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Runic love spell — how the runes can help in your affairs

Runic love spell — features of the magic of the Vikings

From time immemorial, magic has been a wonderful helper of man in practically all areas of his life. The rich experience of the treatment of our ancestors to various witchcraft rituals in order to achieve the desired has been preserved to this day, and already modern people often resort to the help of mysterious forces.

Runic love spell — one of the varieties of such magic.

Runes are one of the most powerful magical attributes. With their help, they guess, clear the space of the negative, make amulets, carry out various magical rites.

Runes are successfully used in love magic: runic love spells are among the most effective. It is about them that I want to tell in this article.

Concept of runes

Runes — a powerful magic tool of antiquity. They contain all the power of their creators and all those powerful personalities who used them for their own purposes. To some extent, the runes are a kind of ancient alphabet consisting of secret words with tremendous power.

It is easy to assume that the runes were used by people not in ordinary life, or rather, not with an ordinary purpose.

If you also decide to turn to runic magic, I advise you to carefully prepare for this: learn the runic alphabet, get acquainted with the name and style of each character, try to understand and feel each of the runes, so that they really help you achieve what you want.

Runic love spell - how the runes can help in your affairs

In general, there are a lot of runes. But in magic, four-character are usually used, their common name is “Futhark” (abbreviation from the initial letters of the runes of the first row).

The runes of «Futhark» sorcerers and magicians used for centuries, so they carry a powerful magical potential. Runic love spell helps to get an effective result and can be used even by a novice magician.

Lovely Runic Staves

Runic love spell involves the use of special formulas created from runes with a specific value. Composing the formula, the master is able to get almost any result he needs.

A person far from magic can use ready-made formulas in his practice. Most Popular Runograms:

  • Berkana — Inguz— “The Seal of Freya”, a runic love spell becoming a marital bond.
  • Nautiz — Gebo — “shackles of love”, aimed at challenging love angst.
  • Teyvaz — Uruz — Gebo — works easily, makes the customer love spell attractive in the eyes of the rite.
  • Gebo-Kenaz-Vuno— rune becoming passion and sex drive.
  • Algiz — Berkano — Vuno — gives women good luck in family life.
  • Kenaz — Gebo-Laguz — helps to find true and sincere love for marriage.
  • Gebo-Inguz-Evaz — aimed at a peaceful relationship in marriage.
  • Perto-Kenaz-Gebo-Nautyz — powerful becoming, which suppresses even people with a strong will.

Runic love spell - how the runes can help in your affairs

In the process of the runic love spell, the desired runogram (depending on the final goal) is applied to some item, a hanging is written above it (spell). Such a thing usually act:

  • A photograph of a love victim;
  • Personal things of the object (clothes, dishes, from which it eats or drinks).
  • Food, which in the future should consume exactly bewitched.
  • Present.

It doesn’t matter how you apply the runes. The only condition is that the bewitched should not suspect anything about the ritual sent to him.

Often, the love spell requires that you put some of your own blood on the rune beforehand, so make sure you have a sterile needle at hand.

Some interesting formulas can be seen in this video:

Recommendations for making a love spell runes

So that the result from the runic love spell was effective and fast, it should be done in compliance with specific requirements:

  • Perform the ritual on the growing moon;
  • The best days for the runic love spell — Monday (day of the goddess of love and passion — Freya), Friday (day of the goddess of the family hearth and marriage — Frigg);
  • Use special plots — visas. You can use ready-made views, but it would be best if you create them yourself, in the form of a poem;
  • The chances of a successful spell increases visualization — do not forget to include imagination and present yourself with your loved one;
  • The ritual requires serious preparation: study all the runes well, rest, sleep well, be in a good mood:
  • Clean yourself before the rite: arrange for three days of fasting, wash yourself in a bath (but not in a public bath).

Remember that the runic spell refers to the rites of black, and the consequences of it may be the same as from any love spell from the arsenal of black magic. Carefully follow all the above recommendations.

Example of rune love spell

Runny love spell on photos

Attributes for the love spell:

The task of the love spell: to make the bewitched to see in the customer of the love spell only positive qualities, to instill in him a great desire to build a future with her.

Runic love spell - how the runes can help in your affairs

Take a photograph of the chosen one and on the back of it draw the signs of the above runes. After that, read the hang — spell. It may be something like this:

“Everything is changing in this world, you are tired of looking for a rush. All roads are woven into one, which leads you only to me. This path alone will lead you faithfulness and happiness alone! ”

After you read the visa, pierce your finger with a needle and drop a couple of drops of your blood on each of the runes printed on the photo. When the rite is completed, hide the photo in a hidden place and store.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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