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The love spell of the wife will help to return the wife or to fix the relationship

It is considered to be magic purely female occupation. But in fact, men often resort to magical influences in a variety of situations to solve love problems.

Quite often, suspecting his wife of possible treason, husbands use the spell of his wife. In this way, you can not only return the spouse to the family, but also revive her old feelings.

The love spell of the wife will help to return the wife or to fix the relationship

Magic offers a large number of ceremonies with which you can perform the spell of his wife. But before being interested in the rules for performing a ritual with the aim of choosing it, you need to analyze family relationships. In this case, it is necessary to consider options for ways to build relationships without the use of magic tools.

On the other hand, if love is gone, can it be worth letting go of each other and starting a new life?

If you think that you have a chance to restore the family with the help of magic, you can use one of the rites. But it should be remembered that any magic rite is effective only if you believe in it.

With the slightest doubt, the love spell of the wife will fail, and all the work done will be in vain. Moreover, in some cases it can harm.

Therefore, it should be remembered that the spell of a wife out of curiosity is strictly prohibited to conduct.

The love spell of the wife is usually quite difficult ceremony which is carried out at night in a separate room by candlelight. His original goal is to awaken compassion for yourself in a woman who has been with you for many years.

Against this background, family relationships are usually restored after the magical rite.

If the wife is not going to leave the family, but does not remain loyal to you, then the spell of the wife using the bird’s nest will help to solve this problem. It is necessary to approach the bird’s nest, in which it incubates the eggs and, having crossed the arms with a lock, to utter a three-time love spell.

His magic words sound like this:

This rite is very strong, and begins to act almost immediately. But, nevertheless, the result is recommended to fix, re-conducting the ritual every month for three months.

If the wife is about to leave the house, then you can stop her with the help of a ritual with candles. It is necessary on the day of the ceremony to visit the temple and purchase three candles.

They need to be installed in a separate room, lit.

After that, utter these words:

After this ceremony, you should immediately go to bed and when you fall asleep, you need to think about your wife. If you sincerely believed in success in reading the bewitching plot, the result will manifest itself in a week.

And gradually the relationship with his wife will begin to build.

If you did not pay attention to the growing problems in the family, and your wife has already left you, then the love spell of your wife, which provides for holding the ceremony with the lock, will help her return. Only it should be understood that the rite is very strong and with such an impact you simply bind your wife to yourself.

Therefore, if you fail to wake up your feelings, then you will not be able to restore a prosperous family life and there will be a stranger next to you all your life.

In the rite will need to use:

  • Small new padlock;
  • Three wax candles.

At midnight you need to retire in a separate room, sit down at the table. After this, you need to install and light candles in front of you, and then take the lock in your left hand and the key to it in your right hand.

Next, you should focus on the image of the spouse and try to visualize it.

Then you need to say these words:

After pronouncing the love words, the key must be turned in the lock and closed. The next day, early in the morning, you must go to the nearest natural reservoir and throw the key far away.

This rite is very strong. Therefore, the wife will return home soon.

After that, you need to try to do everything to improve family relations and create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the house.

The love spell of the wife will help to return the wife or to fix the relationship

If your wife and I are doing well together, but you want to strengthen the relationship, then the wife’s love spell can be done with the help of wedding attributes. For the ritual you need to use the maximum number of wedding items that are stored in the house.

For use as magical attributes you can use, for example, wedding photos, clothes or gifts.

In addition, the ritual will need to use:

  • Wedding ring;
  • A photograph of the wife;
  • Own photo;
  • Red candles;
  • Sewing needle;
  • Golden thread.

In a separate room you need to decompose all the collected wedding items, thus creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a wedding. Performing all the actions, you should mentally reproduce the atmosphere of the holiday celebration and recall all the feelings that you felt at that moment to your wife.

After that you need to perform the following steps:

  • Roll up a photo of his wife;
  • Put the wedding ring in a bundle so that it does not fall out;
  • Roll up your own photo;
  • Connect the pictures by tying them with a golden thread;
  • Take a bundle in your hands, and speak a declaration of love for your wife in an arbitrary manner, and you should put your whole soul into the spoken words.
  • Conspired by a bundle, you need to put under the marital bed and go to bed.

This rite is very effective for strengthening relationships, but only if you married true love. Any love-seeking rite of directional action requires a positive attitude. During the ritual, only pleasant moments of life should be remembered.

And, of course, you can not afford to reproach, in case you returned the spouse to the family with the help of magic.

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