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Sexual bind at home

Sexy binding men for photos and candles

Love magic in my practice is one of the dominant positions. Quite often, my clients are asked to bind sexually to a specific person or teach them this magical ritual.

These are either women and men who doubt the loyalty of their second halves or have already experienced adultery on the part of their marriage partner, or those who want to achieve the favor of a desired person in intimacy with him or her.

Of course, I can not refuse, if I see that a person really needs my help, and people often get it. However, sexual attachment is such a rite, which is best carried out independently, without the help of third parties.

The effectiveness of the ritual directly depends on this: conducted by one’s own hand, it will quickly give the desired, and most importantly — strong, result.

This is due to the fact that the key goal of sexual anchoring is to awaken the libido and inflame the flame of passion, and the intimate affairs should concern only two people.

The difference between sexual binding and Egilet

Sexual bind at home

There are several types of sexual love spells, the most popular of them are sexual binding and egillet. Quite often, these two concepts are confused, taking them for the same thing. However, these rites are completely different:

  1. Sexy binding — magical effect, calculated on the occurrence of sexual desire bewitching to bewitching. This does not exclude the possibility of intimate contacts with other partners. Binding purely to sex.
  2. Egillet — A powerful sexual spell that blocks the sexual function of the bewitched, as a result of which he completely loses the ability to enter into intimate relationships with everyone except the ritual customer.

Any sexual love spell is a rite from the arsenal of black magic. However, sexual binding (not Egilet!) Is considered one of the safest and harmless rituals, and sometimes very necessary. The negative effects of it are minimal.

The only condition is do sexual bindings need to be correct: not to deviate from instructions, to believe in the result, to be taken seriously.

Benefits of sexual bindings

Magic linking at the sexual level is effective from the fact that it has great potential and a number of advantages:

  • Impressive speed of action and high performance: the first fruits of the rite may appear within a few hours after its implementation);
  • Ease of procedure: to cope with the rite by virtue of even a person rather far from magic, the ritual does not require rare attributes, its methods are clear and extremely simple;
  • Validity — it can be varied depending on the wishes of the bewitching — from several hours to a year (you just need to choose the appropriate ritual);
  • Positive effect on the pair: the rite has a positive effect on both of its participants, helps to achieve all the limits of pleasure from physical intimacy.

However, with a large number of advantages, sexual attachment has at least one, but a significant drawback: it may not work for men and women who have a strong antipathy towards the customer. After all, the ritual is designed only to challenge the sexual desire, and this is very little in order to establish a long and close contact with the desired person.

How to make a sex bind yourself?

Sexual bind at home

I will give a couple of “recipes” of sexual binding, which you can easily implement at home, with your own hands. But before these I want to dwell on a few nuances to achieve maximum efficiency:

  • Conduct the rite of sex on the growing moon.
  • The best day of the week for sexual binding is Friday (the day of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty). As an option, men are bewitched on men’s days (Mon, Tue, Thu), women — on women’s days (Wed, Fri, Sat).
  • Conduct the rite in a calm and relaxed state. To do this, take a shower or bath, get rid of negative thoughts, adjust yourself to the desired mood.
  • Turn off all noise sources, eliminate all factors that can distract and interfere with the process.

Method number 1 — linked by photo

It will take: photo of the bewitched (fresh, no outsiders in the frame); church taper, a pen, paper (clean).

Conducted at bedtime. Turn off the lights, light a candle, take a piece of paper and write a spell on it:

“I go to bed, having prayed, having crossed over to all sides of the world. Do not fall asleep until dawn, longing for God’s slave (name of the chosen one) I can not strangle.

You go, my sadness is longing for God’s servant (name of the chosen one), love to him burning, passion for me hand in hand. From now on, all I thought was only about me — day and night, at the dawn of the morning and evening dawn. Amen!»

Then the sheet with the plot is set on fire from the candle. While he is burning, look at the photo of the victim of the binding and speak at the same time:

“What passed above the head, then entered the head. As fire breaks out, so will the heart of God’s servant (name of the chosen one).


Develop the ash from the window, and place the photo under your pillow for a week (7 days). After 3 months the ceremony can be repeated — for a stronger result.

Method number 2 — for couples

Sexual bind at home

It is carried out when the former passion in the relationship has disappeared. Will need one candle from church.

Light a candle late in the evening, place it at the head of the marital bed. Read 7 times plot:

“The passion within God’s servants (the names of the spouses) ignites and ignites. Sensuality and sexuality awaken.

Let drunk passion, intoxicates, dominates the mind. Let the feet of the servant of God (the name of the husband) tremble, the lips dry, the hands reach for the servant of God (the name of the wife).

May I be the biggest dream for him, the strongest desire. Amen».

The candle is left to burn out. The binding action begins immediately after the rite.

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