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Symptoms of love spell in men and women

Symptoms of love spells in men and women

Love spell is a powerful energy impact on the human biofield through magical rituals and rituals. It is love-bewitching that can cause sympathy, bind a person to itself, and turn unrequited love into mutual love.

But there is another side to the bewitching rituals, when they cause significant harm to a person (the object of love spell), thereby causing psychological and physiological problems.

What signs indicate that magical acts were performed on a man’s mind?

Symptoms of love spell in men and women

Outwardly, the binding may not appear immediately. And the object of the love spell itself for many years may not suspect about its extraordinary attraction to the woman.

However, individual signs still allow to reveal the spell.

Psychological signs

  • A man can be pursued by a constant feeling of fear, indecision in decision-making, isolation, isolation from the outside world. It is advisable to talk about such manifestations when previously these features were not inherent in a person;
  • passionate passion for the object of love, for the one who was the performer of a love spell. A man is experiencing an irresistible craving for his beloved woman, cannot find a place for himself at a distance, but he will also feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied with her. If a married man is tied to a young girl, his mistress, in this case he will gradually lose touch with his legal wife, both spiritual and sexual. The problems of his family are of little concern, indifference arises in relation to his spouse, he ignores all requests and forms of manifestation of feelings. The questions asked reacts aggressively and irritably. If there are children in the marriage, the father feels cold indifference to them;
  • attached men respond to criticism with criticism, others are treated with caution and suspicion;
  • responsible decisions are taken unconsciously and spontaneously, even those that go against his well-being.

Physical signs of love spells

  • the object of the binding becomes sentimental, naive, immature infantilism appears, with drastic mood swings;
  • bewitched can be plagued by insomnia, poor appetite, fatigue, high blood pressure, unreasonable sweating, prolonged depression, obsessive states.

The most serious tendencies are tendencies to suicidal behavior and alcoholism. Tied men are vulnerable and vulnerable to everything, as they have a magical seal.

In part, men do not feel the magical effect on themselves, they continue to trust their feelings, taking it as a natural, natural phenomenon.

The victim of a love spell as if hovers in the clouds, in a state of euphoria, evokes a feeling of pity and sinks into self-flagellation. His mood is chaotic, he is not able to control and restrain his emotions.

There are cases when tying a man to her, a woman suffers no less than the victim. One of the obvious and acute problems of such a family is the inability to conceive and give birth to a healthy child.

And attempts at pregnancy can end with failures, abortions, missed abortion.

As you can see, the consequences of the love spell are very insidious and disastrous. Before asking questions of magical influences, think a hundred times, weigh all the pros and cons: is it worth forcing yourself to bind to yourself a person whose heart may be owned by another? Remember the proverb:

Symptoms of love spell in men and women

Diagnosis of love spell with church candles

For the ceremony you need a silverware (a ring or a crucifix) and a candle bought in the temple. A lit candle should be placed in the right hand of the bewitched, and silver in the left.

The candle is held in the solar plexus area, closer to the heart.

Close your eyes, move away from extraneous thoughts for a couple of minutes. If at this time the candle begins to change direction, crackle, flare up with a bright flame, smoke, black wax will appear on it, a sign that the person has been tied.

It happens that an object of a love spell does not want any manipulations to be performed on it, be it a spouse, lover or healer, it avoids diagnosis in every way and denies the presence of a magical seal.

In this case, the ceremony can be held independently, it is enough to have a photo of a man.

Symptoms of love spell in men and women

Egg Diagnosis

Prepare a photograph of a man, church water taken in a church on an Orthodox holiday or on a man’s day, and a raw egg. Perform circular motion on the photo.

Thus, the egg will absorb the necessary information about the person.

Then, above the tank with water, break the egg and carefully examine the contents of the protein and yolk. If there is a magical intervention, the yolk will disperse, and the protein will curl up into flagella and spirals around the yolk.

If there is a love spell, it should be removed immediately, because the aura, the human biofield is in captivity of its own emotions and feelings. Man does not live, but exists, losing faith in himself and his strength.

Relationships built on sorcery are unpromising, destructive and imbalance, both in the life of the love spell and its purpose.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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