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Sexual love spell to awaken a strong desire in men

Make a sexy love spell that only loved you want

The magic associated with the relations of the sexes is among the “mere mortals” the most popular. If you can get money, power, or revenge on your enemies, you can do it yourself, and conventional medicine will help to improve your health, then in matters of the heart everything is much more complicated.

If you do not attract another person, then it is almost impossible to change it with hard work and perseverance. Therefore, people resort in despair to various love spells to make them love themselves.

In contrast to a love affair, a sexual spell causes a person to whom he is given not sexual affection, but a sexual inclination.

Women usually choose not a love affair, but a sexual love spell in those cases when they experience not a love for a man, but only a physical inclination, cannot or do not want to marry him, because they want to revenge their rival. In addition, a man who has a strong physical passion, it is easy to subordinate to his influence and with his help to achieve their goals.

Sexual love spell to awaken a strong desire in men

Sex love spell is held during the rising moon, the optimal day of the week is Friday. For the ritual you need a photo of a loved one and two red candles.

This ceremony will be successful only if you have the opportunity to be with a man and communicate in real life.

The sequence of actions during the ritual is as follows:

  • It is necessary to stay in the house or in the apartment in complete solitude and turn off all communication devices;
  • You need to take a shower, wear clean, spacious, light-colored clothing that should not have belts or buttons and dissolve your hair;
  • Then you should light a candle, sit in front of a photo of a loved one, who you need to look at through the flame of a candle, and try to completely disconnect from real life and all domestic problems;
  • The second prepared candle should be picked up and started to be ironed, presenting the sex organ of your elect;
  • When visualizing the image of a loved one and arousing a passionate desire, you need to emotionally utter the following words:

The second part of the ritual involves the presence of a loved one. It is necessary to find a reason to invite him to visit and, under any reason, light the second candle, that is, the one you stroked with your hand during the first part of the ceremony.

This should be done in the shortest possible time in order to preserve the effectiveness of the love spell as a whole.

You can use to awaken the sexual attraction in the beloved and church candle. Such a ritual is desirable to conduct at midnight in a completely naked state with hair loose.

You must first write on the white sheet of paper the name of the chosen one.

And looking at the photo through the flame of a candle you need to say the following words:

After that, a sheet of paper with the written name should be burned above the flame of the candle, and the ashes should be dispelled from the open window with the words:

The plotted image should be put under the pillow for 7 days. After that, put away in a secluded place and never show it to anyone.

Sexual love spell to awaken a strong desire in men

Sexual love spells in which water is used as an attribute are considered very strong. Living water should be used, which is collected from a spring or well. If tap water is used in the rite, then the directional force will noticeably decrease.

A love spell with a glass of water, which is placed near your bed in the evening, is considered to be very popular.

The following words are pronounced:

At night, you need to imagine the sex scenes with your chosen one, in every way arousing sexual arousal. Some water in the morning should be sprinkled on your clothes.

The remaining water must be poured into the drink of your beloved or “accidentally” shed on it. Water is the best carrier of information, including energy.

With the correct performance of the ceremony at the elect, soon a strong attraction to you will awaken.

It should be understood that when conducting a sexual love spell, it is always of great importance to visualize the image of the beloved and sexual relations with him. It is necessary to represent everything to any trifles, you should not limit yourself in fantasies.

After all, this will significantly increase the effectiveness of the ceremony. It does not follow to induce a man’s sexual desire to use the spells of black magic.

Such ceremonies threaten health consequences if a man resists or you suddenly lose interest in him.

Most women by nature have innate abilities for magic. Therefore, many of them are able to arouse sexual interest in themselves from a man you like with the help of white magic, the rites of which will not lead to negative consequences. But it should be understood that men who have a sharp sexual desire, can behave cautiously, trying to analyze the situation.

All that is needed in this case is to give the elect to get used to the feeling that you are the only desired sexual partner for him.

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