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Strong white love spell at home

How to make a really strong spell at home by yourself? Very young women and mature women, who dream of bewitching their beloved oneself, are very often asked about this.

After all, when you love, you want your loved one not only to temporarily pay attention to you, but to be strongly and for a long time (preferably forever) attached to you.

But it should be understood that a powerful love spell is a very big responsibility. If you suddenly become disappointed in your beloved, and your feelings cool down, then you can not just break the relationship.

Therefore, the thoughtless use of strong magic will make both you and him miserable. That is, you can only use a strong spell when you are completely confident in your feelings and your intentions to be sincere with your chosen one.

For a love spell at home, it is better to use the rites of white magic, which can not harm. But, nevertheless, you should know that the energy message during a magical ritual takes a lot of power.

Therefore, the next day, the person performing the rite, feeling much worse. Therefore, you need to pre-plan a day for rest and recuperation.

You can make a very strong spell by yourself with the help of your handkerchief. In addition to it, another attribute is used in the rite — a white candle. You only need to take the handkerchief that you used when crying because your loved one doesn’t pay attention to you or cheat on you.

For the ceremony it is necessary to retire in a separate room, and to burn the scarf completely, with which you wiped away tears, setting it on fire from the flame of a white candle. When the scarf only lights up, it should be put on a white saucer.

Looking at him seven times repeat the following magic words:

The strength of such an impact largely depends on how many tears your handkerchief soaked in, as well as on how long ago you cried the last time. Especially strong will love spell for fresh tears.

But remember that these should be sincere tears of love, and not artificially caused, for example, with the help of a bow.

No less strong action is different spell on the threshold. This is a very strong spell, but you can only use it if you know exactly where your beloved lives.

At midnight, come to his door and bring a glass of water with you.

Spray water on the threshold and quietly repeat:

When you sprinkle all the water, quickly leave and do not turn around. It is advisable that your chosen one be the first to cross the threshold in the morning, otherwise the action of the love spell will be greatly weakened.

There is another ritual that is associated with the threshold of a loved one’s house. For this ceremony you will need an old broom, which you used repeatedly in your own house.

From it you need to pull out two rods and after sunset you can begin to spend the love spell at home. It is necessary to take pre-prepared twigs from a broom and concentrate on thoughts of your beloved. It is very important to try to visualize his image.

It should be remembered all his attractive character traits, in this case, you can even slightly exaggerate.

Imagine him in the form of a real prince, with whom you will always be near easy and comfortable. Also fantasize and imagine the feelings that you want to awaken in him towards you.

You should not hurry, the better you do this stage of the ceremony, the more effective will be the love spell.

Then, in absolute silence, it is necessary to read the well-known “Our Father’s Prayer” three times, and after each reading it is necessary to repeat the name of a loved one with tenderness. At midnight of the same day, both twigs should be attributed to the threshold of the chosen one’s house, near which they should be placed so that the loved one at the time of leaving the house must cross them.

Strong white love spell at home

There is a love spell of white magic, which contains an appeal to light forces. This greatly increases its effectiveness.

In it the drink speaks. For the ceremony, you can take any non-alcoholic drink, which after the ritual should be given to drink to the bewitched person in a warm form.

Drinks start talking in these words:

This rite requires great energy effort. During conspiracy a maximum concentration is required. The conspired drink chosen must drink before midnight.

This love spell is optimal for restoring feelings that have cooled slightly in the process of a long family life.

A home spell performed independently is considered a very powerful way to bring a loved one into life and build a relationship of trust. The result of the ceremony can be expected in the coming days after the ritual. But at the same time, it should be remembered that a person who has an inner liking for you will have a spell faster.

Otherwise, you will need to wait a bit and try to be seen more often by your beloved one.

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