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Rassorka on the photos yourself

Rassorka on the photo — read independently

Rassorka — a popular rite of turning magic. This term refers to a ritual aimed at leading quarrels, conflicts, swearing, which ultimately leads to discord in relations and their final break.

The action of rassorki most often extends to the love sphere, but this is not limited to this. Applying this rite, you can quarrel between friends, relatives, colleagues, partners in a common cause.

Rassorka on the photos yourself

There are quite a few ways to conduct rassorki — each of them has its own advantages. Perhaps the most common ritual of this group is considered rassorka on photography.

Its popularity is due to the simplicity of performance, the relatively easy availability of the main magical artifact (photo) and good performance.

The rassorka can even be made by a person who has not previously applied to the help of magic. But for this you need to carefully study all the details of such ceremonies and be sure to take them into account when directly proceeding to practical actions.

Any such rituals are designed to destroy relationships, so they are performed, for the most part, during the period of the waning moon. However, there are some rituals that guarantee a powerful impact, provided they are committed during the full moon.

Photo Requirements

To rassorka worked, as it should, and your efforts were not in vain, take seriously the selection of the desired picture. What should it be? Two basic requirements:

  1. The photograph should depict only those whose relationship is required to spoil and destroy; strangers who have nothing to do with the rite should not be there. There should also be no animals.
  2. The age of the photograph is no more than six months. Remember one rule: the age of a person in the photo should coincide with his real age in life at the moment.

If it is not possible to get the desired photo, the condition of some ceremonies allows the use of a sheet of paper on which the names of the victims are written instead. At the same time, it is still necessary to apply visualization in its full measure and in the process of the ritual to represent in your imagination as clearly as possible the faces of those who need to be embroiled.

However, the effect in this case will be much weaker, and may even come out so that the rassorka does not work at all.

Ways of rassorki on the photo yourself

The easiest option

This is a very simple method of dispersing salt, requiring no conspiracy. All you need to have is a photo of your beloved man and your opponent being captured together.

Rassorka on the photos yourself

On a waning moon, fill the joint photograph of the couple with salt and leave it in a secluded place that is not accessible to the eyes and hands of others. Salt will gradually erode the image, and with it the relationship between lovers will begin to deteriorate.

This ritual is characterized by high strength, so before you use it, take care of your magical protection. For the ceremony you will need couple’s photo, which you want to embroil.

Performance rassorki passes in 2 stages:

  1. Take a photograph and tear it to shreds, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy on the installment plan: “So that you dispersed, parted forever, they became disgusting to each other”.
  2. Receive the burned pieces, collect the ash and develop it in the wind, saying the following words in the process: “As the ashes fly in the wind, so(names of men and women) scatter and break up. How not to become ash paper, and (names of men and women) not become one.

An important factor for getting the desired result is the setting arrangement — visualization. While reading the plot, clearly and in detail imagine how the victims of the rite quarrel and conflict, how these quarrels and conflicts lead to the termination of love relationships and parting.

On friends in the photo

Rassorka performed with the help of joint photos of friends (or you can take a photo of each of them separately) and a black candle. Procedure:

  1. Wait until midnight. As soon as it comes, light a black candle.
  2. Fill your thoughts with negative energy, focus on negative emotions (hate, rage, anger) and try to convey all this to the people depicted in the photo. At the same time utter a conspiracy: «How are you,(names of friends), comrade-friends walked together everywhere, sharing joy and sorrow among themselves. From now on and forever you will not sit together, do not look into each other’s eyes, not be near, not eat or drink, just walk with enemies. Let it be».
  3. Having said the above words, tear the photo into many small pieces. The resulting shreds burn in the flame of a candle. Blow out the candle, the ashes from the photograph (photos), let the wind.

This ritual is considered strong and begins to work immediately after.

Possible consequences

If everything is done correctly, then the key consequence of the disassembly on the photo will be the deterioration of relations between people as a result of constant exhausting quarrels and conflicts, and the reasons for discord will be literally from nowhere. As a result of this, in a short time, parting begins.

Rassorka on the photos yourself

In addition, there is a high probability of the occurrence of “side effects” characteristic of all rites:

  • poor health
  • development of psychological problems and various complexes,
  • absent-mindedness
  • Difficulties in the financial and labor fields
  • headaches and anxiety,
  • irritability and aggression.

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