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Signs of love spells in men and the consequences of rituals: how to determine the behavior of the bewitched guy

How to determine the love spell in men and time to remove it?

The spell in men is quite common, as it is one of the most popular forms of black magic. Women who can not achieve the location of a loved one, go to all sorts of tricks, including seeking help from magicians.

If the sorcerer was not a charlatan, then he will not be difficult to make a strong love spell.

But to make a person fall in love against his will is impossible, therefore all sorts of magical rituals lay a strong imprint on the health, career and behavior of a man.

There are several types of magical rites. They differ in the method of conduct and strength of action:

ViewHow do
On the salt

You can perform a ritual only on the growing moon. You will need a photo, salt, cloth bag, white saucer.

At night, salt is poured into a bag.

In the morning, a small amount sprinkles on the plate in front of the photograph of the man and these words are read: "Dear (name), without me (name) you will suffer. Thoughts about me will not let you sleep, eat, drink.

Only you will suffer until you unite your destiny with mine. Let it be so!"

Words are read until a fever is felt in the palms. Salt is poured into a bag and is always worn with you. The contents of the bag must be added to your loved one once a day by a small pinch.

On a voodoo dollTo create a doll you need to prepare natural materials: wax, wood, flax, etc. From them, create a voodoo doll that looks like a chosen one. In order to establish a connection between a man and his prototype, in the manufacture of a product it is necessary to place a biomaterial in it (hair, saliva, semen, blood). Voodoo should be done exactly at midnight, reading the plot: “You are (name) alone between heaven and earth, and now exist in two forms”. After it is worth to hide the doll in a secluded place.On the blood from the fingerTake a glass of water (it is better to use the purified liquid from a filter or bottle). Pierce the ring finger of the right hand, drop a drop of blood and read: “I call with my blood (the name of a loved one). Come and worship me. Love me forever. Do not get rid of my slander, do not break my spell. Water splash on the street in the direction where the beloved personWith photo and church candleBuy two wedding candles in the church, twist them together. Put a photo of a loved one, set fire to candles at midnight and read: “I do not light candles, but the soul and heart of God’s servant (name) is for me, God’s servant (name), forever. Amen». Ritual must be performed 9 days in a row. Every day the candles should burn for 2 minutes, on day 9 they should burn out completelyFor menstrual bloodDo spell in the first three days from the beginning of a new cycle. Smear a finger in the blood of a month before bedtime and smear the forehead in the zone of the third eye, say: «Like blood on me, you are with me.» Conduct the rite three times

Independently to charm a man is almost impossible. Only a strong magician can really do this.

Before deciding on a magical ritual, you should think about the consequences several times.

Signs of love spells in men and the consequences of rituals: how to determine the behavior of the bewitched guy

After the ceremony is performed, the behavior and condition of the man will change dramatically. The victim of magic will not notice the first signs of a love spell.

A man will think that all his feelings, thoughts and desires are natural.

The first love spell is recognized by the family and friends of a young man, as there is a dramatic change in outlook, behavior, and perception, and his health often deteriorates. As soon as these symptoms are identified, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Inactivity can lead to degradation of the individual, rarely fatal.

The state of a bewitched person usually deteriorates quickly, this can be understood by the following symptoms:

  • psycho-emotional dependence on women;
  • loss of feelings for loved ones and relatives;
  • uncontrollable mood changes.

The guy does not make contact, so the social sphere of life is changing. Often this leads to:

  • loss of job;
  • divorce;
  • loss of communication with children;
  • alienation;
  • failures financially.

Calm and adequate men turn into aggressive and uncontrollable. Cheerful personalities are depressed.

Quick mood changes are in no way connected with the events.

It is not only the emotional behavior of a man that is changing, the deterioration of physical condition is often felt. Learn the spell can be on such grounds:

  • decreased libido for women, except for the spell;
  • problems with sex and lack of arousal when intimate with his wife in a married man;
  • increased dependence on alcohol or drugs;
  • the appearance of insomnia, restless sleep;
  • reduced immunity;
  • depletion of the body.

In addition to signs of a love spell, you can check the effect of magic on a person with the help of a special rite.

From the physical evidence of a love spell, women usually find strange objects with their spouse. It can be a broken needle (usually those who are separated leave such objects in the spouses’ apartment, stick into the rapids, jambs, put between window frames), a bag of salted with salt (often found under the mattress), a broken engagement ring.

Various patches, pins, and threads can be found on men’s clothes. Often, rivals present to bewitched the elements of underwear, on which conspiracies had previously been read.

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