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Punishment for a love spell — does it exist?

Magic bewitches today are extremely popular. Therefore, many are interested in, what could be the punishment for a love spell.

An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible, because the level of danger, and, consequently, the punishment may be different for different rites.

The punishment for the love spell can be very strong if rites related to black magic are performed. The action of such rituals is aimed at suppressing the will of man and the destruction of his natural energy field.

To a lesser extent, punishment can be incurred for ceremonies that directly affect a person’s energy field without destroying it. These are mental love spells that rebuild a person’s energy and make him just pay attention to you.

Punishment for a love spell - does it exist?

Any privet ceremony is characterized by a reverse wave of different strength. It is filled with negative, which will surely affect all the vital areas of the performer of the rite.

Particularly dangerous are cemetery and demonic rites. Moreover, if for cemetery ceremonies you can pay with your health or your own death, then the punishment for demonic ceremonies can be the most unpredictable.

Quite often, the dark forces take the closest and dearest people from your surroundings.

The most common punishment for a love spell are serious problems with the health of the artist. Suddenly develop serious hidden diseases that are difficult to diagnose, but at the same time, greatly worsen the state of health.

If you do not cure them, they develop into a chronic form and can be passed on to the next generations. It is noteworthy that for the treatment of diseases provoked by the love spell, it is necessary to use non-traditional methods in most cases.

Health problems can be aggravated if the victim manages to diagnose the alien effect in a timely manner and remove it. In this case, if a very powerful cemetery rite is removed, the performer is even threatened with death.

Any privet ceremony always leads to the fact that after the ritual comes a period of bad luck. And it is also a punishment for the performer of the rite.

If not a powerful rite of white magic was used for the love spell, then the failures will be temporary. But, if the ritual of black magic was used for the love spell, the black stripe will be prolonged, and the performer of the ceremony will simply be an unlucky person.

Failure in the financial sphere is an obligatory punishment of any love spell. For example, you may lose your job, and if you have your own business, in severe cases you will face bankruptcy.

Punishment for a love spell - does it exist?

Not every performer, in deciding whether to conduct a bewitching influence, thinks that next to him will not be a liberated loving person, but a zombie being, completely subordinate to his will. It is very difficult to sustain, so this fact is a terrible punishment for a love spell.

Living with a bewitched person can turn into hell. Aggression and jealousy without a reason can kill the most sincere feelings.

Very often, after the ritual of the performer, he begins to overcome repentance and insomnia develops against his background, which leads to mental exhaustion.

It is very difficult to avoid punishments for making a love spell. To a certain extent, it is possible to minimize negative consequences if one strictly adheres to the recommendations of a particular rite.

In addition, after the ritual should be a set of measures aimed at cleansing your own aura from the negative recoil. First of all, within a few days after the ritual it is necessary to observe a strict fast, this will allow you to recover energetically faster.

During this period, it is necessary to read prayers and be sure to visit the temple at least once, where he will pray and put candles for his own health. There are also special cleansing rituals that use church candles and holy water.

To reduce the recoil from the bewitching rite, you can seek help from an experienced professional magician. But the main thing that he was not a charlatan.

It will help reduce the power of punishment, but will not cancel it at all.

Considering all the above, it should be very responsible to make a decision on the conduct of the bewitching effect. It can be considered the greatest punishment if real life suddenly encounters true love and comes the realization of an irreparable mistake.

It should be remembered that true love can not be bewitched, but it can be obtained by addressing prayers to the Almighty and asking for help from your own Guardian Angel.

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