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Spreading salt and pepper

Salt management

I will tell you that spilled salt leads to a quarrel, everyone has heard. Salt well conveys negative energy and therefore often acts as a component of various magical rites.

For example, you can make a strong rassorka on salt.

Spreading salt and pepper

Distinctive features of rassorok

Spacing is called a magical effect, which aims to impose swearing, quarrels, discord, which ultimately should lead to a complete rupture in the relationship between people.

Why do people resort to rassorka? As a rule, this decision may be due to several reasons:

  • Maintain relationships that began to crumble due to adultery partner: most often practiced in families;
  • jealousy: people tend to envy other people’s happy relationships;
  • revenge: usually people who are abandoned or rejected;
  • unrequited love.

The listed reasons are directly related to heart issues. However, rassorka applies not only in the field of feelings and emotions.

It is often used in order to discredit the relationship of people connected by a common cause (business) or friendship.

The principle of the ceremony is based on the elimination of all positive emotions from the relationship. They are replaced by the energy of conflict, with the result that controversial and unresolved issues flare up with a new force.

Victims of the rite will simply lose the ability to negotiate with each other, and will only constantly blame each other.

Spreading salt and pepper

Salt out on the salt is carried out on the waning moon (so that relations would deteriorate as the night star shrinks). The best days for performing the ritual are Tuesday and Saturday. There are several kinds of rassorok:

  • absolute — leads to a complete disorder in the relationship, without a single chance of recovery;
  • fast — gives instant results;
  • short term — the action is designed for a short period of time, so the ritual requires regular updates.

The advantage of these rituals lies in the fact that it is performed quite easily, does not require any special magic skills, and always acts effectively. Often in this ritual pepper acts as a pair of salt.

Some effective ways

Easy way

The described ritual is simple, but its effectiveness does not suffer from it. For its realization only a handful of salt will be needed, or you can replace it with cemetery soil — the rite will be effective in any case.

Throw salt (it should be done imperceptibly) under the door of the victim (s) rite. Speak while conspiring:

“As this salt cannot be gathered together, neither will you ever be together. Quarrel, swear, fight! Let it be so!»

To eliminate the rival

The ritual is intended for a wife whose husband found a mistress on the side. To implement it will require a handful of salt.

A wife should take a handful of salt in her palm and speak it with the following words: “As salty and unpleasant salt, let it be God’s servant (name of mistress) will be unpleasant to God’s servant (husband’s name). To quarrel they cursed, met each other less and less.

And if they met, they were offended at each other, and so they parted. Let it be so!»

Read conspiracy rassorku 3 times. Conspired with salt, salt and dosalivat dishes intended for the spouse.

The more — the better, only it is very important not to overdo it, so that the husband does not refuse to eat at all.

Salt and pepper

Used to cause discord in a married couple or between two lovers. Used in the rite ordinary black pepper (ground) and rock salt.

Spreading salt and pepper

Salt and pepper should be poured into one package and mixed thoroughly — so that nothing will wake up (otherwise, the ceremony can act in relation to the performer). Having mixed seasonings, it is necessary to open a package and draw two crosses, representing at the same time those people whom it is necessary to embroil, and reading the plot:

“How salty is this salt and bitter pepper, let life be the same salty and bitter (the names of the victims)”.

The mixture is crumbling crosswise on the threshold of a married couple or in love, or in the place where at least one of them is constantly (they must step over it). In the process of scattering the plot is repeated.

Black rassorka on salt

The rite belongs to the arsenal of black magic and requires repurchase. He aims to embroil his comrades, colleagues or business partners.

You can also apply to lovers and families.

The salt begins to speak at midnight, and the window must be open. Conspiracy words:

“Damn it comes, and love goes. Friendship night takes and cold in return leaves.

Come, hell, fulfill my wish! I will pay and pay, as desired I will receive! ”

Salt should be poured on a strip in the place where there are victims of the ceremony. This should be done so that they are on different sides of it.

You can pour it on the threshold, and when people begin to leave the premises, to detain one of the victims under some pretext. When the salt turns out to be between those whose relationships need to be broken up, say to yourself: “It is finished!”

When the goal is achieved, and the relationship of people completely spoiled, you should give the impure force something. To do this, give a beggar (in the subway, for example) some money with the words: “Tell me, I promised!” As soon as he takes the money, turn away and leave, saying “Paid!” It is impossible to forget about the buy-off in any way, otherwise you risk a misfortune.

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