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Spell on monthly self and its consequences

Love spell for monthly blood and its consequences

Magic rituals with the use of blood are reputed to be among the most powerful and effective. The love spell on monthly blood has always been popular with women.

As my practice and reviews show, they achieve good results.

Monthly love spell specifics

Conspiracy on menstrual blood refers to the rites of a powerful action and is considered one of the most dangerous, since, in general, has a negative effect on a man and can give a strong return flow. It is very difficult to remove its impact — only experienced craftsmen cope with this task.

Spell on monthly self and its consequences

Love spell is characterized by its own specific features that distinguish it from other varieties of love magic:

  • the effect of this ritual applies only to the male;
  • the dominant aspect of relationships built on the basis of the ritual of monthly blood is the sexual component, that is, in fact, relations are held only on sex and passion, love and feelings fade into the background, and sometimes they do not exist at all;
  • love ceremony for menstrual blood has a short period of action (1-2 months), it must be regularly updated to feed the strength;
  • the ritual has an instant effect — the first results will be noticeable as soon as the day after it has been performed;
  • a man who has fallen prey to a conspiracy for monthly blood will be sexually attracted only to the customer of the rite, he cannot have intimate relations with other women;
  • love spell with the use of menstrual blood turns around after some time of damage, if the victim, for any reason, can not enter into a sexual relationship with the customer of the ritual.

Women who decide to tie the desired man should know that for this purpose you can use only your own blood. Only blood collected on the second or third day of menstruation has magical properties, and blood is useless from the first and last day of menstruation.

The power of conspiracy on menstruation will increase many times, if you read it in the dark, ideally — at night!

If the love spell turns into damage, not only the bewitched will suffer from it. And the customer herself will receive a strong rollback — it will not be possible to avoid him.

Consequences of love spell for men and women

Monthly blood ritual refers to black magic, therefore, the negative consequences of it are inevitable, and initially they will affect exactly the bewitched man.

First of all, the health of the bewitched man suffers. Premature aging, mysterious diseases in which traditional medicine is impotent, problems of an intimate nature (impotence), lack of vital energy — these are all the resulting «charms» of a love ceremony with menstrual blood.

Changing the behavior of the victim of the ritual. He becomes inadequate and aggressive, often does not give an account of his actions and deeds.

The bewitched customer of a ritual begins to be terribly jealous, and often to hate — this is how his opposition to ritual at the subconscious level manifests itself.

Spell on monthly self and its consequences

Quite often the object of a love spell becomes dependent on addiction, becomes an alcoholic or a drug addict. However, he is unable to clearly explain what caused the addiction, and he cannot overcome this bondage either.

Side effects will affect the customer of the ritual, especially if the love spell will roll back. Not only will her health be affected — the consequences will affect all spheres of her life.

The worst thing that can happen is the transformation of a love spell into a generic curse, from which all subsequent generations of descendants will suffer.

I strongly advise you to start your magical experiments with a love spell for menstrual blood, if you do not want to expose yourself and your desired man to a huge, and often unjustified, risk. Ritual with the use of monthly blood should be an extreme solution to the situation, and entrust its implementation is best professional.

Otherwise, then you will bitterly regret what has been done, except that you cannot change anything.

How to make a spell on monthly?

Method number 1 — for food

This love spell provides for adding blood to the food intended for your chosen one (a few drops are enough). Make sure that the dish will certainly be delicious — it is necessary that the pious eat it with appetite and ask for supplements. When adding blood, read the plot:

“My blood is gone, I don’t need it anymore. And need my dear and beloved, God’s servant (name of the chosen one)«.

Love spell is characterized by great strength and instant effect.

Method number 2 — on red wine

Spell on monthly self and its consequences

The task of the ritual is to arouse passion on the part of the chosen one. Add a few drops of your menstrual blood in a glass of red wine and treat them to the desired man. When adding blood, do not forget to pronounce the words:

«As this blood was in me, so are you to me.»

The first results should appear within a few hours.

Method number 3 — without conspiracy

The advantage of this love spell is the absence of a conspiracy. You will need a piece of white tissue (preferably x / b), on which you will need to drop a little of your menstrual blood. The shred is dried and ignited.

Ash should be collected and gradually add it to the coffee of his chosen one. You will see the results almost immediately.

Method number 4 — at a distance

The ritual is suitable for those cases when a man left you, and you want to return it. Before you go to bed, put a drop of blood on your forehead and think about your beloved for 15 minutes.

It is very important to tune in to positive thoughts. Then say the words:

«Like blood on me, so are you with me.»

Rite of passage certainly spend 3 days in a row, without interruption. If you do everything right, the first results will appear in 7 days.

This love spell is considered very powerful.

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