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Reviews of those who did spell

Who did the spell: reviews of real people

Surely you are interested in the opinion of those who made a love spell and get feedback from these people to make sure that the ceremony is effective enough and will help to enchant your chosen one. We have collected opinions and feedback that we share with you.

Reviews of those who did spell

Here are some reviews of those who made a love spell.

“The love spell itself didn’t do, but I know a girl who decided to do that. I do not recommend to anyone! The guy who charmed, turned her life into hell, she could not get rid of him, the cuffs did not help «

As you can see, the love spell works. But not always girls are aware that the chosen one does not fall in love, but falls into dependence on them. He can be very intrusive, to pursue you, not to give to live in peace.

Jealousy, aggression, surveillance — very negative consequences.

Reviews of those who did spell

Another girl reports that she saw bewitched men — they were a very pitiful sight:

“They started to drink heavily, they didn’t give the girls who bewitch them a quiet life. They seemed to be with them, but they hated them passionately, they did not understand why they were so drawn.

They died quickly — after a year or two. ”.

We are talking about men who were helped to charm the famous sorceress in the city.

It is unlikely that you yourself can make a spell of such power. But in any case, think — are you ready to risk your personal life, health and the life of a man in order to get him at any cost?

An anonymous user left another comment:

“Love spells work, that’s a fact. And not necessarily go to the grandmother. You can do everything yourself.

But the first time is unlikely to succeed. It is necessary to hold ceremonies every Friday and Saturday for at least two months.

And the consequences, by the way, will not be. If you stop doing the rite, the energy connection between you will break and everything will return to normal. ”

Reviews of those who did spell

We do not know how exactly the author of this comment made the love spells. Perhaps he managed to find a safe way to bewitch a loved one who has no negative consequences.

«I was thrown by a guy and I tried to bewitch him to return. I did not do any terrible rituals — I read prayers and plots on sugar, and then burned them.

The goal was — that the guy was bored, and it happened. And then she went to another city and met her love there, the love spell ceased to be relevant.«

It is quite possible that in this case the love spell did not work either — the guy might have missed the ex-girlfriend and on his own initiative, because after the break, there are still some emotions.

And Irina, who knew the woman who had made a strong love spell, personally told about the terrible incident.

“A man was incredibly attracted to her, but it was not love, but attraction. In time, he simply hated her, said he did not understand why he was drawn to her. I could not tolerate her, but I could not do it without her.

He beat her, began to drink up. It ended up being crazy and killing her. ”

This is a clear example of how an unconscious person revolts in a brazen manner and invaded and tried to act without his desire. Charmed will always resist the desire to suffer from it.

Reviews of those who did spell

If you analyze all sorts of reviews, all the authors, as one, advise: do not make a spell, if you are not sure that in a couple of months you will not stop loving a man. It will be extremely difficult to get rid of it.

And your elect will turn into a tyrant, a dependent person suffering from depression.

What are the love spells?

Separately tell about what categories are divided love spells. And how they can threaten both parties.

So, the types of love magic:

  • Sex love spell. In this case, the bewitched man experiences sexual attraction only to the bewitched woman. For all others, physically unable to make love
  • Voodoo Magic It is very strong, but also very dark, dangerous magic. It is enough to make a little mistake in the ritual process, and the negative consequences will come almost instantly.
  • Prisushka. If you make a love trickle, the bewitched will start to get very sad and miss you. If a long time is away from the object of his passion, begins to dry and wither before our eyes. Very often, prisushka ends with a serious disease, bewitched, or even fatal.
  • Love spell. For such a rite is used something that contains the genetic material of the elect. It can be hair, saliva, tears, seminal fluid, blood, and so on. The effect of the rite comes almost instantly, but does not last long.
  • Love spell with the help of dark forces. In the process of such rites, you call on the help of the dark forces, come into contact with the other world. It is not recommended to even try to do something like this on your own — this is very dangerous and only an experienced black magician can.
  • Prayers to the Saints. You can just pray, asking the light forces to help you draw the attention of your chosen one. This is the only secure way that has no consequences. But it helps only if you are really chosen for each other with your chosen one, destined for Fate.

Watch an entertaining video about love spells and their results:

It is noteworthy that love spells can be done in relation to a person of the same sex as you. But with such requests to the magicians are rarely addressed.

Carefully read all sorts of reviews about the spell. Understand that happiness love and love is unlikely to bring you.

At first, the attention of the chosen one will be great for self-esteem, but in time he will become an obsessive and terrible person.

You will want to cancel the spell — and this is very, very difficult. We’ll have to look for people who can help and have a sufficiently strong energy.

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