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Same-sex spell for gay men

In the modern world, same-sex love is not uncommon, although in the ancient world such an attitude was the privilege of only representatives of high society. Therefore, it is safe to say that same-sex spell goes back to antiquity.

If you belong to the representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation, then before conducting a same-sex love spell, be sure to find out if your chosen one or your chosen one is a supporter of same-sex love. The choice of the love spell depends on it, since this love spell for gays (lesbians) involves the use of some rituals, and for straight people — completely different ones.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that for a person with a normal sexual orientation, same-sex love spell can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. This is due primarily to the fact that this effect disrupts the very nature of man.

Mages recommend preparing in advance a straight girl and try to change his outlook.

Same-sex spell for gay men

Important! Magical words of conspiracies, modifying in their own way, can be equally used by both gays and lesbians.

Very famous, and therefore claimed is the same-sex Roman rite. For the ritual, you must first prepare the attributes.

Namely, aromatic oils:

  • Jasmine;
  • Rosemary;
  • Carnations

In addition, the rite will be used:

  • Red candle;
  • Olive oil or alcohol;
  • Fresh photo of the bewitched person.

Aromatic oils should be taken in equal quantities and mixed with alcohol or olive oil, the volume of which corresponds to the volume of the mixed aromatic oils together. The picture is soaked with the finished mixture and a red candle is smeared. Also, the performer who conducts same-sex spell, puts the mixture on the forehead, stomach, pubis.

Then you need to set a red candle in front of you and light it. Photos of the bewitched person should be taken in the left hand.

Looking at the image, say the following magic words nine times:

After pronouncing a magic spell, you need to drop a few drops of the mixture onto a burning candle and say:

After the actions taken, the picture should be burned over the fire of the candle, and the ashes should be collected and packed in a box. Such a plotted attribute should be carried with you until the spell begins to work.

The same-sex spell can also be performed using ancient spells that speak over food or a piece of clothing. Very popular is the same-sex spell on a piece of refined sugar. Before you read the plot, you need to put a piece of refined sugar under your arm.

It should be completely soaked with your sweat, but it does not melt.

After that, the following magic words are pronounced seven times on a piece of sugar:

Sugar should be stored in a secluded place, and it will act like a magnet, attracting a person to whom the magical effect is directed.

There is a black gay love spell. It is effective, but it is very dangerous.

In this regard, the decision on its implementation should be very deliberate.

It is very important to properly conduct preliminary training, namely:

  • It is necessary to choose the right day for the ritual, which should be carried out during the rising moon and at the same time the night light should be visible in the sky.
  • Clear the room before the rite of possible irritants, that is, remove all equipment, appliances, telecommunications and pets.
  • Get rid of all extraneous thoughts and unnecessary negatives of the world, it helps to make a shower.

In the room that is selected for the ritual, the magic circle should be marked with ordinary table salt. After the ritual, it will need to be taken out of the house and prikopat in a deserted place.

Same-sex spell for gay men

The following attributes will be used during the ceremony:

  • Two fresh shots of you and a beloved man in full growth;
  • Black candle;
  • A small knife or blade.

In the outlined circle you need to install a black candle and light it. On her side should put the prepared images.

After that, you need to carefully puncture the ring finger on your left hand and squeeze out three drops of blood.

The first drop is applied to the region of the heart in the photo, bewitched the person, and thus these magic words are pronounced:

The next drop is applied to the pubis of a bewitched person, and the following is pronounced:

The last drop is applied on the forehead of a bewitched person with such magic words:

Both photographs must be folded face up and securely fastened to each other using wax from a black candlestick. Such a plotted attribute must be safely hidden so that no one will ever find it.

If the photos are found by anyone, the effect will lose its power.

Conducting a bewitching rite of this type requires a powerful send of energy, but, unfortunately, not every person by nature has a strong energy. Therefore, if it is decided to use magic to attract same-sex love, it is better to use the services of a professional.

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