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Signs of love spell and their manifestation

In the modern world there is a craze for love magic. Especially popular are love spells. Therefore, it is important to know the signs of a love spell in order to get rid of the harmful external negative in a timely manner.

The thing is that only close people can help bewitched people, return to the natural state. You should know that the victim of the love spell will never ask for help, even if he is aware that her life is dictated by someone else’s will.

You should know that the spell can be induced through the lining, food or gift.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The appearance of various household items or garbage in the house or near the threshold.
  • The perseverance of a person who is trying to treat you to drink or food;
  • A very expensive gift for a fictional reason.

Needles are often used as a lining, so you should definitely look at yourself or a loved one if you find this item stuck in a door jamb or in a curtain.

Signs of love spell and their manifestation

Signs of a love spell are very peculiar, so they are hard not to notice. They can occur both independently from each other and in the complex.

The most obvious sign of a love spell is the unbridled attraction of the victim to the performer of the ceremony. In this case, love in such a attraction, as a rule, no.

A charming man, does not understand what drives his feelings, and at first can even resist this, but all attempts to resist will be unsuccessful. Over time, the victim is so afraid of losing the object of his desire that he loses his sense of self-esteem.

A person under the influence of a love spell is able to survive any humiliation and insult from the performer of the ceremony, if only he is constantly with him.

Signs of love spells can also appear with a change in appearance:

  • Some untidiness;
  • Lack of desire to follow their own appearance, which is most noticeable in women;
  • Appearance in the eyes of a specific unhealthy shine.

Talking with the victim of a love spell you can pay attention to the fact that the expressed emotions do not correspond to the subject of the conversation. For example, the discussion of someone’s misfortunes can cause an incomprehensible smile in a bewitched person, and the joyful news about someone from close people will make him frown.

People of all temperaments under the influence of a love spell become conflicted and lose their ability to compromise.

In addition, each temperament is characterized by the following behaviors:

  • For choleric person — a quick change of emotions during an argument;
  • For the sanguine person — the desire to always participate in the conflict on the side of the majority;
  • For melancholic — after participation in the dispute to go into a state of «stupor»;
  • For phlegmatic — confidence in the correctness of their own opinions and absolute unwillingness to listen to arguments as opposed to him.

If the husband was bewitched by another woman — signs of love

The wife, as the closest person, can not help but notice the symptoms of a love spell in her husband. First of all, it should be alerted that just yesterday a loving and tender husband sharply moves away from his family.

If black magic has been applied, then against the background of alienation, aggression can be manifested towards all family members, including children.

If the husband truly loves his wife, then he subconsciously begins to resist the love spell. This will cause him to become reticent and thoughtful, and will increasingly seek solitude.

This is especially striking if a person by nature has a cheerful and light character. So, the previously hospitable spouse, prevents the arrival of guests.

The spouse may note the fact that the husband feels discomfort while at home. He has no desire to do household chores, and he hangs around the house, as if the dwelling is a cage for him.

If you do not take any measures at this moment, then soon the spouse will leave to bewitch the person.

Energetically strong men do not soon decide to leave the family, because they are held back by a sense of duty. They can not objectively explain the reasons for the sudden cooling of the spouse and indifference to the recently so expensive family.

But such internal throwing can lead to the development of alcoholism or other harmful addictions.

The physiological symptoms of a love spell appear as follows:

  • Insomnia;
  • Fatigue;
  • Feeling unwell.

People who are under love spells are always experiencing an inexplicable inner fear, which often leads to depression. Periodically, self-pity arises from the lack of spiritual strength to change the situation.

People who have come under the spell have a nagging pain in the heart and a feeling of tightness in the chest immediately after the rite. In addition, against the background of constant fatigue, increased sweating.

Also, under the influence of people, there is a shaking of the nervous system. Sharp mood changes wear out so much that there is constant depression, which can cause suicidal desires.

Signs of love spell and their manifestation

Indirect signs of a love spell is a series of failures and bad luck, which are often attributed to the black vital strip. This is due to the fact that the bewitched person cannot think of anything except the object of lust.

In everyday life, the streak of bad luck is expressed:

  • Breakdown of household appliances;
  • Loss of personal items or money;
  • Accident.

An indirect sign of love affecting is the loss of interest in his hobby or hobby. Inability to concentrate on a previously favorite business can be very annoying and cause depression.

In addition, calm people under the influence of a love spell often become irritable.

On the basis of the lack of love feelings, the bewitched person often provokes discord and scandals in the family. He takes all his decisions spontaneously and does not consider it necessary to inform his family members about them.

There is a complete reluctance to find compromises in any matters.

It should be understood that a love spell always carries a strong negative component that can lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, finding signs of a love spell in a loved one, you must accurately diagnose it.

And if your assumptions are confirmed, then you need to urgently remove the love spell and restore the natural energy protection of your loved one.

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