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Privorot on volt — the result after a few hours

Involving love spell using a volt doll

Love spell per volt refers to the rites of black magic and has a special power. At home, the spell can only be done by a person with strong energy.

The popularity of this ceremony is due to the fact that this spell conditionally refers to the non-removable influences. And in fact, the spell on the doll is different long-term action.

More precisely, we can say that the person will be under your influence while the conspired doll is kept in an inaccessible, unknown place.

Love spell with the help of a doll can be used for various purposes, namely to:

  • Zombie the person you like and tie him to yourself forever;
  • Remove from your path the worst enemy, forcing him to love you, and then quit;
  • Return the person to the family;
  • Kindle passion in a person;
  • Refresh fading relationship with your loved one.

Neutralize the impact or reduce its power, you can use the cemetery rite. But completely remove the spell on the volt, you can only destroy the conspiracy doll.

Privorot on volt - the result after a few hours

To make a doll that will be used in a magical rite you need to own. The product purchased in the store is not suitable, because it will not carry the desired energy charge.

For the manufacture of volts can be used any materials at hand, but it is desirable that they are natural. Make a volt of wax is not difficult.

For sewing, it is recommended to use a simple fabric taken from the clothes of the person who is going to be bewitched. Used for sewing scissors, threads and needles must be purchased separately and after sewing dolls should not be used for domestic purposes. Any item that will be used in the bewitching ritual, should be bought without surrender, while not allowed to surrender surrender.

Also, in no case can not bargain.

It is very important that the made doll resembled the external outlines of a person, but it is not necessary to achieve exact similarity. The main thing is that all the main parts of the body are present: the head, the body, the arms and the legs.

A self-made rag doll should be sized to fit the palm of a person. After the upper part of the volt is sewn, the doll is stuffed with cotton or small scraps of natural fabrics. To increase the effectiveness of the ceremony, you need to attach a photo of the person being bewitched.

For the ceremony, it is also allowed to use a wax doll, as well as craftsmen can mold it from flour or cut from wood.

After the doll is ready, it will be named after the beloved person. The rite is held in any form. After that, to ensure the success of the rite several days before the ritual, it is necessary to pay attention to the doll produced daily.

You should take her in your hands, contact her by name, cuddle and talk to her. Thus, presenting it in the image of a loved one, it is possible to transfer the necessary charge of love energy to the doll.

The love spell on the volt is always carried out in complete solitude and absolute silence. This should be taken care of in advance.

The ritual should be performed late at night with lit candles. During the rite, certain parts of the doll’s body are pierced with a needle, which personifies a loved one.

At the same time magic words are pronounced:

    For the head:

To make the spell a volt more effective, the needle that will be used to pierce individual parts of the doll can be smeared with its own blood. It is also recommended to drop one drop of blood on the doll.

Some magicians recommend using the same magic words when piercing with a needle of a doll, motivating it by the fact that with repeated repetition of the spell, the energy message increases many times.

The words in this case sound like this:

Repeat ritual actions should be repeatedly. If you manage to completely renounce the influence of the real world, then you, on a subconscious level, will surely feel that the impact has reached the goal.

After this ceremony should stop. After the ceremony, the candles are extinguished, and the doll is wrapped in a piece of natural fabric and hides in a place inaccessible to other places that only you should know.

Other attributes of the magical rite, including those used for tailoring, should be taken out of your own house and buried in the waste ground.

Love spell with the use of volts begins to act very quickly. The first results become noticeable within a few hours after the ceremony.

The moon increases the impact, filling the space with a powerful charge of natural energy. In principle, this ritual can be performed at any time, the main thing is to completely abandon worldly problems and focus on the sacrament of the rite and your own feelings for the bewitched person.

But the most effective are the ceremonies held during the full moon.

Privorot on volt - the result after a few hours

It should be understood that no one should know about the plans for conducting a magical action with a doll. It is very important that no one has seen the finished volt or its manufacturing process. With the right mood, the rite is always successful.

If the impact did not work, then someone saw your doll. It is very dangerous and to connect the fate of two people will not succeed.

In this case, the person who tried to bewitch can seriously ill and even die.

Love spell with the use of volts is quite complicated, as it requires strict adherence to many small details. The magic effect in this case is based on creating the energetic binding of the aura of the bewitching person to the doll created.

Before the ceremony, it is important to analyze your own feelings for the person you are going to bewitch. Using the strongest rite of black magic, you must be absolutely sure that your feelings are sincere, and you are ready to live your whole life with your loved one.

Do not forget that to remove this love spell is no less difficult than to hold it. In addition, any magical action carries negative consequences.

And sometimes they can be unpredictable if something goes wrong. If you have any doubts about your own abilities, against the background of a final decision to bewitch your loved one with the help of a volt, you must refuse to perform the ceremony yourself and turn to a professional magician.

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