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Spell on monthly blood in the distance using a photo of a loved one

Working methods of love spell at a distance of monthly

Professional magicians claim that the love spell for menstruation at a distance is one of the most powerful ways to manipulate a man. After a ceremony, you can cause a man to be completely dependent on his own desires for a long time.

It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, when deciding to use this rite. According to the healers, despite all the strength, the effect is removed during the first birth.

Therefore, if by this time it was not possible to awaken the natural love of a man, then the woman is abandoned, or her relationship with a man changes to a great extent.

Spell on monthly blood in the distance using a photo of a loved one

Love spell for menstruation at a distance often involves the use of a photograph of a loved one. Through the image of a person in the picture, you can use magic to establish a strong energy connection with a person. The main condition for success is a complete concentration on feelings towards a person.

The preparatory stage is to find the right snapshot of your loved one. It should be understood that the love spell for monthly blood in the distance will be more effective if the picture is fresh.

In addition, you should prepare:

  • Fourteen candles;
  • Wooden spoon;
  • Cooking salt in the amount of seven teaspoons;
  • Three-liter pot;
  • Seven drops of menstrual blood.

The ritual is held in the bathroom with a wash basin during the rising moon. The best time for the ceremony is late night.

It is also very important to take care that during the magical action you are not distracted by any extraneous sounds. Therefore, it is necessary to close all the windows and close the bathroom door tightly. Initially, in the kitchen and bathroom should be placed in a random order of 7 candles.

In addition, in the bathroom above the sink above the eye level, you should attach a photo of your loved one.

The preparatory stage of the ceremony is held in the kitchen. In a three-liter saucepan, water is boiled, salt is added to it, and the solution is thoroughly mixed with a wooden spoon. The mixing process should continue for exactly seven minutes.

At this time, you need to concentrate as much as possible on the image of your loved one and try to visualize it. After that, the ready-for-ceremony solution must be transferred to the bathroom and poured into the sink, previously closed with a stopper.

Then there should also add the menstrual blood.

After that, you need to go to the sink and put your hands together, lower them into the solution. Further, intently looking into the eyes of the person depicted in the photo, you need to introduce yourself with him.

In this case, it is desirable to mentally draw a love scene and get pleasure from it. Thought wishes should be voiced in words. You can wish your beloved not to pay attention to other women and be faithful only to you.

As soon as you feel that you have entered a state of light trance, the ceremony should be stopped. After that, you can drain the water and stand for a few minutes near the sink, thinking about your beloved.

At the end of the ritual, the washbasin is rinsed with clean running water, and the candles are thrown away.

Spell on monthly blood in the distance using a photo of a loved one

Another photography ritual also has a strong effect on a person from a distance. This love spell for monthly blood at a distance involves the use of monthly blood, which is collected immediately before the ritual at night.

The rite itself can be conducted in any moon phase.

The ritual is held in a separate room, in the center of which a table is set. From the room should be removed all electronic devices, as well as any church attributes. Strengthen the effect of the ceremony can be a flame burning during the ceremony, so if there is a fireplace or stove, then you need to kindle them.

In the center of the table should put a black candle, which will need to be lit at three in the morning. Next to her put a picture of the chosen one, a thick sewing needle or awl, as well as a container with collected menstrual blood.

Around the table you need to draw a chalk circle and sit facing south. Next you need to take a photo of the chosen one in full growth and closely look at it. It should be imagined that the loved one is completely in your power.

After that, you need to dip the needle or the awl into the menstrual blood and pierce the image in the genital area. In this case, you can express your wishes in verbal form.

That is, a special conspiracy in the rite is not used, but the magic words, uttered in an arbitrary form, greatly enhance the impact on a loved one.

At the same time imagine that with such an action you remove all possible rivals from his life. Your abilities are very important in this ritual, that is, how accurately you can fulfill the energy message. The needle should be left stuck in the photo.

If the needle is broken during the process of performing magical acts, the rite should be stopped.

After that you need to take 100 grams of vodka, first putting there:

  • Horseradish root, incising it in different places,
  • Five pieces of black peppercorns;
  • Three drops of monthly blood.

The mixture in the bank must be insisted in the dark and carried out under the lunar rays during the growing moon. Next to the mixture you need to store a photo with a stuck needle in a separate envelope. While the mixture will be infused, the spell will act at a distance.

Therefore, we should expect that your chosen one will soon appear on your doorstep. To consolidate the magical ritual you need to treat your loved one and quietly add a few drops of the enchanted mixture to the food.

During life together, it will need to do periodicity, but the main thing will take care that your loved one never knew that you bewitched him.

Any love spell with the use of menstrual blood requires determination and confidence in their own actions. In addition, after you bewitch a man, you should strive to build a harmonious relationship with him, awakening in him true love feelings.

Thus, it is possible to minimize the dangerous consequences that the ritual relating to the means of black magic carries with it.

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