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Read, how to charm a man on a growing moon, you need to believe in magic

What and how to read to the growing moon to bewitch a man?

The moon is a frequent assistant in conspiracies and love spells. She carries the strongest energy, moonlight can enter into a state of trance. The growing moon increases the chances of successful execution of magical conspiracies.

Together with her fullness, every spell is also gaining momentum.

Read, how to charm a man on a growing moon, you need to believe in magic

Therefore, single girls often choose rituals in which it is necessary to read how to bewitch a man to the growing moon. Such ceremonies can be held in open space or near a window where the moon is clearly visible.

All magic rituals are held closer to midnight, preferably after swimming.

One of the common and uncomplicated love spells is the rite to clean water. Greater effect gives the water well, the key. Magic loves natural attributes of nature.

But in extreme cases, any drinking.

A candle is lit in the room, a window is opened from the side of the moon. Bowed to the moon, put a glass of water on the window.

At the same time read the conspiracy:

The plot is read three times, bowing after each reading. The glass is left until the morning, as soon as the dawn begins to rise, three sips are taken.

The rest of the water should be washed.

On the open growing moon leave a treat. To do this, prepare a tray with sweets or fruit, cover with a new towel or white cloth, put it by the open window.

Moonlight should fall well on all objects.

Read, how to charm a man on a growing moon, you need to believe in magic

In the morning, choose what you treat your lover. Bite off at least a piece — his heart will be filled with feelings.

This should be done from time to time, so as not to arouse suspicion, so that no one else “treats you” to your love spell.

Before the full moon, all magical powers increase many times. During this period, it is possible to dry grass under the moon (hot summer nights).

At night, small bunches spread on the open moon, and at dawn hid. Herbs, first of all, must be safe for health.

The most innocuous are spicy herbs, which can then be poured into the food of a man. It is also good to dry on the moon: mint, rose petals, thyme, chamomile.

If you add them when brewing in tea, there will be no harm, and the love spell will work.

You can also use sweet ingredients that are then easy to add to drinks, pastries.

Prepare a cup of honey and a cup of sugar (can be lumpy). Before that, wash your hands, rinse your face with holy water.

Light up three candles in the room.

Bring such treats to the moon and read the plot:

Keep food away so no one can use it. Add a teaspoon to your man in tea or coffee, treat with honey and pancakes, and pancakes.

This honey can smear lips and firmly kiss your loved one.

The next conspiracy, to bewitch a man, must be read on the growing moon in the middle of the week.

For him you will need a strong red and white thread, two candles, your hair. At midnight, ask the moon for strength and protection from the evil eye.

Light the candles, open the window and sit at the table.

Make a personal amulet. To do this, put together the threads of different colors, put your hair.

Tie thirteen knots.

Each node is accompanied by the words:

Seal each knot with wax. Put the amulet on the moonlight, and in the morning, put it in a dark place.

Get thirteen nights in a row and tie it on your wrist. Imagine how your relationship with a man grows stronger, how he reaches out to you.

Every morning, once again hide the moon bracelet away from prying eyes and sunlight.

After the thirteenth night, on the fourteenth — bury your amulet near the porch. If you live in an apartment, buy any houseplant, bury the bracelet in a flower pot.

Read, how to charm a man on a growing moon, you need to believe in magic

Buy a new padlock. Before the onset of midnight, conduct the ceremony, with lighted candles.

Open the lock, put the keys next, say the words:

Take a few coins, lock and keys, go to any body of water. Let it be a lake, river or pond, just to get deeper.

By the water, in the light of the moon, you need to snap the lock with the words:

Throw the lock away into the water. One key must be thrown at the intersection over the left shoulder on the way home, then throw coins.

The second key should be stored in your home in a safe place.

Sometimes, a girl has to apply a cuff to her spells. The second key will be a safety net for such a case.

On the growing moon weave a «web» to bewitch a loved one. This will require any flexible thin branch, which consists of a ring of medium diameter.

Before that, buy white silk threads, wax candles.

Work must begin before midnight and be completed before dawn. Thread can not be cut, it must be a continuous web.

You can impose a whispered nodules.

Sit by the open window, light the candles. Taken for weaving, ask the moon for help, thank for its strength and light.

The principle of weaving is quite simple. In different directions entangled branch so as to get a strong network or web.

The threads can be crossed, tangled, tossed over the ring and pull inward.

In the beginning, middle and end of the work they read the plot:

The more intricate the web, the harder it is to get out of her bewitched man. Such a web can be put under the mattress.

Or hang in any corner if your bedroom is not visited by strangers and curious guests.

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