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Runic love spell — ancient love magic

Runic high-speed spell: decomposed and their value

The runes are the most powerful magical tool that came to the modern world from antiquity. Special signs can be used in various ceremonies, including during the love spells.

Runic love spell refers to the high-speed rites. The main success factor in this case is the correctly formulated formula.

Runic love spell - ancient love magic

Since the rune spell is distinguished by a strong and fast action only when properly performed, it is very important to get acquainted in advance with the principles of rune magic. It is very important to learn the method of visualization, which plays a significant role for the success of the bewitching rites and the duration of its action.

The main guarantee of the effectiveness of the influence of quotation is the correct writing of rune formulas. Therefore, you need to carefully examine all the runes.

Strengthened runic love spells — Vis. These are special words in which the meaning of the ceremony and its purpose are expressed in words. You can take ready-made texts from the special literature or from the Internet, but the self-made messages are more effective.

Texts need to think carefully. They must be very accurately formulated your request to the supreme non-human forces.

Such a request must be fully combined with the meaning contained in the written rune formula.

The best days to conduct the ceremony are Monday and Friday. That is, respectively, the day of Freyja and the day of Frigg.

In order to enhance the effect of the priors, the rite should be planned for 21 or 22 days of the lunar month.

If you are planning to restore the old relationship with the help of a runic love spell, then it is important that no more than a year has passed since the break.

Runic love spell - ancient love magic

When performing a rune spell, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • Conspiracies, which are called visas, can be pronounced in any form, but it is desirable to observe the poetic form.
  • The ritual should be performed in a good mood and in a balanced state.
  • Before the ceremony, it is necessary to withstand a three-day fast and wash.

For the rune spell to be successful, it is necessary to visualize the image of a loved one during the ceremony. Therefore, for this you can use a photograph, a piece of clothing or the use of a bewitched person.

Runes can be displayed both on a separate wax substrate and on the attribute used.

Since the rune formula is necessarily fixed with its own blood, it is first necessary to provide for the presence of a well-sterilized needle, which will pierce the finger.

Runes love spell, in most cases, involves the use of the following formulas:

  • Berkana — Inguz. She is known as the “Freya’s Seal" and its action is aimed at entering into marriage.
  • Nautise — Gebo. In translation, the name sounds like "Fetters of love", with its help, awakens the feeling of love longing.
  • Teyvaz — Uruz — Gebo. This formula is used for light effects, which is aimed at emphasizing the attractiveness of the performer of the ceremony.
  • Gebo — Kenaz — Vuno. With the help of this formula the sexual passion of the love spell object towards the performer of the ceremony is enhanced.

Runic love spell is always carried out in complete solitude and silence. Before the rite you need to concentrate on the thoughts of the beloved.

To enhance the magical atmosphere allowed to light a candle. The plot is pronounced after the image of the rune formula.

Its meaning is approximately as follows:

Runic love spell - ancient love magic

For a strong runic rite should use the following magic formula:

Turisaz is a rune that allows you to neutralize rivals, with its help you can completely control the situation in the love sphere and protect yourself from unpredictable events.

Fourfold enhanced Turisaz provides the strongest protection of the love sphere of a person and removes all obstacles on the way to the heart of a loved one. Full protection against detractors guarantees complete freedom of action.

This rune symbol in any situation will make you pay attention to your chosen one. But, despite the fact that this is a very strong binding, it acts for a short time, not more than a few months. In this regard, you need to use it in order to awaken in the chosen one sincere feelings in yourself.

Often it is impossible to use this runic formula, since it can have a negative impact on the human reproductive function.

Runic love spells belong to the rites of black magic. Therefore, it should be understood that if a love spell is performed without sincere feelings, and out of mercenary motives, retribution for it can be unpleasant.

To exclude the negative consequences of a runic love spell, any bewitching rite requires a good mood and good health from the performer.

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