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Payback for love spell — energy recoil

Any person in the modern world strives for happiness in his personal life. But the rhythmic and accelerated life, often, does not allow her to arrange a natural way.

Therefore, many for this use the bewitching magic, while not thinking about the consequences of the rituals and what price to pay for it.

In this regard, before making a spell on your own or ordering this service to a professional, you need to be aware of the mechanism of this impact on another person and inquire about the cost of a love spell.

During the time of the bewitching rite, the will of the victim is suppressed, and against this background, an artificial binding to the performer or customer of the rite is created. This process can be called the birth of insincere love feelings.

Being aware of the mechanism of the bewitching influence, you need to ask yourself the question whether you are ready to live with a person who does not love you, and his insight may come at any moment. In addition, after the love spell, the victim quite often begins to unconsciously resist, which leads to aggression and a depressive state.

And it can turn life together with a loved one into hell.

Payback for love spell - energy recoil

In most cases, after the love spell, the realization that the result does not correspond to the desired one comes very quickly. And this is already paying for the love spell.

Very often, the performer, making the decision to use magical bewitching means, strives for sincere and sublime love. But after carrying out the bewitching influence he gets a zombied creature next to him, which is completely dependent on his desires.

And against this background, love very quickly disappears.

It should be understood that by interfering with the fate of another person, the performer of the bewitching rite assumes a tremendous responsibility to the forces of outer space. Therefore, it is not possible to avoid a kickback, even in the case of energy protection.

Of course, the price paid for the bewitching effect entirely depends on the type of rite. The most unpredictable in terms of negative effects are the rituals of black magic.

Among them, the most dangerous are the effects carried out at the cemetery or with cemetery attributes, as well as ceremonies using menstrual blood.

The following rites should not be performed independently:

  • On cemetery graves;
  • With the use of cemetery attributes;
  • With sacrifice, for example, of birds and small animals;
  • Using the biological material of the victims, for example, hair and pieces of nails;
  • With the use of conspiracies that refer to the dark forces or the souls of the dead;
  • With the use of satanic symbolism.

These rites are terrible retribution, which can be transmitted through the generations in the form of a generic curse.

Payback for love spell - energy recoil

Energy kickback or impact can harm the performer, both on the physical and on the mental level.

Forced binding at the energy level leads to the fact that not only the victim, but also the perpetrator of the rite can manifest aggression not only to the partner, but also to close people. Relationships of people who, on the one hand, cannot live without each other, and on the other hand, they subconsciously hate one alone, it is difficult to call happy or at least successful.

This state leads to endless quarrels and conflicts. Partners are unwilling and unable to compromise.

And it also becomes payback for the love spell.

In addition, other negative consequences for the performer of the ceremony begin to appear:

  • Health disorders, and traditional diagnostics can not determine the causes of this;
  • Serious financial problems;
  • Insomnia and nightmares.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the main danger of the bewitching effect is that it is impossible to calculate its negative effects, since they depend on many factors. In addition, the payment for the love spell may not occur immediately.

And this is very bad, because if the performer does not pay for the magic action in relation to another person himself during his lifetime, then the next generations will have to pay.

But the most terrible retribution for the bewitching effect is that, by conducting a rite to forcibly attract the love of a chosen one or chosen one, the performer loses the opportunity to meet true love in his life. That is, the performer of the ceremony can not throw the victim, because he understands that for it will suffer a terrible punishment.

To understand what might be the price paid for the bewitching effect, you should read the reviews on special sites of participants in magical rites aimed at attracting love.

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