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Ostuda guy from the girl at home

Ostuda guy from the girl: how to read and what the consequences

Love is a phenomenon interwoven with many shades of feelings. Often she gives us a lot of surprises: then suddenly a love triangle is formed, then the object of sighing does not reciprocate, or longing tears the heart after parting with your loved one — there can be a lot of situations.

Ostuda guy from the girl at home

Magic offers its own solutions to the problems arising in matters of heart. Well, if love inspires and gives a feeling of infinite happiness.

Another thing, if this unpredictable feeling gives nothing but suffering and hopelessness. In this case, magic offers to read the turning rituals, among which ostuda is one of the most popular, especially among women.

Ostuda is a ritual from the discharge of lapel magic, aimed at cooling one person to another and, as a result, alleviating heartache or breaking a love affair. Most often, this rite is addressed to women. Apply an ostuda guy from a girl can in several cases:

  • to get rid of a rival, claiming your beau;
  • to get rid of the attention of a heartless and annoying suitor;
  • to relieve love melancholy, if you parted with your beloved, but feelings for him still torment the soul;
  • for getting rid of an unwanted love affair, when a relationship with a guy can be dangerous for a girl.

Never use cool to cool a guy from a girl he truly loves. Trying to destroy others, strong and happy, the relationship you run the risk of self-harm.

Remember: ostuda in this case, most likely, will not work, but you will receive a rollback (often in the form of damage) to your address in full. There is no cold without consequences. Therefore, before addressing this rite, think about your step a hundred times.

Use magic only as a last resort, and it would be best if you ask for help from a professional.

What you need to know to perform cool?

Ostuda guy from the girl, like any lapel ritual, is held for a decreasing month. Rituals performed from midnight until 3 am (so-called “witch hour”) are characterized by greater force.

Ostuda guy from the girl at home

By the cool ritual you need to carefully prepare: in advance to get all the necessary attributes, 3 days to observe fasting. The rite is held all alone and is kept secret — it is impossible for someone to know about it.

The performer of the ritual should dissolve the hair, remove all the jewelry, put on the most simple clothes without fasteners and do everything exactly according to the instructions (it is impossible to back out of it, to miss something).

Ways cool guy from the girl at home

Ostuda on photos

The ceremony is performed on a decreasing month, on an odd number. To do this, prepare: picture of a guy (fresh, not older than 1 year), white candle (1 large or 4 small), glass container with water (vase, bowl), scissors, needle, white cloth, white sewing thread. Procedure:

  1. Stay alone, focus on your thoughts, think about your decision to make cool, make sure you need this step and you will never regret it.
  2. Light a candle (candles), place a container with water in front of you, pick up a photo of a guy.
  3. Lay a piece of cloth, put a photograph of a young man on it, cross the photo with the help of a candle, saying: “As the moon chubby leaves from heaven, as this flame goes out, so love leaves you,(the name of the girl from whom you want to cool the guy [farther — girl’s name]) out of memory. ”
  4. Take the needle in your hands, heat it over the flame of the candle, say the plot given below, touch the 4 corners of the photo with the needle, then prick the space between the eyes of the young man in the picture. The words to be said before this:“With the sword burning, with the flame of saints, all the senses to(girl’s name), all thoughts of (girl’s name), all dreams of (girl’s name) burn out of you. Do not think about her anymore, do not love her. ”
  5. Cut a thread of arbitrary length from the skein, along the entire length, pass it through the eye of the needle with the words: “As there are no knots on a string, and as she easily passes through a steel needle, so there are no obstacles for you to forget (the name of the girl) and part with her.”
  6. Burn a candle on the flame of a candle with the words: «And there is no way for you to (name of the girl) and there is no turning back.»
  7. Candles extinguish. Put all the objects used in the ritual into a container with water and say: “Everything will be washed away with water, it will be cooled with water, it will float away with the flow, it will not go against it. Will not be(guy’s name) be in love (girl’s name).

Nettle Ostuda

Ritual from the field of rural magic. For it will need nettle (fresh or dry, in extreme cases, leaves from the pharmacy), capacity (pan, basin) and boiling water.

Ostuda guy from the girl at home

Pour boiling water into the tank, put the nettle there and say:

“The nettle grew, the nettle blossomed, the servant of God (guy’s name) burned. About her, he thought, suh for her day by day. Downpour passed, nettle wet, the memory of God’s servant (guy’s name) to God’s servant (name of the girl you want to cool off), cool down

The leaves have wilted — and the itching has passed, and aches. The pain is gone, and the love with it is gone. ”

The ritual is held 7 days in a row, in a decreasing month. Time — as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

Nettles need to take a new one every time, and get rid of the resulting infusion after the rite.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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