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Removing a love spell yourself! How to remove the spell yourself?

If you feel that your physical and moral state has deteriorated sharply in recent days, you have lost your appetite and sleep, sexual desire has disappeared and you feel an inexplicable attraction, a vague but strong, to a person you have not been interested in before, there is every reason to believe that you were bewitched.

Removing a love spell yourself! How to remove the spell yourself?

In this case, you have only two ways. The first is to obey and get close to this person, but you really hardly want this. It’s not for nothing that this man was forced to resort to magic.

The second way is to fight. Removing a love spell by yourself is quite feasible, although it requires some knowledge and at least minimal magic abilities.

The love spell can be removed on its own with the help of the cereal with cereal. To do this, take a handful of cereals, for example, buckwheat.

Sprinkle it in your corridor or in one of the rooms. Take a scoop and a broom and gently sweep up the spilled grain.

At the same time it is necessary to sentence:

The collected grain immediately out of the house and pour as far as possible. Carefully check that there is not a single grain on the floor. If the person who made the spell is known to you, try to get rid of all the things related to him — his gifts, photos, phone number, and so on.

This will help to completely neutralize the love spell.

Men can take off their love spells on their own through active physical work, sports, diet and fasting. After all, although the poison spell is poured into the soul of a person, it has a direct effect on his body, because the soul and body of a person are interrelated much more than most people believe. Loading and strengthening your body, you strengthen the soul, making it much less susceptible to love spell.

The morning douche with cold water helps very well — this procedure has not only a physical but also a magical effect — water, as is well known, has excellent cleansing properties.

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