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Prisushka on the guy on salt, water, rope or photo

Prisushka on love men in the distance

Prisushka (or prisuha) on a man — another kind of love magic, which is used with the aim to position the desired person to yourself. Plots of this kind were born in ancient times and helped a considerable number of women.

Modern women and girls also apply this kind of magical effect on men in the practice of love relationships. If you decide to join them, it will not hurt to learn the important features of this love ritual, so as not to harm your chosen one and yourself.

Sitting on a man — what is it?

In magic concept “Prisuha (prisuka)” is interpreted as a certain system of actions, the purpose of which is to “dry out” a particular person, to cause him to respond with feelings and make him yearn for the ritual customer.

The principle of the operation of prisukha implies an influence on the will of a person against his will, therefore this rite belongs to the arsenal of black magic (white magic excludes all violence, including on a mental level).

Prisushka on the guy on salt, water, rope or photo

In terms of power, prisushka is far from the strongest ritual. The harm and negative consequences of it are not so much as, say, from a love spell, but remember that this is black magic, so the possibility of a rollback should never be ruled out.

In order to maximally protect oneself and one’s chosen one from negativity, prisuka, like any rite, should be done strictly in accordance with the instructions and take this ritual seriously.

When does the prisushka not work?

Since prisuha is not the most powerful ritual, there are several types of men for whom it is useless to do it — it simply will not work, and the result will be zero. Do not waste time and energy on your loved one if:

  • A man has a strong and bright personality: he is strong-willed, resolute and purposeful, not used to reckoning with other people.
  • The man already has deep and strong feelings for another woman.
  • A man knows about your intentions and actions and consciously opposes them with all his strength.

If your situation is as described above — alas, you have to upset you: under such conditions you can turn to the help of only professionals who specialize in love magic. Only they will be able to fulfill your desire without side effects.

In other cases, to make a mowing on a man, you can easily make it yourself.

How to make a mowing on a man by yourself?

Method number 1 — on the rope

It will take: natural fiber rope (flax, cotton, wool), necessarily white color.

Your task is to tie knots on this rope, along its entire length, one by one. During this, think about your chosen one and in no case do not count the nodules. This can be done only when you reach the end:

  • It turned out an even number of nodules — fate is on your side. The prisuha will be strong.
  • The number of nodes is odd — you shouldn’t do prisuha, there’s no point in it.

With an odd number of knots, the rite can be repeated on another day. However, if you fail 3 times in a row, you no longer need to go to the ritual.

Say a finished rope (with an even number of knots), trying to bring it as close as possible to your lips (so that your breath “settles” on it):

“As the string does not curl — there will be a final node. How would you (name of the chosen person in diminutive form) did not run from me, my slander will destroy you.

The soul of God’s slave (full name of the chosen one), love the soul of God’s slave (own name)«.

Next, you have to throw the plotted rope to the house of the chosen one (if you are not married). Coming out of the home, he must step over it — only in this case, the prushka begins to act.

If the wife, who is cheating on her husband, makes a drying on the rope, she must hide and keep the attribute well, so that no one can see this rope. As long as the wife has the rope, the husband will not look at other women.

Method number 2 — on the photo at a distance

It will take: photo of your chosen one, your photo, 2 red candles, silk threads of red color, red rose bud (fully bloomed) needle (it needs to be wetted in rose oil), thick book.

Prisushka on the guy on salt, water, rope or photo

Prisushka done on the growing moon, after sunset:

  1. In the room where you will perform the ritual, close all the curtains, turn off the lights and light the candles.
  2. Put the photos to each other face, place a flower between them (a symbol of passion, love).
  3. Sew the resulting composition along the contour with a thread and a needle (do not touch the image).
  4. When done, place a summary of your labors between the pages of a thick book volume so that all the components press into each other.
  5. Book hide in a secluded place, away from prying eyes (you can not show it to anyone).

The action prisuhi begin when the flower between the photos begins to dry.

Method number 3 — to cause melancholy

  1. Ritual with salt. Speak salt, which later must be put under the door of the chosen one or dispel to the wind. Plot text: “I do not pour salt, but put the pain. I do not give, and steal rest. Take the hell of God’s servant (name of the chosen one), so that he would be sick and bored: day and night, with the sun and the month. Amen».
  2. Ritual with water. Speak water, give it a drink to the chosen one. Spell Text: “The word is true, a strong case. As the pigeon longs for a dove, does not know the place for himself, so the servant of God (the name of the chosen one) would be angry with everything but the longing for me, the servant of God (his name) would be tormented. Spin, spin and go back to me. Amen».

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