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Signs of love spell in women and ways to diagnose

According to statistics, women are less likely than men to be affected by love spells. But, nevertheless, such cases occur, so you need to know the signs of love spell in women in order to be able to restore natural energy as soon as possible.

Since women are inherently more emotional in nature, the signs of a love spell are absolutely not difficult to notice. First of all, the symptoms of love spell in women are associated with behavior change in a social society.

Signs of love spell in women and ways to diagnose

As a rule, it varies with accuracy per revolution, namely:

  • Homebody becomes a lover of a hectic lifestyle and constantly begins to strive for noisy parties with lots of people;
  • A woman who loved a noisy pastime, begins to avoid contact with all old friends and buddies.

In addition, signs of love spells in women are manifested in aggressiveness and rigidity towards loved ones. Charmed representatives of the fair sex become indifferent to the world around them, sentimental and scattered.

Also a significant factor indicating the presence of adverse adverse effects, is the deterioration of health.

Signs of love spells often manifest in health discord. The severity of the problems depends entirely on the strength of the rite and the subconscious resistance of the victim.

Symptoms of love spell in women are manifested:

  • Headaches;
  • Insomnia;
  • Increased pressure;
  • Heart palpitations.

Signs of love spells in girls are also manifested by the development of gynecological diseases that are difficult to diagnose and can lead to infertility. Almost all love spells lead to hormonal disruptions in the body of a woman. This is manifested in the failure of the menstrual cycle, which entails the risk of other pathologies that can develop into chronic diseases.

Their peculiarity is that they are difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat using traditional medicine methods.

Very often, signs of a love spell in women and girls are manifested in the form of nervous disorders. In the behavior in general, some hysteria is manifested. Impulsive actions follow one after another.

For example, sometimes there is an unreasonable waste of money on absolutely unnecessary things. If the girl is away from the guy, then you can follow the constant night calls that indicate the state of insomnia. In a bewitched woman, with time, the sense of sanity can completely disappear and it will be oriented in the outside world only if it is based on its own emotions and forebodings.

Moreover, she herself will not notice any changes in her own behavior; all her actions will seem completely natural to her.

Mental and physical health problems lead to a deterioration in relationships with family, friends and colleagues. If a woman works, then her career begins to crumble, which leads to a deterioration in financial well-being.

Signs of love spell in women are inextricably linked with the internal burden to the man who bewitches her. In this case, she is not always recognized even to herself, especially in cases where she is bound by obligations to another man or, not wanting to destroy the family. In this case, suicidal thoughts are constantly born in the head of a woman, but they always remain unfulfilled.

This is due to the fact that the dream of a future meeting with a loved one always lives in the soul of a love spell victim. But thoughts of suicide continue to get worse and this leads to the development of chronic depression.

The described signs of a love spell are hard to miss, especially obvious for a loving person. Therefore, it is important to promptly rush to the aid of his beloved.

Namely, it is necessary to finally diagnose the love spell and turn to an experienced magician to purify the energy of his beloved.

Of course, the victim of the bewitching influence is very rarely able to realize that she was bewitched. But in a rare case, strong personalities, who by nature have a powerful energy potential, may not be suspicious.

In this case, the woman can subconsciously resist the bewitching effect, which means that she will have some time to analyze her inner feelings in combination with her changing behavior.

First of all, it will be noted:

  • Not a natural attraction to almost a stranger;
  • Sharp cooling of feelings to your loved one.

Suspect that you have undergone an energy attack, you can if you find in your lining, that is, an incomprehensible object.

It can be found in the following forms:

  • The obscure origin of the pins or candle ends in their own home;
  • Scattered poppy or ground near the threshold;
  • Needles or slivers stuck in the doorposts.

Signs of love spell in women and ways to diagnose

To determine the effect of love, you can conduct a self-test. To do this, you will need to use a church candle and your own jewelry made of pure silver.

It is necessary to retire in a separate room, for better concentration such a diagnostic ritual is best done at night.

The candle should be lit and taken in the right hand, while holding the candle should be at chest level. In the left hand you need to take the silver jewelry. In this position, with closed eyes, you need to sit quietly, not thinking about anything for about 10 minutes.

After that you need to pay attention to the behavior of the flame of a candle. If it burns smoothly and calmly, then your suspicions have no basis.

But if the flame is restless, and the burning candle smokes and melts into dark nodules, then you are bewitched.

If you suspect that your loved one is under love spells, you can diagnose with an egg. For the diagnostic rite, you need to take a photo of your beloved and, heating the egg with the warmth of your own hands, move the image for a few minutes, focusing on the image of your beloved. In the process, the egg will absorb the negative, if any.

After that, you need to carefully break the used attribute in a bowl filled with cold water. If the white and yolk are mixed, it means that your loved one is under the influence of a love spell.

It should be remembered that the spell after confirmation of its diagnosis, it is necessary to remove. And to prevent the irreversible destruction of the natural energy field, it should be done as soon as possible.

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