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Strong razorka on husband and wife — how not to harm?

Spreading between husband and wife — 3 powerful ways to cool

A love triangle in a relationship is a very common phenomenon. Often, the stumbling block in this triangle is a man, for whose attention two women are fighting.

Often this man is married, and his mistress has resorted to various tricks to take him away from his lawful spouse. Many separated women, for example, turn to magic to help them achieve their insidious goal.

For separation are used the rites of the collar, including rassorka on husband and wife.

Differences rassorki from the cuff

Rassorka — this is one of the rituals of love turning magic. Raszorka and the top in something similar, but act completely differently. Both ceremonies are more often done in a decreasing month, both are used by those who are separate from them mainly with two intentions:

  • to get the love and attention of a loved one, taking him from his wife;
  • out of hate, revenge or envy, when someone else’s happiness does not allow you to live and breathe peacefully.

The flap has much more power than the rasorka. If the task of the cuff is to separate two people with a complete break of all ties between them, then the rassorka pursues a slightly different goal.

The ritual is performed so that quarrels and scandals begin regularly in the family that make the life of the spouses intolerable.

Strong razorka on husband and wife - how not to harm?

Features and principles of the ritual

The rite only poisons the coexistence of two people, but does not lead to a break. Conflict conflicts often lead to a rupture and the destruction of relations, when the spouses under their influence get very tired of each other and decide that they will live apart and leave for both of them the best solution in this situation.

Thus, razorka between spouses can potentially lead to the divorce process, but this is not always the case. Husband and wife can violently quarrel and quarrel with each other, and then — just as violently put up.

Some spouses live like this all their lives, and this kind of passion in the family only strengthens their relationship, does not let them get bored.

Mistresses who decide to use a razor to their lover and his legitimate wife should also know that this top is a means of black magic. And this means that no one will ever give you a full guarantee that its implementation will not result in a number of negative consequences — first of all, for the performer herself.

It’s one thing if spouses fall under the influence of the ritual, whose relationships in the family have long outlived themselves and keep only in the habit, in this case the side effects should be minimal. Another thing, if using the rite of trying to destroy the family strong and happy, with loving each other spouses.

The consequences of the ceremony can be the most unpredictable and terrible here.

Methods of rassorki for self use

I will give several types of ritual razorki on husband and wife. In no case should they be regarded as a call to action and interference in the fate of strangers (even if one of them is very dear and loved with all his heart, but loves the other woman and is happy with her).

The above rassorki techniques for a husband and wife are given for purely informational purposes.

Simple rite on a broom

The key place here is the conspiracy plot. It can be read every time you sweep the floor with a broom. The words are:

“Like dirt and garbage I sweep out of the house, they also leave at God’s servant’s (husband’s name) all thoughts and thoughts about God’s servant (wife’s name). They will not live together peacefully, they will not know their happiness, now they will be offended and swear.


All the garbage that will remain after sweeping should be collected, immediately taken out of the house and thrown away.

At the crossroads

The ritual is held at dawn, at the crossroads of four roads. It is not desirable that someone saw you at this moment, so choose a deserted place.

You should also take 4 coins of the same value with you.

Strong razorka on husband and wife - how not to harm?

Stand exactly in the center of the intersection and read the plot on each of the 4 sides once. The words are as follows:

“As the roads do not converge, so the servants of God (names of spouses) never be together Shout at them and swear, and not put up, and scatter in different directions.

My word is law. Amen».

After each spelling of the plot, throw the coin in the direction in which the words were read. As you finish, walk away from the intersection without turning around.

Salt is often used in various negative rituals. With its help, you can embroil a husband with his wife.

Strong razorka on husband and wife - how not to harm?

To do this, the salt speaks with the help of the text given below and pours under the door to the spouses, in whose relations it is necessary to cause discord. You can also pour it into the pockets of the husband (if there is such an opportunity), pour it inside some gift and present it to the future owner.

The point is that she must certainly get into the house where the husband and wife live.

“I will leave the mouse path. I will arise, the idol, before you.

Idol-idol, yours where is the idol? Your idol is there.

He does not wait for you, but curses him, closes the door to the lock, does not allow him to the threshold, does not answer the window, does not spread the bed and does not set the table. So would God’s servant (husband’s name) God’s servant (wife’s name) she didn’t let him in, didn’t spread the bed to him, didn’t set the table, didn’t embrace white by the neck, didn’t love and didn’t accept.

He would be persecuted both in word and deed, and in my fierce chapel. Lipney, my words, licky, my deeds, like foliage sticking foliage to a naked body, like a bath broom.

Amen, Amen, Amen. ”

See one more strong ritual in the video:

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