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Ostada on yourself

Ostada on yourself — do the ritual yourself

In love, rarely everything goes according to the ideal scenario. It often happens that love ends, leaving behind bitterness and suffering. There is unrequited love when a loved one does not reciprocate.

Any of these situations darkens life, makes it impossible to breathe deeply. And in any situation, magic can help, offering a love lapel ritual, called Ostuda.

Ostada on yourself

Ostuda on yourself — a cure for unhappy and unrequited love

In the cases mentioned above, as a rule, an ostud is performed on itself — a ritual that allows one to cool one’s feelings with unrequited love or to ease the heartache after the departure of a loved one. This ceremony is very ancient, therefore, a considerable number of ways to conduct it have been preserved.

The principle of operation of the ostudies lies in getting rid of love dependence; ritual helps to achieve the desired in a fairly short time.

Like any magical interaction, cooling it down requires careful handling. It is necessary to apply the rite only if absolutely necessary.

Ostuda is an insidious phenomenon: too frequent execution can cool you not only to a specific person, but to all people around you. Indifference, indifference and callousness — these are the qualities that you may develop as a result of the abuse of cool ritual.

In addition to caution, cool should be done under certain conditions:

  • A period suitable for the ceremony is a decreasing month (so that the feelings decrease with the moon).
  • The suitable day of the week is Tuesday, but on Friday (the day of family love magic) and on Sunday it’s impossible to cool down.
  • All instructions given in the instructions of the ritual must be carried out in exact sequence, do not miss anything and do not add anything from yourself.
  • You cannot tell anyone about your actions — glasnost does not like magic.

How to make cool on yourself?

Cool ritual with candles

Prepare for the rite 2 red candles. They will personify you and the person you recently had to part with. On the candles, cut out the names, or braid them with hair (with your own and a loved one).

The ritual does not require a conspiracy to cool.

Ostada on yourself

Start making cool on the first day of the descending month, in the evening. Place candles on the table with names (or hair) next to each other, light them and let them burn a little.

Quench and leave until the next evening. The next evening, move some candles away from each other, light them and imagine that as the candles burn, your feelings for the person fade.

Repeat the ritual throughout the week (7 days), without interruption. Every subsequent evening, move them away more and more.

On the last, 7th day, let them burn out. Cinder throw, and better bury. Soon the tormenting feelings of the soul must pass.

If the rite does not work from the first time to the end, repeat it next month. Alternatively, you can ask for help from a professional magician.

Ostada on myself — for bread

Prepare photo of a man, whom you want to stop loving and forget, glass of water and slice of black bread.

Photograph set on the table upside down. Before her, put a glass of water, cover it with a slice of black bread. Speak the plot:

“A slave (the name of the person in the photo), both standing and standing. You, a slave (the name of a person), I will remember not with love, but with cold blood. As I (my name) forgot completely, as the first step in my childhood took, as my first tooth grew, so did you, the slave (the name of the person), forget from now and forever.


The text is pronounced 3 times.

After the conspiracy, pour water out of the window or over the threshold, and feed the birds with bread. Repeat the rite for a week (7 days in a row), without interruption.

Take fresh water and a fresh piece of bread each time.

Ostada to get rid of longing for man

If you can not leave the longing for the person with whom he had to leave, do this ceremony. Take out some item belonging to the person who left and burn it. Wait until the flames flare up strongly, and say the plot:

“Go away, my longing, from every hair, from my eyes, from my brain, from my hands and from my scarlet lips. So that my lips no longer whisper my name, the brain is not clogged, let the heart not suffer, but the soul does not know the memory. Just as a stone does not grieve over a stone, doesn’t grieve the sun over the moon, so also I, the slave (my name), have never heard, I don’t know, I don’t breathe, weep — quiet or loud — I do not cry.

May the Lord God help me, and soon everything will pass. Amen».

Ostada on yourself

Cool water plot

Talk cold (better well) water. Take 3 sips, and use the rest for washing (all at one time). The text of the plot is:

“Mother Voditsa, my sister’s well, everyone will drink some icy water to everyone who comes here. Thee in the steam bath are poured over, the deceased are washed by you.

Oh you, mother-water, your cold shores, cool you to the slave (your name) so that it will cool to the slave (the name of the one who needs to be cooled). Bitter sorrow for him did not know, his heart no longer blew.

If he had not loved her, he would have hated her. Let it close its doors from him, on its own threshold its legs do not allow it, and do not run to see it.

Mother-well water, icy your shores, I bow before you, slave (your name) to the ground, cool my heart. Pure my word, rise to the Lord God, descend upon the heart of the slaves (your name). I lock my plot with three locks, close my case forever with three keys.


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