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Simple love spells of white magic

When people are looking for simple love spells, it is implied that the magic rite is planned to be held at home. With such rituals, people with strong energetics can endear their chosen one and awaken love in his heart and, consequently, adjust their personal life.

For carrying out a love spell at home should be used exclusively rites of white magic. They are best used to strengthen the love affair between two people.

If you lead them not to the detriment of another person, the negative consequences that always exist after using magic tools will be minimal.

Simple love spells of white magic

All simple love spells are effective if they are conducted with a feeling of strong love for the person. For example, you can go in the morning to the river and wash with river water.

At the same time utter these words:

Attracting a loved one to the house or pushing him to more decisive actions can be done using simple love spells with slippers, which magic offers a great many. The next bewitching rite can be held by a single woman, tired of being alone.

In the ritual you need to use only new slippers that no one wore. Before the ceremony, new shoes should stand for three days in the corridor of your house or apartment.

After the time has elapsed, slippers are set out over the threshold, and the toe of the shoes should be sent to the house.

In the process, you need to say these words:

Slippers should stand over the night near the threshold, after which they need to be removed. Soon you will have a relationship with a man. When he comes to your house, he needs to offer shod conspiratorial slippers.

This rite does not guarantee a long relationship. The action of magic ends at the moment when a man comes to your home.

In the future, your relationship with a person will depend only on you two.

Simple love spells of white magic

It often happens that the feelings are not cold at all, but the guy leaves the girl for some incomprehensible reasons. If this happens, and your lover left the key to the apartment where you lived together, you can return it using the next magical rite. The ritual is performed at dawn during the rising moon.

For him to prepare the holy water, which must be collected in the church. First, the key must be lowered into the holy water and then removed. After that, this key you need to open and close the front door.

This action should be repeated three times.

Then you need to go or go to the nearest forest. On the way, you can not stop and talk to anyone.

It is even forbidden to cast a casual glance towards your own home. In the forest should find a male tree, for example, oak or ash.

From the eastern side of the tree on the bark with a sharp object you need to write the name of the beloved.

After that, it is necessary to cut a small branch from the tree and say the following magic words:

Next, the key should be buried under the crown of the selected tree. Above the ground you need to fall asleep with cereal, taken from home.

After that, you can leave the forest, and the cut twig you need to grab with you. In the near future, you will need to find time and throw a piece of the twigs into the clothes of your beloved, hide the rest in a secluded place in your own bedroom.

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