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Strong cuff from rival

Strong lapel rival to return her husband to the family

The lapel of the opponent will help get rid of the inappropriateness of your husband’s passion. Or eliminate rival on the way to the heart of her lover.

This is not about harm to someone’s health — just your chosen one will no longer notice the opponent.

What is a cuff?

Lapel or “rassorka” — a magical rite, which is held on the waning moon. It is during this period of time that the lunar energy is most of all aimed at destruction, therefore, it will help to remove the love affair between a man and your rival.

After the lapel rite, a man may experience the following feelings towards your rival:

  • Serious anger — it will be so strong that he can not control his emotions
  • Hatred — occurs if a man loved a rival before the lapel ritual
  • Indifference — occurs when the standard lapel of the opponent, to which the man had the usual interest, without any strong feelings
  • Dislike — manifested if the girl herself takes the initiative and tries to get close to your chosen one

The more negative feelings you have for your rival, the stronger the lapel will be. And indifference, hostility and hatred in the soul of a man will begin to mature gradually, after performing a magical rite.

The result will be the complete destruction of the relationship between a man and his current passion — their union will not endure the oppression of quarrels and conflicts, partners will begin to hate each other.

Lapels are divided into three types:

  • By photo
  • for food or drinks
  • lapel of sex life

Next, let’s talk about how to make a strong cuff from the opponent.

Types of cuffs

In total there are three types of cuffs that help get rid of the opponent. Briefly consider each.

Lapel for the return of her husband to the family

This magical rite is performed by wives who wish to return an unfaithful husband to the family and turn away from their mistress. But you need to take into account such a nuance — if the mistress previously performed a spell on her husband, the ceremony will not work.

First you need to neutralize the effect of the love spell.

If the husband fell in love “on his own initiative” and no magical manipulations were done for this, the lapel will act immediately.

«Preventive» love spell

This rite is used if you suspect that some girl intends to lead away your man. He still does not show reciprocal sympathy, but you want to protect the relationship in advance.

With the help of the cuff of the alleged rival, you can ensure that the beloved man does not look at the separated woman.

Husband’s cuff from wife

This is the most negative version of the cuff, which is used by mistresses, intending to take someone else’s husband from the family and bind to him.

Worth caution: such a lapel has extremely negative consequences. Relationships built on another’s misfortune are unlikely to be happy and harmonious.

Both will suffer — and the former lover, and a flipped man.

The only case where such a lapel will not bring negative consequences: if a man was unhappy in marriage with his wife and himself dreamed of getting rid of her.

Proven ways lapel husband from mistresses

We will tell about the cuffs, which help to avoid adultery or return the unfaithful husband to the family, quarreling with his mistress.

Lapel for food

The food you feed your husband with is a powerful tool for influencing his emotional state and thoughts. Not for nothing, many Vedic psychologists say: there is a direct connection with the mood in which the wife cooks food — this directly affects the well-being and success of the husband.

Therefore, the turn on the food is very effective and powerful.

To talk food and turn away her husband from his mistress, cook his favorite, most delicious dishes for three days. When you salt and pepper delicacies, sentence the following text:

Strong cuff from rival

Important: seasonings should be added more than usual. Be sure to feed your husband with cooked dishes and wait for the action of the lapel.

It usually takes effect on the fourth day after the husband tastes the last of the conspiracy dishes.

Black thread collar

This lapel will help in the event that the matter has not yet reached the physical betrayal of her husband, but he has already begun to look into another woman, care for her and give signs of attention.

You will need a needle, a black thread and the husband’s underwear.

Wait until midnight, insert the thread in the needle and sew the husband’s underwear so that he does not notice the difference. When sewing, pronounce the words of the collar plot:

Strong cuff from rival

It is very important for a man to wear conspiratorial underwear. The more often he will do this, the faster he will turn away from his rival.

To fix the effect of the lapel can be done by making a love spell on yourself — then no one who is different will be able to destroy your family.

Watch the video about the cuffs from the opponent:

Cemetery lapel

Despite the terrible name of the rite, to make it quite simple. You need to collect a handful of earth in the cemetery.

Wait until midnight, take the prepared earth in your hands and say the magic words:

Strong cuff from rival

The land must be scattered in a place where both the spouse and your potential casualty will pass exactly at least once. The ceremony will take effect precisely when they step over the place where the ground is scattered.

Very important: keep your intention to make a lapel in strict confidence. No one should know that you want to return the faithful to the family with the help of magic.

Otherwise, a magical ritual may not work, and you will receive a lot of criticism and condemnation, which will prevent you from properly tuning.

It is better to memorize the words of the collar plots in order to pronounce them clearly, confidently and without the slightest hesitation at the right moment.

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