect on its energy and adversely affects his life, as a whole.

The separation of a husband from his wife - the signs and consequences

What causes outsiders (especially women) to interfere in someone else’s life and destroy the family with a lapel? Trite, but the most frequent reasons for resorting to this ritual are envy and ordinary human egoism.

To break the connection between loving husband and wife, only the unfortunate person, deprived of his own life, should decide, just envy others’ happiness and harmonious relations.

However, there are exceptions, when the top is made to end family relationships that have already outlived themselves. In this marriage, both spouses suffer, but for some reason they are not resolved to terminate it.

The separation of a husband from his wife, made for an unlucky family, is designed to act for the good and give the spouses a chance for happiness, which they can find, but not together, but separately.

How to recognize the cuff: external signs of the rite

The fact that a man was a victim of the beloved ritual can be judged by several signs. Common symptoms of a lapel include:

  • changes in the behavior of the otvorozhenny, sharp, for no apparent reason;
  • cooling to the marriage partner;
  • indifference to life, apathy, lethargy and loss;
  • problems with sleep: regular nightmares involving the performer (performer) of the rite, insomnia;
  • lack of sexual desire for a partner, every possible avoidance of sexual contact;
  • anxiety, anxiety;
  • detection of objects of unknown origin (wax, earth, threads, needles, hair, etc.) in the house.

A cuff is like a disease: in it, as in any physical disease, it is very important to recognize the first symptoms and take appropriate measures in time. If the action of the lapel rite goes too far, there may be certain difficulties and negative consequences, even tragic.

The separation of a husband from his wife - the signs and consequences

How dangerous is the back of her husband’s wife?

The cuffs are white and black. If, with a white lapel, a man begins to avoid the company of his spouse, then black acts more destructively, forcing the husband to see only negative things in his wife.

The second half begins to annoy him, it becomes nasty and repulsive. A man is seized by sharp irritability, aggression, anger, in some cases it comes to battering.

Turn-away ritual (especially black) is a kind of damage that destroys the relationship of husband and wife, causing a lot of suffering. One of the most common consequences of this rite is the deterioration of physical health: the immunity is weakened, and chronic diseases are exacerbated. The greatest vulnerability to this magical effect is characterized by:

  • in men: eyes (deteriorating eyesight), brain (memory problems occur), heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular diseases develop and progress), liver, stomach (their activity is disturbed);
  • among women: genital organs (“female” diseases develop and aggravate), chest (chest diseases), heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular diseases), stomach, kidneys.

In addition to health, the impact of the husband’s cuff of his wife affects other areas of life. The otvorozhenny person can appear under the power of bad habits.

Most often, he begins to use alcohol or take drugs. This phenomenon may appear as a result of the internal struggle between the action of the rite and the man’s desire to save the family.

In this case, alcohol and drugs serve as a means of sedation.

The separation of a husband from his wife - the signs and consequences

As a result, the lapel is a strong depletion of the body. If a man’s choice is made in favor of the family, he may become impotent — the rite will not allow to live a full-fledged sex life with his legal partner.

The concentration of attention also suffers greatly, which negatively affects the world of work. At work, the otvorozhenny appears serious difficulties with which he often can not cope alone.

Many at this time lose their positions.

A strong cuff of a husband from his wife launches a program of self-destruction from his victim. The otvorozhenny can begin to interfere in various squabbles and fights, can die not the death, quite often makes attempt of suicide which, eventually, appears fatal.

If you suspect that a magical effect has been taken against your family in the form of a husband’s cuff, you should never disregard this serious problem. Turn-away ritual must be removed and done best of all, referring to the practicing magician.

A professional will be able to correctly assess the scale of the situation and find the right solution. Any delay can lead to very serious negative consequences, even the most tragic.

Remember that for your happiness, for your family you need to fight!

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