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Strong prisuha on the guy

Prisuha to the strong love of a guy

Relationships between people are complex and unpredictable, especially when it comes to the sphere of love. Often here everything goes wrong, as we wish. From the pangs of heart medicine, medicine, alas, did not come up with.

But to cope with this problem under the power of magic. And many girls do so, resorting to the help of love spells, prisuh and other magical rituals operating in the field of affairs of the heart.

In this article I want to stop on the prisukhs.

What is prisushka?

Any action that you want to bring to life, requires prior reflection. You must clearly understand what you are doing, and magic is no exception.

The same applies to prisushka (or prisukhi).

Strong prisuha on the guy

Most girls probably think that prushka is a synonym for a love spell. In fact, these two rituals — prushka and spell — are completely different.

If the love spell implies getting the victim’s attention to the customer, then prushka imposes completely alien feelings and emotions into the victim’s energy.

Love spells can be white and black, but prisushka is a magical rite from the arsenal of black village magic. Only witches and warlocks practice prisuha.

In its effect, prisuha is close to damage, it is a special kind of it. If the goal of ordinary damage is to punish the victim by forcing her to “dry for something”, then the purpose of the dry land is almost the same — to force her object to “dry up without someone”, “to dry on someone”.

Moreover, an improperly made prisushka is transformed into standard damage, the consequences of which can be the most terrible and unpredictable.

Therefore, I beg you: if you decide to make yourself a landing on a guy, think about this step a hundred times. And even more so do not make a little mistress out of curiosity, out of a desire to check whether it works or not, this will not get away with you: you will get such a rollback that you will have to pay the rest of your life.

What to consider when making prisushka?

In terms of the power of impact, there are weak (light) and strong (heavy) impacts. If you still decide to perform this ritual, and it is, indeed, vital in your case, then I recommend to start your magical experiences with weak ones in the landings — this will minimize undesirable effects.. Predicting exactly how prisushka will work is very difficult, and it is almost impossible to rid the victim of her action.

Landing like a love spell, which can not be removed.

Strong prisuha on the guy

There are many varieties of this ritual. A pod can be made on a photograph, on a drink or meal, on the personal belongings of the victim, etc. You can also “dry” a person at a distance, but for this you need to have very strong energy.

In any case, you must strictly adhere to the instructions of the rite, read the spell without hesitation (or rather learn it by heart) and firmly believe in the desired result.

How to make a duck on a guy by yourself?

I have already warned you about the negative consequences and possible payback for your witchcraft acts. I will cite a few “recipes” of prisukh, which you can implement yourself.

But contact them only if you are definitely confident that without magic your problem on the love front cannot be resolved, and the consequences do not frighten you.

Method number 1 — charge a photo

For the implementation of the ceremony you will need picture of a loved one, good quality. On it, he must be imprinted in full growth, or his eyes must be clearly visible. Cook also 3 candles and clock to control time.

Spend the ritual at midnight, while the phase of the moon is not significant.

Turn off all light sources, get rid of excess noise and everything that can prevent you. Light candles, take a photo of a loved one in your hands and begin to charge it with your love: intently, preferably — without blinking, look at the photo, send all your love to your chosen one. Action is performed for 13 minutes, then read the spell:

«Like the moon in heaven is eternal,

So love to (guy’s name) will be infinite.

I ask for help, I beg you

In infirmity, I suffer without it.

Feelings dry, but at will,

Do not wander in order to a heavy share.

Photo is going to make love

And not a love red blood.

How sweet will wake up at dawn —

Immediately feel all these feelings.

Let it be so. Amen — 3 times«.

Again, look closely at the image of a loved one, giving him your love. Then extinguish the candles and discard the ends.

Love your chosen one further.

The prisuha will work if it is really sent to you by fate, and you must be together. Well, if this person is not yours, instead of the result, you will get mental distress that you will have to endure.

Method number 2 — cause the love of a guy

To arouse love from the desired guy, bite your tongue lightly with the following words:

«I bite myself, a servant of God (guy’s name) I attach to myself. Let the servant of God (guy’s name) he is bored, he does not know the rest from longing either on a bright day or a dark night, let him think everything about me.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!»

Method number 3 — treat sweet sweet

Strong prisuha on the guy

The prisuha is very simple, but effective. You will need candy.

She needs to treat her boyfriend. The prerequisite is to eat the treat he needs before your eyes. While he is eating this candy, mentally speak the following plot 3 times:

“As candy is sweet and sweet, let me like you too.”

After you cast the spell for the third time, add the word “Amen” at the end (it is not necessary for the first 2 times).

After some time, the ceremony can be repeated if you feel that love is waning.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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