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Prisushka guy — the strongest

The strongest prisushki on the guy at a distance

Love is a sphere where feelings reign. The reason here fades into the background. That is why it is impossible to fall in love with someone by force, although such a desire often arises from unrequited lovers.

But even in such a seemingly hopeless situation magic can come to the rescue with its love rituals. One of such methods is prisushka.

Having correctly made a little girl against a guy, any girl will be able to achieve the mutual feelings she so desired.

Prisushka on the guy - the strongest

Prisushka on the guy: the purpose, specificity and principle of the ceremony

Prisushka is a kind of love-love magic that aims to cause the victim to long for the performer (or customer) of the ritual. Conspiracies on the coast are used if you wish to make the guy get bored and think, yearn and strive to be with the one who performed the rite.

Prisushka has a forced effect on the will of a young man who has fallen under its influence.

The views of the magicians regarding this ritual differ. Someone equates prisuka to damage, someone considers it not very strong technique. Do prisuha on the guy in the following cases:

  • if it is necessary to attract the attention of a young man with whom you are not close and have not been acquainted for a long time, but he awakened amorous feelings in you;
  • if you are in a relationship with a young man, but the feelings on his part have got cold;
  • if there is a likelihood of a rival — to protect the relationship;
  • if a rival has already appeared, and your relationship is on the verge of breaking.

However, sometimes it may happen that the rite does not give the desired result, although it was performed correctly. Usually the ritual is a failure if:

  • the guy on whom the action of prisukha is directed, possesses an assertive, inflexible and decisive character. Strong personalities who are not accustomed to reckon with the opinions of other people are practically not influenced by the ritual;
  • the guy whom you want to dry out to yourself truly loves another girl;
  • the young man is aware of your desire to dry it and consciously resists the magical effect.

In such cases, the magic practiced by an inexperienced person at home is powerless, and only a professional can perform the ritual. Otherwise, prisushka on the guy turns out to be quite an effective technique.

For prisukha not necessarily the presence of the performer photos and personal belongings of the victim. It turns out the rite and at a distance.

It’s not difficult to pinch a guy on your own, but you can’t rely on just one ritual. When prisushka begins its action, it is necessary to strive with all its might to keep the chosen one by itself.

The rite will help you start a new relationship and strengthen the old, but it will not replace a full-fledged love spell.

How to dry a guy on his own: simple and effective ways

Prisushka on a towel

Prisushka on the guy - the strongest

Invite the guy to visit you under any pretext, offer tea. Let him wash his hands and dry with a towel.

Remove the towel immediately afterwards — it is impossible for someone else to use it. Choose a good moment, tie a towel in a knot and speak it before it has dried. Plot text:

“My dear washed handles — on the towel inherited. I’ll twist the towel — I’ll pinch my heart. Towel raw — for me sweet heart whines.

Towel dry — for my sweet sigh. Towel harboring — I will stick to my sweetheart.

The towel is not untied — my dear love will show me. ”

Conspiracy towel hide in a safe place. Do not untie it and never reach out if you want to keep a loved one next to you.

Conspiracy in the back

You can take advantage of this conspiracy if your beloved boyfriend started to look at another girl. Read it 3 days in a row in the back of a chosen one:

“Damnies bratushka, behind the back of God’s servant (guy’s name) stand up, go after him, wander behind him, whisper in his back, my name, God’s servants (own name), put it in your heart. Step into step, next to the next, do not leave, do not fall behind, remind me of me.

To know my name, remember and never forget. My word will never pass.

Amen — 3 times«.

After uttering the plot, immediately go to the tap, open the water and hold your hands under it for 3 minutes. The chosen one must soon forget his rival and stay with you.

Prisushka on the trail chosen

The text of the prisushka is pronounced on the track left by the guy (on the ground, on the snow, from dirty shoes, from wet and bare feet, etc.). It sounds like this:

“Following the trail of God’s servant (guy’s name) the trouble was cruel. Her name is longing. In his trace came, he filled me in my slaves.

Like a faithful dog, he guards his master, he runs after his master, even though God’s servant also (guy’s name) walking in my footsteps, does not turn anywhere, does not go anywhere. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Prisuha in the sun

Prisushka on the guy - the strongest

The rite is performed in the morning when the sun is just beginning to rise. The performer must rise to the star face, and then, as his first rays begin to appear, say:

“I implore the sun to the soul (name of the chosen one) She strove for my soul. As the luminous rays direct the light of the world, so your thoughts go to me, (name of the chosen one).

As nothing alive can exist without the sun, so you (name of the chosen one), you can’t live without me now. ”

It is impossible for the rising sun to cover with clouds or clouds until it is completely out of the horizon. Therefore, conduct the ceremony on a clear day, when in the east there will be no hint of cloudiness. Landing is done in an odd number, you can not make more than 3 attempts.

If the rite does not work the third time, then its further repetition has no meaning.

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