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The love of the guy on the photo at home

The love of the guy on the photo is a very popular ritual. First of all, this is due to the fact that the ritual is not complex and can be easily performed at home.

The love of the guy on the photo at home

Since the most important attribute of the bewitching rite is a snapshot of the beloved, then his choice should be taken with great responsibility. It is important that the photo is fresh, it should be done no later than a year before the ritual.

At the same time, it is absolutely unimportant to use the original photo or its copy printed on a printer. It also does not matter whether the picture is black and white or in color, as long as it is clear.

But at the same time, the chosen one should be depicted in the picture alone and in no case should the photo be cropped.

The effectiveness of the privorotny ritual with a photo is explained by the fact that the image allows you to simplify the visualization of the image and establish a more stable energy connection with the beloved person during the ritual. And this, first of all, means that for privorot with a photo the distance is not an obstacle for carrying out a qualitative impact on the chosen one.

If the ritual is performed successfully and there were no failures in the process of the magical action, the results appear no later than a week later. If nothing happens at this time, then it can be concluded that the impact is not effective.

Of course, the effectiveness of the privet ceremony in many respects depends on other important factors, such as:

  • The benevolent attitude of the bewitched person, in his soul there should not be anger and hostility towards you;
  • The opportunity to meet with the chosen one within a few days after the ritual;
  • The presence of any human connection, for example, friendly or sexual.

Love spell with a photo should be carried out in the period of the growing moon. But some rituals are recommended to perform at the full moon. So, in the first case, along with the growth of the night luminary, the feelings of your chosen one will increase.

And in the second case, the love act will work, so as to fill the heart of the beloved with the maximum possible amount of love feelings towards you, which he certainly cannot resist.

The love of the guy on the photo at home

Any privet ceremony should be conducted with a sincere belief in success. The slightest doubts about the correctness of the decision and the lack of confidence in their own abilities will reduce all efforts aimed at casting the beloved one to itself to zero.

It is important to give preference to the rites of white magic. They will not cause serious harm to the victim or the performer, which is very important. It is very simple to distinguish white rites from similar rituals of black magic.

They do not contain appeal to the dark forces. In addition, the texts of the black rituals are rich in the wishes that a loved one “cox”, “suffer”, “not sleep at night”.

In turn, white love spells are aimed at a challenge of sympathy and already on the basis of this love feelings, which will allow to build strong relationships. It should be understood that even the most powerful white love spell is just a chance for the birth of relationships.

Over time, its action weakens, and the future with a loved one depends entirely on you two.

A strong love spell from the photo suggests the use of church candles and holy water. In a separate room with lit church candles a love spell is read, after which a picture needs to be sprinkled with holy water.

Magic words are pronounced twelve times and are as follows:

After that, the candles need to be put out with your fingers and the cinder with the picture needs to be removed to a secluded place.

The rite is very effective, in which the red thread is additionally used as an attribute. In addition to the rite need not only a photograph of the chosen one, but yours.

As a rule, with the help of this bewitching rite, you can quickly return a man who left you.

On the prepared photos, the following inscriptions should be made in advance:

  • In the photo of the chosen one is your own name and the full date of your birthday;
  • On your photo — similar information about your beloved.

After this, the photos are folded over their sides and sewn around the perimeter with a red thread thrown into a needle. Such an attribute is placed on the table, and a pair of church candles are lit next to it.

Then a thread is threaded through every corner and tied into a knot.

At the same time every time such magic words are spoken:

After that, the photo should be put away in a secluded place, so that no one will ever find the spoken attribute. Soon the beloved will return and the relationship will be adjusted.

The love of the guy on the photo at home

Hair in the magical rites is a very strong natural material that allows you to make a strong directional promise of love energy. That is why the combination of hair with a photo of the chosen one is considered a strong magical attribute.

But, of course, in this case, a personal acquaintance with the chosen one is required in order to be able to get the hair that fell from his head. And it is very important to use fresh hair, and this means that you need to get them immediately before the ceremony.

You need to retire in a separate room in which to light a candle and put on the table a saucer with hair and a photo of a loved one. At midnight, the attributes used should be set on fire from a candle flame.

While they burn, say three times the following words.

After the ceremony has been completed, the ashes from the burnt ritual attributes must be taken out onto the street and dispelled to the wind. It is allowed to hold such a rite two more times.

But if the result was not followed, then it should be concluded that you do not match each other, and fate opposes your connection.

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