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Pin on love — 3 reliable ways

Love spell with a pin or needle

The safety pin is a small thing, but extremely useful in everyday life. This item can also be a great helper in various magical rituals. A classic example that you have probably heard about, and even may have used by yourself, is the use of a pin against the evil eye.

This item is not only a strong talisman from any negative, but can serve in the affairs of the heart.

Pin on love - 3 reliable ways

Love spells on a pin are considered as one of the most simple love rituals, and to execute them under force even to the person, far from magic. Want to learn how to perform these kinds of rites?

Then read the article further and absorb the necessary information. And let the little needle help you find the relationship you have long dreamed of.

Magic properties of pins

A classic pin is usually made of metal, and this material is able to produce positive or negative energy, and then, when touched, transmit it. Her English sister acts on the same principle.

The symbolic meaning that is attributed to it and thanks to which it is used in magic comes from its device: on the one hand there is a point at the pin, on the other hand a rounded end. The energy that a pin accumulates flows into the environment through its sharp end.

Therefore, a pin can be used for both harm and protection, depending on the wishes of the person who performs the magic ritual.

How to avoid negativity?

Most often, the pin is used as a talisman against the evil eye and damage, as well as in love magic. Due to its magical properties, it is popular in magic and white and black. A favorite attribute of the thing has become in the gypsy magic.

However, I highly do not recommend you to refer to the latter — Roma rituals, for the most part, are black, their use by an ordinary person can result in dangerous consequences.

Pin on love - 3 reliable ways

  • If the love spell is an urgent need, then stop better at the rituals from the arsenal of white magic — so you will protect yourself and the love spell as much as possible from possible danger.
  • You cannot turn to magical ritual out of curiosity, out of revenge, from selfish or selfish purposes. The reason for the application of the love spell should be really serious.
  • The most powerful results are given by the love magic practiced on the growing Moon.
  • Any love spell requires a clear following instructions.
  • The ritual must be performed alone and in silence. Nobody can tell about it.
  • Belief in your success is an important component to get the desired result.

How to make a love spell on a pin?

I bring to your attention three successful and simple recipes for a love spell.

Method number 1 — for unmarried on 7 pins

Prepare 7 pins. Open one of them and place it under the threshold of a loved one (under the rug, for example). When the chosen one steps over this pin, get it back, close and read the following plot:

«Let there be all your words, (name of the chosen one), only about me (own name). Let only me (own name), I’ll be thinking (name of the chosen one).

May they merge forever our destinies, may our union grow stronger with each passing year. Amen!»

The next day, repeat the ritual with the second pin, the third with the third, and so on, until all 7 pieces are conspired (7 days). After you finish, collect all the pins in a bag and dig at the dawn of the eighth day, but in a place where no one will step on them.

Method number 2 — candles, matches and needles

Prepare for the ritual 1 pin, 3 candles (both the pin and the candles must be new) matches and personal thing chosen. Buy candles on Thursday, and conduct the ceremony on Tuesday, from 12 to 14 hours.

When buying pins and candles, pay the seller the exact amount so that there is no change.

At the appointed time, put the candles on the table, stick in the middle pin. Light the candles. As soon as the fire reaches the pin, read the plot:

“Fell asleep with holy fire, fill with my love. As a pin for a nice joke, he will only love me, he will hate everyone else.

Amen — 3 times«.

Then the pin you will need to stick in the personal thing of a loved one.

Method number 3 — the return of her husband on things from the wedding

This ritual will help return the spouse who went to his mistress to the family (it doesn’t matter, on his own will, or as a result of a love spell made by his rival).

Prepare pins, rushnyk or any other thing from your wedding, 1 church candle, the icon of «Semistrelnaya». The number of pins is calculated according to the following formula: the number of years lived with the spouse + the number of years that you still want to live with your husband in marriage.

Pin on love - 3 reliable ways

Exactly at midnight, in pitch darkness, light a candle and 12 times, quickly, read the prayer «Our Father.» Spread the rushnik on the floor, kneel on it, pick up the pins (by the number of years already lived with the husband) and fasten them together, reading the spell:

“Pins converge, my husband does not divorce. Come, husband, hug me.

He who breaks my word will never put out his tongue from the fire. As said, and done! «

Next, take the second batch of needles by the number of years you still want to live with your husband, and fasten them with the first batch. Action accompany the conspiracy:

«Lived (number) years with husband (spouse’s name), I will live still so much, happiness and love to profit. Scandals and grief, go beyond the oceans, into a thick forest, into the forest darkness! So be it!»

After fasten all the pins, hide them behind the icon «Semistrelnaya.» Let them remain there permanently.

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