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Removing a love spell independently: rituals at home

Removing a love spell is a very important magic rite that allows you to restore the natural energy field of a person after an alien influence.

Removing a love spell independently: rituals at home

Salting the love spell is a very popular magic rite. It is not complicated and does not have negative consequences.

The action of the ritual is based on the natural ability of salt to remove the magical effect, while cleansing the human energy. If you notice that your loved one has changed and began to relate to you in an alien manner, then, most likely, he has come under a magical effect. In simple terms, this means that he was bewitched.

It is clear that the bewitched himself does not notice his condition and is unlikely to agree to conduct the ritual. Therefore, the removal of love spell salt is always carried out by a close person.

For the ritual, in addition to salt, you will need:

  • White tablecloth;
  • Three church candles;
  • Quality picture of a loved one.

The ceremony is held in a separate room in absolute silence. The optimal time for performing magical actions is midnight.

The sequence of ritual actions is as follows:

  • The table is covered with a white tablecloth;
  • A photograph of a loved one is put on the table, and candles are lit next to it;
  • Such a magic phrase is pronounced:

Soon, after removing the love spell with salt, the behavior of the beloved will change, and he will again become the same. But, the main thing should never be discussed with your favorite events related to the induction of magical effects.

Removing a love spell independently: rituals at home

Independent removal of a love spell from a loved one, often involves the use of his photo. This is due to the fact that any snapshot contains a piece of the energy field of the person depicted on it, therefore, by affecting it, you can clear the aura of the person you lead. The ceremony is highly effective, but its effectiveness is entirely dependent on your desire to help your loved one and faith in your own strength.

For the ritual can not take the first photo. It is necessary to pick up a picture in which the bewitched person is depicted in full growth.

Preference should be given to photos in which there are not only other people, but also animals, as well as other foreign objects.

In addition to the picture in the ceremony will also be used church candles. It should be remembered that the ritual is carried out only with pure intentions and that is how you need to adjust yourself.

It is necessary to conduct the ceremony in a secluded place, while creating the most relaxed atmosphere. Otherwise, it may not be possible to remove external negative effects. The rite should be started with the candle lighting.

This should be done using a match from a new box. After that, you need to take it in your right hand, and a photo of your loved one in your left.

Then you need to smoothly move the lit candle around the perimeter of the image counterclockwise.

During this action, the following plot is read:

After pronouncing the words, you should immediately spit over the left shoulder. Such actions should be carried out exactly 12 times.

Do not extinguish the candle, let it burn out naturally. It is very important to give the person to recover after removing the love spell and for this he needs to create an appropriate environment. There is a special rite that allows you to quickly return the natural protective properties of the energy field.

For the ritual you need to use five white candles and incense sticks.

In the period of the rising moon you need to take a cleansing bath. After that you need to fumigate the room with your favorite scents and set 5 white star-shaped candles in the center of the room. Then you need to become the center of the created star and light alternately set candles.

In this case, you need to tune in such a way as to feel the body all the positive energy emanating from the flame.

After this, with all sincere sincerity, it is necessary to say these words:

After speaking the magic words, stay in a circle for a while. After that, alternately extinguish the candles with your fingers and wrap them in a piece of white new matter.

Keep such a bundle should be in an inaccessible place. This rite can be repeated as many times as you like.

And each time you will feel that the forces fill you and you return to your natural state, which will be expressed in an adequate perception of the surrounding world.

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