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The most powerful love spells of men in the photo without consequences at home

The most powerful love spells of men in the photo: how to perform the rites and their consequences

The modern section of the magic of working with a photographic image of a person actually has a very ancient history. Initially, the object of the direct influence of the bewitching or other witchcraft was the volt — a figure, which is the energetic embodiment of the personality, over which manipulations were made.

With the advent of photography, the possibilities of magic have increased, because now there is no longer any need for obtaining biological material or personal belongings of a bewitched person. It is enough to find a suitable picture and tune in to the frequency of vibrations emanating from it.

Love spells in photography are considered the most effective and differ from other ritual methods in a high percentage of effectiveness.

You can’t just take a photo of a person and read a chosen plot on it — such "ritual" will not create the necessary binding between the magician and the victim, and in the absence of such a phantom channel, the transfer of any information will be impossible. The most common way to create astral connection among non-specialists when working with photography is visualization.

You should not just look at the picture — you should try to see a living person in it.

There are a number of practical points that help the magician to facilitate "occurrence" in the thin field of the victim’s photo:

  • for 3-5 days before a single rite or 7-10 days before the start of the ritual course, a bloodless fast must be observed — this helps to concentrate;
  • when independently influencing the object, the involvement of third parties in the rituals is excluded;
  • for ceremonies, only red or white esoteric candles are used; in some cases church permissible;
  • for a dark love spell from a photo, a church candle is lit upside down;
  • all church paraphernalia (icons, crosses, altar accessories) must be removed from the room during preparation for the ceremony;
  • before the love spell from the photo, you should practice playing the facial features of the object as a keepsake: closing the eyes, the magician must immediately see the victim in his mind;
  • if it is necessary to repeat the same actions or conspiracy words cyclically, you cannot count the number of repetitions out loud or keep them in your head — it is better to use homemade beads with the required number of beads.

Regarding the choice of photography, it is important to remember that the single person’s full-length image not older than one year has the greatest information content.

Ideally, if the object’s eyes are clearly visible in the picture. It will be easier for a non-specialist to work with an original photo, but if you don’t get it, you can use a printout from the Internet or a digital image of good quality.

The most powerful love spells of men in the photo without consequences at home

Despite the conditional separation of love spots on the photo "whites" and "black", pick a ritual that completely exempt the performer from the negative consequences is impossible.

The power of the magician to reduce their power, but this will have to go through several stages of preliminary preparation, the main point of which is purification.

Diagnosis of the negative, as well as its removal, is carried out on a waning moon, but the love spelling is reserved for the period of the growth of a celestial body. We must not forget about the need to respect the men’s and women’s days of the week.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are considered masculine; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are feminine. Sunday is considered a universal day.

Before the onset of the new moon, one must make sure that there is no other love spell or damage on his beloved, and his physical and mental state is normal.

If during the love spell, the dark forces are challenged or the nature of the rite by default adjusts the magician to the low-frequency vibrations of heavy energies, then personal protection is required. The easiest way to protect yourself is to outline the workspace with coal or chalk so that the entire platform, set aside for a magical act, is enclosed in a ring.

When the ritual is performed on the street, it is better not to draw the protective circle, but to spread it with a rope or stones, depending on current possibilities.

The most powerful love spells of men in the photo without consequences at home

The photo on the mobile phone cannot meet all the requirements for a strong love spell, so the rite will have a medium or low impact, comparable to a call for anguish.

For the ritual you need to buy a skein of red yarn and three red candles. Waiting until midnight after Tuesday or Thursday, the fortune-teller proceeds to manipulate:

  1. 1. On an uncovered table set the lit candles in the form of a triangle.
  2. 2. In the center of the resulting figure put the phone (tablet) with an open image of a loved one.
  3. 3. One should tear off a skein of yarn or bite off a thread about half a meter long with teeth.
  4. 4. Sitting in front of a homemade altar design so that the top of the fiery triangle looks directly at her chest, the visionary closes his eyes and visualizes the image of the guy from the photo.
  5. 5. Without leaving a trance, the girl gropes a red thread from the table and, tying a knot in the middle, whispers three times: "Tightly tied the ribbon, as if the thread of fate knitted. You (the name) was independent, now attached to me, tied with one life. Knot tight, you’re forever with me". Saying the words "tight knot", fortune-teller each time strongly pulls the ends of the thread, tightening the knot.

Conspiracy thread to hide in the house and keep all the time, while strong love for the bewitched. If the guy finds the thread and guesses about its purpose, the love spell from the photo will no longer act.

The most powerful love spells of men in the photo without consequences at home

The effectiveness of this rite is manifested on the basis of an already existing or former relationship between a boy and a girl. The brighter the couple sexual experience together, the faster and stronger the conspiracy will work.

For the love spell you need two shots, — the witch and her lover — printed on glossy photo paper. Cards must be the same size.

The ceremony takes place on the first day of the full moon, regardless of the church dates:

  1. 1. At nightfall, the fortuneor lights a thick red candle on the table, puts both pictures in front of her and places a deep plate with water.
  2. 2. Next, the girl should take off any jewelry made of gold or silver and put it between the shots.
  3. 3. Having taken the cards and presenting a hot love scene with the participation of the bewitching man and the man, the hero puts one image on another and lowers them into the water.
  4. 4. A decoration is put on the connected photos.
  5. 5. Strengthening the visualization with details, keeping the cards in the water for several minutes, then carefully remove them from the plate, without separating them.
  6. 6. Until the candle burns out to the end, the photos should lie on the table. This time will be enough for glossy surfaces to stick together.
  7. 7. Having wrapped pictures in a rag of a white matter, they are hidden in a house hiding place for a week.

In the evening of the seventh day, the bundle is unfolded and on the back of both photos draw "star of david" — hexagram from two superimposed triangles. From this moment love magic is activated.

This powerful love spell on the photo is held no more than once every three years.

In this spell on the photo, drawing a protective circle is included in the ritual algorithm, so this point is omitted in preparation for the manipulations.

The sequence of actions of the ritual:

  1. 1. The man puts the necessary tools on the floor: a sterile syringe with a needle, a photograph of a loved one, a wood ember or chalk, 4 red thin candles, a box of matches.
  2. 2. Down on the floor near the decomposed objects, the girl outlines the space around herself in a circle, the diameter of which is about a meter.
  3. 3. On the line of the drawn ring, enclosing the workspace in a square, 4 candles are lit in a clockwise direction.
  4. 4. Having taken a comfortable position for meditation, the fortuneteller puts a picture in front of him and mentally endows him with the living features and emotions of a loved one.
  5. 5. Upon reaching the desired concentration, the girl prints a sterile needle and in one motion plunges it into the pad of the ring finger of her left hand (along the line of the heart).
  6. 6. Having squeezed out a drop of blood, the enchantress presses his finger first on the photograph of the person’s chest, then to the area of ​​his eyes and says these words: "Bind me forever, blood will captivate".
  7. 7. It is necessary to sit in a circle until the candles themselves go out. Then you should collect the cinder and erase the protective circle, doing it all counterclockwise, and only then leave the place of the ritual.

The stubs refer to the intersection along with the mercy, and the photo, folded four-fold by the image inside, is stored in a secret place at home.

This simple but effective love spell from the photo can be repeated many times, starting with the first day of the moon’s growth and ending on the last evening of the full moon. In this way, fostering the love of a person who likes it will only work out for a specialist, but draw in the thoughts of the beloved, make him yearn and look for a way out of fantasies even for an inexperienced witch.

  1. 1. At midnight of any man’s day, a witch lights a white candle on the table.
  2. 2. Then she starts driving a photo over the fire, saying: "Burn a picture, burn a heart, love in the heart of God’s servant (name) will wake up, it will burn with passion, sparkle with reciprocity. To the servant of God (his name) he will be pulled, without her there will be no life, without her there will be no rest. It will be as planned. Amen!"
  3. 3. Then you need to put a photo on a white plate and set it on fire from the candle.
  4. 4. When the paper turns into ashes, it is thrown out of the window, and the candle is left to burn on the table.

If a man intends to cast a spell for several nights in a row, she needs to multiply the photo in advance by the required number of copies.

Reading plots on a church candle, despite the fact that the action is accompanied by a visit to the church and prayers before the images, refers to black rituals. The main attribute — a candle — is bought on Thursday, and on this day it is desirable to get into any church service and fully defend it.

If this fails, you should pray for three different icons for your health.

The candle brought from the temple is cleaned until the evening, wrapping it in one piece of cloth with a photo of the victim, and at midnight they pull out the bundles and start the ceremony:

  1. 1. A candle placed on the table is set on fire from a match held in the left hand.
  2. 2. Before the candle put a white saucer, which put a photo of a guy.
  3. 3. Looking at the photo, you need to concentrate and present the image in three-dimensional form, and the phantom figure should move and act like a living person.
  4. 4. Watching the movements of the phantom, the fortuneteller says the text three times: "Let the candle burn with holy fire, warm the heart and soul of God’s servant (name) with its bright flame. Let him not notice anyone except the servant of God (name). Only he thinks about me and wishes me alone. True".
  5. 5. Then the picture is set on fire from the candle, and the ash is blown out of the saucer into the open window.

It is necessary, without closing the window, to observe how the ash behaves: if the majority of the flakes settles on the window sill or flies back into the room, it means that the love spell failed or a powerful protection against damage was installed on the person. If all the ash has flown away, then in 5-7 days you can expect the effect of the ceremony.

When calls for melancholy or weak spells break up about a strong will of a man and do not bring any effect, many fortunate people resort to "sealing" love object.

For the ritual will need two photos, where separately depicted the fortuneteller and her favorite. On the back of a male snapshot you need to write everything that is known about the bewitched one, including what kind of food he loves and dreams about.

On the other photo, only the girl’s name and the date of her birth are indicated.

At midnight, proceed to the ritual:

  1. 1. On the table in front of the lit red candle are laid out: a white envelope, a cut of fine wool thread threaded into a new needle, both photos.
  2. 2. After devoting a few minutes of visualization of the desired result, the fortuneteller puts the photos together with the front sides inward.
  3. 3. Holding the needle in her right hand, the girl sews photos, making just one stitch in each corner of the folded cards and securing them with knots.
  4. 4. Tightening the next knot and before you bite the thread with your teeth, the fortuneteller says: "I knit the servant of God (name) with the servant of God (my name) inseparable, amen".
  5. 5. Then the stapled images are placed in an envelope and sealed with red candle wax, on which the hero hangs an imprint of the ring finger of his left hand. During the sealing procedure, other words are read: "I seal the servant of God (name) with the servant of God (his name) from the evil eye, from the evil intent, from the cold collar".

This love spell from the photo is one of the strongest, which cannot be removed at home without the help of a specialist.

The ritual involving the black magic of voodoo is not intended for beginners. It is better to spend it in the full moon, but with a little practical experience of the witch, the time of the ritual is recommended to be postponed to a less powerful period of the growing Moon.

After sunset, a protective circle is drawn on the floor, along which four white candles are placed. In the center of the circle, on the white spread altar coverlet, the following objects are arranged and placed:

  • red candle;
  • empty deep plate;
  • a jar of liquid honey;
  • sterile injection needle;
  • small magnet;
  • Matchbox;
  • picture of the victim.

When the room is plunged into darkness, the man enters a circle and lights white candles in a clockwise direction. Then, having taken a comfortable sitting position and slightly leaning forward with her body, the girl reads in spite of her challenge to the spirits:

"Horacio Mu, Santo Claraver, Elijah, Dios Esclaus (your name). Enviar mi dos anzhelos de blanco alas.

De de Oro Velas, Rodir barely Ensuentro Contra travis. Cou’e todo dosé marchar, esklavo Dios (object name).

Encontrar, clavar ate bo en korazon tres. Abierto Alma, de ultimo couple kue dinero.

Comprar mi dodo kue e kuerer. Palabra — mi, llawe, kandado lengua. Ashe!"

Putting a picture of the victim in front of him, with a needle, pricking his nameless finger with a needle and on the back of the photo with his blood writes the name and date of birth of the man. After 1-2 minutes, when the blood on the paper dries out, the picture is lowered to the bottom of the plate, pressed down with a magnet and filled with honey from the top of the jar.

In this mass, you need to vertically fix the red candle and light it.

When the flame of a red candle burns out well, they read such a conspiracy:

"Amet Kolt Kolto, Met Kolt Ovenids, Ruper Merapet, Poma Mdaid, Svomi Loi Swami San Omveni, Khmean Vein Ape Kool Dema".

Having uttered the last words of the spell, the sorceress quickly extinguishes the candles around the perimeter of the circle and leaves the workspace. The red candle must burn itself out — a candle end from it, along with the mercy, then left at the intersection.

This rite can be performed both on a photo in the phone and on a paper carrier: it has no key meaning. In addition to the picture, you will also need a white sheet of paper, a ballpoint or fountain pen, and a thick red candle.

Exactly at midnight of any men’s day on the growing Moon, a fortuneter lights a candle on the table, lays out other attributes in front of him and proceeds to the ceremony:

  1. 1. Having brought a photo of the beloved to your face and looking directly at the image in your eyes, you need to say: "I am the mistress of your life, you will not live and sleep without me. Sad yes think of me, do not rejoice without me to you. As the stars go to the moon, so do you think about your fate".
  2. 2. Putting the photo on the table, and having spoken the plot two more times, the girl takes a pen and writes a call on paper for melancholy, stimulating the action of the main spell: "You only love me, only you cry for me, you do not find a place for yourself".
  3. 3. Then take the piece of paper by the corner and burn it on the candle flame without residue. While the note is burning, you need to have time to pronounce the words: "From thought, love in the heart is born, in the soul a great passion rises, in the eyes the fire inflames".
  4. 4. A paper photograph before bedtime is hidden under the pillow, and an open-image telephone can be placed at the head of the bed.

The burning candle and the ashes scattered on the table do not touch the dawn. In the morning, the candlestick and the scraps of burnt paper are wrapped in a white flap and, together with the buyout, are carried out to the nearest intersection.

If a woman needs to revive a hopeless relationship after a break or to cause a strong love of a married person who is difficult to magical effect, in rituals it is better to use Thursday salt prepared on your own for Pure Thursday of Easter week. In the absence of such, you can use the usual table salt with crystals of a large fraction, which is illuminated in the church on the eve of the ceremony.

Between one o’clock and three nights from Thursday to Friday, the young man spreads two photographs (himself and the bewitched) on the table, puts 2 plates — one with salt, the second — empty, puts 2 white paper envelopes and a box of matches.

  1. 1. Two red candles are lit on the table.
  2. 2. Putting the photos next and looking at them, the fortune visualizes love scenes with the participation of himself and his beloved. To proceed to the next stage of the rite is possible only after reaching the peak of concentration.
  3. 3. Then one match is taken from the box and ignited by the candle. While the match burns, the girl should have time to read the plot: “The match burns with a red spark, with passion fire burns with passion fire, mad desire in thoughts, heart, groin of my beloved (his name) lights".
  4. 4. The ash from the burned match is shifted to an empty plate.
  5. 5. Taking a big pinch of salt and pouring it onto her image, the girl says: "Salt-salt salt, soak up my love flour, my unrequited feelings, my unremitting passion, take it away".
  6. 6. Then sprinkle salt on the male image with the words: "A salt salt salt, my beloved (name) head, understand it, open its heart, take away feelings for the damned rival. For me, slaves (name), make a place in his heart forever".
  7. 7. When the candle burns to the middle, salt from the female image is poured into a clean envelope; there is also a finger-rubbed ash from a match.
  8. 8. When the candle goes out, having burned to the end, the salt from the male snapshot is poured into another envelope.

The next morning an envelope with pure salt is buried under a tree growing far from home.

Salt with ashes should be worn with you for a month, adding as much as possible to food, clothes, and housing of your beloved man. The more salt that is plotted will be activated, the faster the spell will work.

Women who have high hopes for the bewitching rite as the only opportunity to bring the right man into their lives will have to accept the many inconveniences caused by rude interference with foreign energetics. Love spells without consequences does not happen, since even the very possibility of using magic has its price, and obtaining the desired result increases this cost several times.

Both participants of the ritual receive a negative rollback — both the victim and the magician, but it is the performer who has to eliminate the consequences of the neglected reaction.

For the bewitched, all the events will be the fruit of spontaneous decisions and a suddenly dulled sense of proportion. Passion, alternating apathy, health problems, bouts of aggression and depression — an incomplete list of the new, that will open in a victim of a love spell.

A performer who is struggling with the same problems in himself will be forced to think and make decisions for both sides and at the same time also restrain manifestations of inadequate behavior of the partner.

To mitigate the response of the magical return and give meaning to the ritual completeness called something, referred to in many dark rites.

In weak love spells, puddles and calls for anguish, candies and coins, of which there must be an odd number, stand out for the selling off. In more serious rituals, such as voodoo or blood conspiracies, payment of vodka and raw meat is required.

Mercy for witchcraft, using the challenges of dark forces, is brought to the intersection of unpaved roads at an unpopulated hour. This may be the intersection of paths (paths) in the forest or pedestrian sidewalks within the city limits.

Candy or coins rush over the left shoulder, with the word: “Paid! «. With the same wording, beef tenderloin wrapped in white paper and an opened bottle of vodka should be left on the side of the road, which will be uncorked at the intersection and partially emptied at the very center of the intersection.

A competently executed love spell, which includes all three stages — the establishment of protection, the bewitching rite and the mercy — should not entail serious trouble and significantly blacken the artist’s karma. If the action was guided by love and good intentions, the severity of the situation would quickly smooth out and the relations between the partners would return to normal.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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