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The enchantment on the nails — love affair

Pieces of nails — is a biological material, so the magic bewitching rituals in which it is used, are of great strength. Conventionally, this material can be considered a conductor for magical effects, so any love spell on the nails carries with it a certain danger. In the love spells can be used pieces of nails, both directly to the victim, and the artist.

The person whose nails are used in the ritual, and is most at risk.

The enchantment on the nails - love affair

The best time for carrying out the bewitching rite with the use of nail pieces is the period of the growing moon. Rituals with the use of pieces of nails of a person who is planned to be bewitch, are complex, primarily because it is rather difficult to get this biological material.

You can perform rituals on the basis of your own nails, but in this case, the love spell is less effective.

A strong love spell on the nails is held in the new moon. It gives a very fast result and quite simple in execution. The main difficulty is to get the nails of a loved one.

And in this matter it is difficult to advise anything, in each case it is necessary to show ingenuity.

The ritual is held in solitude in a separate room. Moreover, for greater efficiency, it is better to conduct the ceremony at a time when there will be no one in the house except for you, including pets.

To improve the magical conductivity in the room, you can perform any cleansing rite. Own energetic force can be increased if you observe fasting during the day before the rite.

Alone, you need to light a candle and turn off artificial lighting. Some time to sit in absolute silence and focus on thoughts of a loved one.

Then you need to take a red scarf and wrap the nails in it. Red color symbolizes passionate love, so you cannot use a scarf of a different color.

After that, you need to press the package to the chest and say these words with deep feeling:

After pronouncing the words, you need to tie a scarf in the form of a knot and hide it in a place inaccessible to others. Soon after the ritual, fate will develop in such a way that you will be with your chosen one.

But, if after a certain time in your relationship comes cooling, you should get the conspired nodule and press it to your chest for a while. After this, the magic attribute must be hidden again in a hiding place.

Of course, in order for the spell to retain its effect for a long time it is necessary to keep secret the fact of the ceremony.

The enchantment on the nails - love affair

The love spell on their own nails involves the grinding of natural material before the spelling of his special magic words. Subsequently, the powder should be added to the food or drink of the bewitched person. For a strong love spell, you need to use a piece of the nail with your left foot.

During its grinding it is necessary to say the following words:

You can use for the ceremony and nail pieces of the little fingers of the hands. In this case, the plot when rubbing nails may sound as follows.

It is important to pronounce the words of the conspiracy with a light feeling on the soul. If you can not get rid of melancholy at the time of the ceremony, the ceremony will not be effective.

Any privet ceremony with the use of nails should be carried out only if you sincerely love a person. You can’t doubt your feelings for a minute and the ritual should be performed only if you are ready to live the rest of your life with your chosen one.

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