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Runic lapel: Staves and the alphabet

Runic lapel — ostuda using stavov

The basis of our universe is energy. Properly managing it and directing it in the right direction, you can achieve almost any goals. Runic magic works on the principle of energy movement.

In love magic, runes and staves are often used to perform love spells and turnout rituals.

Runes in magic

The main tool of rune magic are sacred symbols — the runes. Mages make up runic formulas by placing these sacred signs in a certain sequence.

Passing through a given formula, the energy of any ritual acquires exactly the form that the magician needs to achieve the desired result.

Most often, magic uses the runes of older futarka. This is a special runic alphabet consisting of 24 characters.

Runic lapel: Staves and the alphabet

Runes and cuffs

For carrying out the most powerful and effective lapel, the rune Isa is used — a sign in the form of a vertical line. It acts as a symbol of cooling and freezing.

You can use it for the purpose of the lapel only once and very carefully. Otherwise, you risk harming your loved one: the abuse of this rune can affect the brain activity of the defended person and deprive him of his strength.

Repeated use of this sign can also lead to incurable impotence in men, and women completely deprived of the ability to love.

On a par with Isa, the rune Hagall (Hagallaz) is actively used. It symbolizes the complete destruction, change, termination of unwanted relationships and the destruction of love, which is not predetermined by fate. Hagall apply and to eliminate magical effects, so that this rune can help remove the love spell.

The formula, consisting of these two runes, is an example of one of the varieties of the flap — ostudy.

Important nuances

Runic lapel: Staves and the alphabet

To activate the runic lapel requires made a reservation — A special spell designed to program the rune formula in the right direction.

I want to warn you that words for the treaty need to be selected very carefully and carefully, to voice in them everything that you want to achieve as a result of the ritual.

This is because runes perceive the intention of the magician in the most literal sense and looking for the easiest ways to solve a given problem. For example, if you specify in the clause that you do not want to see a person, then there is a very high probability that you will simply start to lose your sight.

Appeal to the ancient Scandinavian gods will help speed up the action of the runic chain. This question is decided by the performer of the ceremony individually.

Remember only one thing: if you made a lapel, asking for help from a certain god, you must leave him gifts.

Phase of the moon for the runes does not matter. But if you wish, you can take advantage of the classic condition of love magic: love spells are held on the growing moon, cuffs — on a decreasing one.

How to make a rune lapel yourself

Getting to the ritual, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the runes and learn the principle of operation and the value of each of them.

Cool yourself from man

If you want to get rid of unnecessary feelings towards a certain person and end relations that do not bring happiness and cause only negative, you can make your feelings cool with the help of runes.

Runic lapel: Staves and the alphabet

For the ceremony you will need your own photo, on which you want to put runic becoming (can be a marker): Gebo — Thurisaz — Isa. Draw the same formula on your body.

At the same time, utter a slander — it must be formulated in your own words, but so that your intention is clearly stated in the spell. A clause may sound like this:

“Let this chill cool my heart to (name of the chosen one). Let indifference to him dwell in my soul.

Let the runes (the names of the runes) help me to feel free from his love. ”

Strong way with photos

The rite is applied, if you need to turn away from each other two people, separate them. The runic formula is applied to a joint photo of the victims of the ritual of the turnout and looks like this: Isa — Algiz — Raido (upside down) Turisaz — Hagalaz.

Runa Raido covers all vital roads, and in this rite allows you to close all the ways for living together. Algiz and Turisaz standing next to her help strengthen the effect of the ritual and consolidate it.

Hagalaz and Isa have a devastating effect on the feelings of victims of the cuff.

As soon as the runogram is put on the photo, it is read out. You need to come up with it yourself. An approximate sound may be:

“To you, (the names of the victims of the rite), the road is blocked for joint happiness. Destroy all connections between you.

Only the icy cold of Iza settles in your hearts. May your separation be eternal! ”

Runic rassorka

The purpose of the flap is to embroil two people connected by love feelings. Prepare for it. individual photos of those who need to embroil, 2 sheets of paper — white and black, pen or black ink pen.

Ritual spend at midnight.

  1. Take a white sheet and write a rune symbol on both its sides: Soulu — Teyvaz — Raido — Isa — Dagaz — Isa.
  2. Put a sheet with runograms between two photos. It is important that the photos to each other lay «back».
  3. Speak slander or hang (spell in verse). A spell may sound like this: “Between you (the names of lovers) the feud begins! There will be no end to fights and quarrels. May your love disappear forever. May all my words come true! ”
  4. Composition of photographs and a leaflet with runes wrap black paper and hide in a hidden place. The rassorka will be effective throughout the entire period, while the paper with the formula will lie between the photos of lovers.

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